THE INTERSECTION OF ART AND GRIEF! One man’s non-fiction narrative of his brother’s outback murder

EXCLUSIVE: The grieving brother of WA outback murder victim, Raymond Kehlet, is speaking out following the state DPP’s decision not to prosecute the killing. Dave Kehlet tells Nour Ahmad how the disappointing investigation inspired him to create a literary newsletter and Facebook group where he conducts his own inquiry into what happened that fateful day.


CENTRELINK SUICIDE SHAME! The deeply tragic link between welfare, being unemployed and Australia’s national suicide rate

EXCLUSIVE: It’s the deeply shameful secret Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government won’t talk about and doesn’t want you to know. Yet the details are all there hidden in official statistics and expert research: that Australia’s national suicide rate is heavily linked to unemployment and the fear of ending up on Centrelink. It’s the tragic tale of how a welfare system became a “mental illness factory”. Serkan Ozturk investigates.


ISRAEL OR AUSTRALIA? The Liberal Party’s Obsession with Zionism

EXCLUSIVE: Are accusations of anti-Semitism being weaponised by certain political parties to tar their opponents? True Crime News Weekly hit the streets of the blue-ribbon electorate of Wentworth in Sydney’s east to take a look at claims that Zionism has been consistently used by the Liberal party in attempts to secure the Jewish vote, whether the Jewish vote actually matters, and how annoying it is that we have to speak about Zionism every local election. Yael Grunseit investigates.


“THE GREAT FEMALE IMPERSONATOR”! The forgotten “extraordinary” tale of “pseudo woman” Gordon Lawrence: one of modern Australia’s first queer folk heroes

EXCLUSIVE: In 1888, in front of 20,000 people, 21-year-old Gordon Lawrence caused a riot after being arrested in the middle of Melbourne for “female impersonation”. It’s a forgotten Australian true crime tale that is likely to become a modern day sensation and perhaps may even create ‘new’ queer heroes for today’s generation. Yael Grunseit with this investigation into gender, sex, transgression and art.


MISINFORMATION, CONTRADICTION, PLAGIARISM! Channel 9 is at it again with a KING hit on truth

EXCLUSIVE: Mainstream media outlets are at the centre of a plagiarism storm, with a group of local amateur sleuths who have spent years looking into the notorious unsolved Mr Cruel case in Melbourne going public with claims their extensive research has been allegedly stolen by an American law enforcement consultant. Mike King has now received widespread acclaim for providing a “major breakthrough” by the likes of Channel 9 and News Corp despite making a range of basic errors regarding the case. Aidan Satz investigates.


THE UGLY SIDE OF THE BEAUTIFUL GAME! Celtic FC & Rangers to travel to Australia for football tour as child sexual abuse claims linger in Scotland

EXCLUSIVE: They are arguably Scotland’s two biggest institutions: Celtic FC and Glasgow Rangers. And six months from now, the two football clubs will bring their storied and intense rivalry to Australia for the very first time. Yet, hidden deep within that history of the Old Firm is a horrid decades-long tale of organised paedophile rings amongst youth football coaches. Now, ahead of the Australian tour to take place in November, families of the victims of child sexual abuse have spoken out and are livid that their experiences continue to be whitewashed and sports-washed. Gary Johnston reports.


PRINCE ANDREW FOR GOVERNOR-GENERAL! You know it makes (non)sense

The formerly honourable Prince Andrew is on the lookout for a new job after being stripped of his military roles and royal titles this week and no longer able to use the moniker “his Royal Highness”. It comes on the back of a US court ruling that found he could be sued for sexual abuse over his connections to elite child sex traffickers, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Surely he’d make a fine candidate for Australia’s next Governor-General, suggests Gary Johnston.


KENEALLY’S DIRTY LIBERAL LAUNDY! Sacked Labor adviser Pierce Field speaks out over text messages to billionaire Liberal pub bloke Craig Laundy that Senator Kristina Keneally fired him for as ScoMo’s right-hand man Yaron Finkelstein threatens to sue True Crime over allegations of ‘sexual inappropriateness’

EXCLUSIVE: It’s a political scandal crossing party lines rocking Canberra. Caught in between: a young, idealistic adviser sacked by Labor senator, Kristina Keneally, over a text message about a friend’s torrid relationship built on false notions with the former high-profile Liberal MP and billionaire pub baron, Craig Laundy. But the secret affair has now also sensationally led to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s right-hand man, Yaron Finkelstein, issuing threats of defamation against True Crime News Weekly for daring to report allegations of ‘sexual inappropriateness’ and this very story in the public interest. This investigation by Matilda Duncan.


PRINCIPAL CALLS POLICE ON GRANDPA OVER PEACEFUL PETITION! Cops pay Western Sydney granddad a visit over his concerns about granddaughter’s bizarre school hours

EXCLUSIVE: In a sign of the times there has emerged yet more worrying evidence that Australia is sliding down a slippery slope into becoming a dangerous police state, with a Western Sydney granddad paid a visit at his home by NSW Police officers who insinuated he was a paedophile for simply creating a petition about the bizarre school hours of the local primary school his beloved granddaughter will attend next year. Toby O’Brien reports.


FOXY COUNCILS! Inner West & Burwood Councils Hoping “Brazen” Fox Goes Back to Normal Habits not School with Covid Lockdown Lifted

EXCLUSIVE: Local councils in Sydney are hopeful the lifting of the Covid lockdown will allow for a “brazen” and “ballsy” furry fox friend that has seemingly made its lair at a number of local schools across the city’s inner-west to slowly return to its normal routine and habits so it does not have to be captured and destroyed. Serkan Ozturk reports.


ART, SEX ABUSE, FRAUD, MURDER, SUICIDE! Wicked life & death of Herbert Hepburn Calvert glimpsed for first time after 100 year cover-up

EXCLUSIVE: At the time of his death almost 100 years ago, in 1923, artist Herbert Hepburn Calvert was lauded as “one of the best known painters of Australian birds.” Yet his whimsical but realistic depictions of this nation’s birdlife hid a much darker, tormented soul and criminal life. That ended with a supposed late-night fall in a busy Adelaide hotel while he likely happened to be travelling with a much younger but equally-as-tormented “artist” and convicted felon.


BEREJIKLIAN’S BURDEN TO GET BIGGER … WAY BIGGER! ‘Gulag’ Gladys Berejiklian & John ‘Bruz’ Barilaro Go Before They’re Pushed Over Corruption Connections in NSW That Went on FOR YEARS Including Alleged Child Rape & Murder Cover-Ups AND a Repeat of the ‘Barnaby Joyce Scandal’

EXCLUSIVE: The state of NSW has experienced another major political implosion over the past few days. With its premier, Gladys Berejiklian, as well as deputy premier, John Barilaro, and high-profile minister, Andrew Constance, calling it quits before they were pushed over their close connection to separate corruption scandals involving dodgy questionable personal relationships and sly backroom deals, including on behalf of alleged child rapists and murderers, that have been raging on for years. Serkan Ozturk with all the wild details.