SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! Dean at major Sydney university sends bizarre Grinchy message ahead of Christmas break warning staff about “hedonism”

EXCLUSIVE: Perhaps angling for a starring role as a stingy professor in a b-grade 1980’s college flick, a Dean at a major Sydney university has this week sent a bizarre and pompous departing message to his highly trained staff ahead of the Christmas and New Year holidays, warning them to behave themselves amidst the dangers of unbridled “hedonism”. Our publisher, Serkan Ozturk, reports.


NEVER F*CKEN HAPPENED! Paramedics union “deeply regrets” disgraceful lies that led to Andrew Bolt getting involved over Western Sydney man’s death while family apparently attacked ambos

The Australian Paramedics Association (APA) has now apologised and “deeply regrets” lies and barely concealed racist views it sent out in a media release a few days ago about a dying man’s family and friends being responsible for his death in Western Sydney, claims which were subsequently widely reprinted across media and even used by racist News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt as a stick to beat “ethnic” communities with.


BARRISTER GOES ‘BERSERK’! Elite Melbourne lawyer under police investigation over alleged homophobic rage at cabaret club

EXCLUSIVE: A high-profile Melbourne barrister and member of the Victorian Bar, Peter H Clarke, is currently under police investigation while a restraining order has also been sought against the lawyer following an alleged homophobic assault last December, a day before new laws were enacted in Australia allowing gay people to get married.


ACHTUNG! SIEG HEIL! Santa celebrates with kids & swastikas at “Fourth Reich” Christmas party in Australia

EXCLUSIVE: If he was making a list, he perhaps did not check it twice to see who has been naughty or nice after shocking photos reveal Santa Claus was the star attraction at a childrens’ Christmas party for a controversial Australian outlaw motorcycle gang which celebrates Nazi symbols and counts a “notorious paedophile” as a former member.