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  1. Can you please provide some creditable sources or facts that this is actually happening? I am disgusted if this is true and would like to make sure I am spreading the truth and not fake news.

    As much as I can’t stand the man and what he did and believe his penalty was too light I don’t believe in going on a witch hunt to persecute him after he has done his time. However if he has done this then the fall out will be so great he will never be able to show his face in public again with the backlash and vigilant scrutiny those of us in the industry will give him. I won’t ever allow him to work in my industry with kids.

  2. What an utterly nasty website. This makes the hideous News of The World look like a Sunday School magazine. The venom in this piece is quite sick and I am aware of the subject matter but the fact you show allegedly someone’s residence is doxxing at it’s worth and seems like an attempt to stir up vigilantes. Why don’t you just join those other gutter types and become “pedophile vigilantes” pretending to be young girls or boys who lore stupid blokes into trying to commit a crime. Thank God the gutter media in all forms is rapidly disappearing. And you expect people to pay for this tripe?.
    Note: Those who hyperventilate the most about pedos are usually the ones hiding something ugly inside them selves. Think ‘gay bashers’.

    • I think attacks against pedos are justified if they are not witch hunts – and there is evidence of the sexual abuse of children or the indoctrination of children by pedophiles pretending to be Christian men of God or protectors of the vulnerable.. Millions of kids go missing annually – many from Australia – Germany – the US – and elsewhere throughout the world. Imran Khan the PM of Pakistan has introduced the death penalty for child rape. Australia has in my opinion been far too lenient towards convicted pedophiles.

      • While I share your horror of these creeps, the death penalty isn’t the answer. The answer is that as a society we need to be consistent in how we act. As mentioned in the article, dropkicks like Matthew Newton and Louis Ck are trying to resurrect their careers. Ok, paedos and deadbeats can continue to live, but they should not enjoy the benefits they had previously. Social ostracization should be their life-long punishment. And if they haven’t reformed, they should be kept in jail or under police supervision of some kind.

        It has been shown time and time again many innocent people end up being executed in countries with the death penalty. There is a significant proportion of black people executed in the USA who are later found innocent after checks of DNA and other evidence.

    • While I agree with you that publishing a photo of this guy’s house is perhaps distasteful, it definitely seems necessary. When it comes to reporting dangerous, unreformed people, the ends do justify the means. If this pervert had done his time in jail and reformed and started contributing well to society, then I would not agree with publishing the photo of his house. But this Jeremy Kewley sounds like he has not reformed at all. Maybe he never can. So in that case, considering the harm is done and maybe still doing, the community needs to know about him and where he may be.

    • The words of someone with a serious personality problem – a protector of pedophiles – like the Pope.

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