PLASTIC BAG BAN BONKERS! Racist yobbos send personal death threats to journalist Osman Faruqi for rubbishing Coles cave-in

The well-known journalist, Osman Faruqi, has become the target of death threats from unhinged racists who called his personal mobile phone number to threaten him, after he expressed an opinion over social media that Coles reversing its ban on plastic bags at its supermarkets was “weird”. [READ MORE]


BARRISTER GOES ‘BERSERK’! Elite Melbourne lawyer under police investigation over alleged homophobic rage at cabaret club

EXCLUSIVE: A high-profile Melbourne barrister and member of the Victorian Bar, Peter H Clarke, is currently under police investigation while a restraining order has also been sought against the lawyer following an alleged homophobic assault last December, a day before new laws were enacted in Australia allowing gay people to get married. [READ MORE]


ACHTUNG! SIEG HEIL! Santa celebrates with kids & swastikas at “Fourth Reich” Christmas party in Australia

EXCLUSIVE: If he was making a list, he perhaps did not check it twice to see who has been naughty or nice after shocking photos reveal Santa Claus was the star attraction at a childrens’ Christmas party for a controversial Australian outlaw motorcycle gang which celebrates Nazi symbols and counts a “notorious paedophile” as a former member. [READ MORE]