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  1. The BBC and Sky seem happy about this and never report on it for some reason, it’s ignored. Got to ask why as if it was Man United it would be world wide news.

  2. These damn pedophiles are found wherever boys gather – for sport, recreation or spirituality. Pedophiles have infested Catholicism , the Church of England – in fact throughout Christianity – because it’s in the churches, scouts, schools, orphanages and sports where pedos find their prey.

  3. Paedophiles infiltrate all places that young men gather including historically almost all Football (soccer) teams, but the real scandal here is number of Paedophiles that operated for decades with this club and the lengths Celtic Football Club have gone to not only report the crimes, but to actively defend and cover up and even re employ the perpetrators and continue to this day to refute any responsibility.

  4. Paedophiles are not exclusive to Celtic Football Club, but the actions of the afore mentioned club is nothing short of despicable. Why did so many paedophiles and predators flock to Celtic?

    Why did they think that harbouring and protecting so many paedophiles was a good idea?

    Were those at board level and managerial level involved?

    What is even more disgusting is that the Celtic board continued to trade with Torbett’s company and paid them over £1m for trophies at a time when their most expensive trophy was circa £35. that is a lot of trophies, or was it hush money?

  5. The crimes committed against countless innocent young boys at this football are absolutely despicable. The victims and their families should they choose to put themselves through it deserve an inquiry in to those sordid crimes that span back decades. What I really don’t fully understand is why the said club were and still are allowed to go unpunished despite the convictions of the pedophiles who clearly abused their positions within this shameful club who are not even decent enough to come out apologize, compensate and admit that they knew.

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