“CHILLING & SICKENING”! Pedo pervert Jeremy Kewley uses fake name to perform child rape monologue at school just months after prison release, horrifying unsuspecting audience

EXCLUSIVE: The convicted celebrity paedophile, Jeremy Kewley, is attempting to resume his acting career just months after his release from prison, with the highly dangerous sex offender even travelling from town-to-town in regional Victoria to perform to unsuspecting audiences at festivals featuring youth theatre groups. Horrifyingly, it can now be revealed that one of Kewley’s performances was delivered at a school and is said to have been a “chilling and sickening” monologue about the rape of a teenage girl.

The developments come as video footage has now resurfaced of the actor ‘performing’ as a cunning paedophile in a crime television show just a decade before his arrest. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, with this important follow-up.

It was a word of caution to the public, two months ago, not given out lightly.

“Be Warned,” we exclaimed in the headline of our exclusive story in July. “Pedo actor Jeremy Kewley out of jail & free living it up in Victoria despite abuse of dozens of boys.”

And it is with a similar perspective that we present the following developments and highly troubling details. Only this time, our concerns and fears are exponentially greater.

We suspect that once you are finished with our report that yours will be raised as well.

We can only hope that persons in positions of influence, authority and power also view this report and make the correct decisions in the near future so that other children and families may not fall prey to a highly cunning predator.

And that mistakes of the past not be repeated.


It is with extreme alarm that True Crime News Weekly can this month reveal that Jeremy Kewley – the convicted paedophile actor and film producer released from prison in April for sexually assaulting 16 boys – is out and about sneakily trying to resume his former acting career.

Yes, you read that correctly. This highly-connected convicted sex offender of dubious repute is now trying to rebuild his former celebrity life just months after his release from the Big House.

Kewley has been a documented paedophile for over half his life. His grand sentence for the hideous abuse he perpetrated upon dozens of young boys for decades was a stunningly paltry 23 months. A lifelong paedophile whose documented offending stretches back to 1989, and with likely dozens of alleged victims, rehabilitated after less than two years behind bars?

Our investigation this week would suggest there could be some further doubts over that.

It is with great distaste and displeasure that True Crime News Weekly can reveal Kewley has been slyly stalking regional arts festivals across Victoria for the past few weeks.

Perhaps having a sense for the community outrage that would undoubtedly follow once the truth was outed, the highly manipulative sex offender has been performing to unsuspecting and ultimately horrified audiences under a pseudonym – Jeremy Kay.

Criminal actor and serial paedophile Jeremy Kewley has been using the stage name ‘Jeremy Kay’ to go incognito and perform to unsuspecting audiences (Image: Supplied)
Kewley home
A house in Victoria’s highlands near Mitta Mitta where Jeremy Kewley is believed to be residing (Image: Supplied)

Of potential great terror, the arts festivals at which Kewley has been appearing at also feature youth theatre groups – obviously comprised of children – as some of the key acts.

True Crime News Weekly has received reports of Kewley appearing at one-act play festivals in the regional Victorian towns of Kyneton and Mansfield.

The festival at Kyneton was held just a fornight ago, between August 31-September 2. The promo blurb for the event clearly highlights that children will be taking part.

“This Festival features One Act Plays including Youth One Act Plays,” the copy reads.

“Be entertained with dramatic and witty plays performed by actors from local theatre companies and companies from around Victoria.”

Even more terrifyingly, it can be revealed that some of Kewley’s performances have taken place within the premises of schools.



However, it’s the next bit of information that will undoubtedly leave knots in your stomach and a sense of great concern for all children and other vulnerable people.

According to several sources, the perverted criminal has been performing a “chilling and sickening” monologue about the rape of a teenage girl by an adult male.

In the monologue, Kewley plays the role of a middle-aged man who then finds out his 16-year-old daughter has been raped by a close male friend.

By the performance’s end, Kewley’s character ultimately can’t bring himself to harm his friend, despite his daughter’s hideous rape.

The entire performance took place inside the hall of a local school.

One actor who witnessed it all told True Crime News Weekly he can’t stop having nightmares about it.

“In the end, he can’t hurt his friend because he loves him too much,” the actor recalled.

“Amongst all of this, he’s screaming with rage, he’s crying his eyes out, he’s doing all sorts of really emotional connected acting.

“But it made me just so sick knowing where it came from. Knowing about him afterwards. It’s frighteningly good his acting. The acting he does is very nuanced and subtle. It’s very evocative and emotional and you really empathise with him on stage.

“But, that’s his fucking honeypot. That’s what he does. That’s what he does to build trust. That’s why if you told other people who saw him that day about who he really he is, and that he is a convicted paedophile, many of them wouldn’t believe you because they would think he is so talented. The guy is a creep. I stand by every word I say.”

Kewley’s actual identity and criminal past was not known to the actor until a week afterwards.

“I didn’t realise who he was until a while later and when I think about it now and all the crimes he’s committed against children, it’s really chilling and sickening.

“I think he was really getting off on it,” the actor revealed.

“Afterwards, he wanted to get away and leave as quickly as possible. That was the only thing that struck me as odd or strange, especially after what was such a good performance.”

Kyneton Festival.JPG
“This Festival features One Act Plays including Youth One Act Plays”: Convicted paedophile Jeremy Kewley chooses the event to rebuild his celebrity life (Image: Supplied)

Another witness who saw Kewley’s monologue said they felt duped and were left feeling horrified and scared.

One of our actors shook his hand, as we all were in awe by his performance,” the  source said.

“That was well before we knew who he was, and before we knew of his actions.”

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Upon discovering Kewley’s real identity and his criminal past, some actors who appeared alongside the convicted paedophile are said to be sickened by just how close they came to the criminal sex offender.

“He even shared a change room with us, and none of us were even told or warned that there was a convicted paedophile just out of prison standing next to us, watching us get changed, thinking god knows what,” one actor said. “It’s sick.”

The mothers of several of Kewley’s victims are said to be outraged after being alerted to the criminal’s recent movements and alleged behaviours.

“Utter scum sucking pig!” one mum said.

I had a feeling he’d do that (try rebuild his acting career). Pretty sure that’s against what he’s supposed to be doing by the law.

“Given any opportunity he’ll do it (sexually abuse boys) again and again.”

Another mother told True Crime News Weekly of the ongoing trauma and pain Kewley had heaped upon his victims and their families.

“We had to move interstate and away from Victoria to try to get away from all of this,” the mother explained.

“But you don’t get away. My son became suicidal because of what this evil man did.

“You might move, but you don’t move on. Not when you’re always angry, or, sad and scared of what he might do to others.”

In a bid to help prevent the abuse of other children, the mother said she now spends part of her time in contact with online and social media groups that work to expose other paedophiles and sex offenders.

“Many of us mothers have had to stop our kids from suicide because of one man’s actions,” the woman told True Crime News Weekly.

Meanwhile, there are now growing moves by members of Victoria’s acting and arts community for  Kewley to be publicly blacklisted from appearing at events and shows and across Australia’s entertainment industry.

One acting source has informed True Crime News Weekly they are in the process of personally contacting arts figures in Victoria and interstate to warn them of Kewley’s recent behaviour and past convictions.

“Our director has been in contact with festival organisers via message, and I have called the one in Seymour, to make sure he wasn’t on the bill,” the source said. 

“I will also be in contact with the organisers for the Monash one-act play festival in Mount Waverley, and the one in Deloraine in Tasmania, in case he shows up.

“I will also alert the police. I don’t want any other kid being abused by anyone.

“I am absolutely horrified that he was able to perform at any such festival. At all of these, there are youth theatre groups performing. God knows what he has done, if he’s done anything.”

Some sources though believe the long-term serial paedophile still has “powerful and influential” backers in the entertainment and media industry.

The actor who witnessed Kewley’s performance first-hand told True Crime News Weekly that it was time people in the entertainment industry make the right decisions when it comes to community safety.

TRUE OPINION: Confess or be damned!

“When I spoke with Jeremy after his performance, he said the writer of the monologue was a friend of his,” the actor said.

“If people know about Jeremy and do nothing, then they are supporters of a known serial paedophile and they become enablers of him.

“When you give your writing to a known paedophile, it taints your own work.”

The developments come as shocking footage has resurfaced of the depraved criminal actor supposedly ‘acting’ as a criminal paedophile in an old television crime show.

Kewley’s ‘performance’ in the Seven Network show City Homicide can still be viewed online.

He appears in the Season Three episode, ‘The First Stone’, which first premiered just under a decade ago in 2009.


The tagline for the episode reads: “When a toddler goes missing, the case is handed over to Homicide when all hope is lost”.

Kewley was nominated for a local acting award for his performance in the show. Just five years after the episode aired, he was finally charged by police over his own series of sex offences against young boys.

Other troubling information about Kewley’s past has now also come to light concerning his long-held interest in schools and schoolchildren.

In our previous story in July, we had mentioned how Kewley was extremely fond of leading walking tours of Melbourne for a variety of schools right up until the days of his arrest.

A graduate of the prestigious 125-year-old Haileybury College in Melbourne, Kewley is said to have made sure he was constantly close to young boys prior to his arrest in 2014.

“Kewley was prominent as a Haileybury old boy,” a source revealed to True Crime News Weekly.

“As well as running employment workshops and other things, he also ran the canteen for Saturday morning sports.”

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On its school website, Haileybury describes itself as “acclaimed as a great school’ and that it is “one of the top private schools in Melbourne”. The school charges its well-heeled clientele of privileged parents over $30,000 per student for one year of private education.

In light of the community concerns expressed to True Crime News Weekly, we contacted Victoria Police for comment regarding the reports about Kewley’s alleged behaviour in recent weeks.

We did not receive a response.

True Crime News Weekly also made contact with Regional Arts Victoria to inform them of the reports received from shocked members of the public about Kewley’s clandestine appearances on festival acting bills in regional towns across the state.

We did not receive a response.

We as well reached out to Senator Derryn Hinch, from the Justice Party, after True Crime News Weekly was made aware the anti-paedophile crusading politician had also received reports concerning Kewley’s recent appearances at acting festivals.

We did not receive a response.

The town of Mansfield in Victoria where Jeremy Kewley performed in August (Image: Wiki Commons)

Back in 2002, Kewley was interviewed by Fairfax Media as part of a feature story into warm-up acts for live television studio audiences.

The actor was one of the best known in the business, having been the warm-up guy for the AFL Footy Show on Channel Nine for years and a host of others going back to Young Talent Time on Channel Ten in the 1980s.

In the piece, Kewley flippantly yet ominously told the journalist how he would use his charm and acting skills to make people like him.

“”I see my job as making the audience like me. That may sound a bit wanky, but if they like me then they’ll do whatever I ask them,” Kewley said almost two decades ago.

A methodical and devoted paedophile, Kewley had filmed many of his assaults upon children. He had managed to lull many of his victims into a false sense of confidence after getting the boys as well as their parents to warm to him first.

He would allow parents in to the same room to watch their children as they performed screen tests and the like. Kewley would then make excuses to get the children alone, under the guise that such an experience would better replicate real casting conditions.

Parents would leave the room, usually downstairs. Kewley would then molest and assault his young victims. Images and videos of many of the assaults were later found by police at his homes in Melbourne and Mitta Mitta following his arrest.

In the feature story published more than 15 years ago, Kewley admits there is a time, rare though that is, when he is not in control of his selected audience.

“But if I start off with a load of crap, and they think I’m an annoying git, then they’ll tell me to f*** off,” he said at the time.

Well, then. It may just be about the moment when that time has arrived.

Surely, a person doesn’t get to rebuild their former life in the public eye so easily after wantonly breaking the lives of so many young boys and their families?

Just like Kewley, in the present moment other scumbags such as US comedian Louis CK and local deadbeat Matthew Newton are attempting comebacks into celebrity life.

Disgusting as their attempted comebacks may be, at least those two celebrity creeps have the guts to still use their own names.

And unlike both of those two, Kewley is a bona fide criminal sex offender who has served time in prison (little as that may have been), not just a wanker who’s lucky to have escaped an ounce of real punishment.

In that regard, we are sure True Crime News Weekly speaks on behalf of many right-thinking individuals across Australia and the world when we say:

Fuck off Jeremy Kewley, Jeremy Kay, or whatever you’re calling yourself now. Just fuck off. And if you need to be told a third time – it’s time to fuck off. Exit, stage left.



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  1. Can you please provide some creditable sources or facts that this is actually happening? I am disgusted if this is true and would like to make sure I am spreading the truth and not fake news.

    As much as I can’t stand the man and what he did and believe his penalty was too light I don’t believe in going on a witch hunt to persecute him after he has done his time. However if he has done this then the fall out will be so great he will never be able to show his face in public again with the backlash and vigilant scrutiny those of us in the industry will give him. I won’t ever allow him to work in my industry with kids.

  2. What an utterly nasty website. This makes the hideous News of The World look like a Sunday School magazine. The venom in this piece is quite sick and I am aware of the subject matter but the fact you show allegedly someone’s residence is doxxing at it’s worth and seems like an attempt to stir up vigilantes. Why don’t you just join those other gutter types and become “pedophile vigilantes” pretending to be young girls or boys who lore stupid blokes into trying to commit a crime. Thank God the gutter media in all forms is rapidly disappearing. And you expect people to pay for this tripe?.
    Note: Those who hyperventilate the most about pedos are usually the ones hiding something ugly inside them selves. Think ‘gay bashers’.

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