“CORRUPT” KENEALLY CHARGED ONE YEAR AFTER TRUE CRIME EXPOSÈ! Constable Daniel Keneally to face court over FABRICATING EVIDENCE as cover-up blows up

“Corrupt” cop Daniel Keneally – the son of Labor Party heavyweight Kristina Keneally – will finally face court for the alleged fabrication of evidence which saw an innocent man spend three weeks in solitary confinement. The developments come almost one year after True Crime News Weekly broke the police corruption scandal wide open. Joanna Psaros reports.

In late October 2021, True Crime News Weekly exclusively reported that Constable Daniel Keneally had made a statement claiming that Luke Brett Moore, founder of www.isuepolice.com, had threatened to kill then-NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and Goulburn police officer Ed Taylor during a phone conversation on 24 February this year. Recordings of the conversation in question proved no such threats were made.

Almost 12 months later, it was finally confirmed last week that the officer will face court for fabricating evidence – an offence carrying up to ten years’ imprisonment. 

“Criminal proceedings have now been commenced against Constable Keneally by an officer of the Commission alleging one offence of fabricating false evidence with the intent to mislead any judicial tribunal contrary to s 317(b) Crimes Act 1900,” the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission stated on Tuesday, October 4.

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The announcement comes almost one year after TCNW exclusively reported what turned out to be a major police cover up involving senior officers, despite legal threats made by a number of political heavyweights including the constable’s own mother, Kristina Keneally.

It also turned out that senior police, including Commissioner Karen Webb, then lied about Keneally receiving a suspension for his actions. Instead, he was promoted to senior constable.

The 24-year-old police constable, who until his recent criminal charges had been stationed at Newtown Police Station following his graduation from the Goulburn Police Academy in 2019, became embroiled in the scandal in February 2021 when victim’s rights campaigner Luke Brett Moore called the station to question unlawful strip searches of innocent people in the area.

While Mr Moore can be heard to make several, seemingly credible threats of legal action against the NSW Police Department, at no point in the twelve-minute recording of his call (leaked to TCNW last year) did the former law student mention anything to Constable Keneally that could be interpreted as a death threat.


After the reason for the call was established, Constable Keneally is heard repeatedly asking Moore for his address. When asked for his name, the constable remains silent for several seconds before the call is disconnected.

Soon after the call, Mr Moore’s Nowra home was raided by members of the controversial Fixated Persons Unit and he was arrested on charges of using a carriage service to threaten to kill, and two charges of using a carriage service to menace, harass or offend. He was placed into three weeks of solitary confinement at the South Coast Correctional Centre in February, during which he was refused bail.

Conspiracy to commit murder carries a maximum sentence of twenty-five years imprisonment. Luke Brett Moore has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in connection with the incident.

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Last week, Mr Moore released a statement explaining that whilst he “welcomes” the news of a criminal investigation against Constable Keneally, the way the matter was initially investigated remains “of significant concern.”

“Recently Commissioner Karen Webb has provided false information to the NSW Parliament concerning Constable Keneally’s employment status,” Mr Moore said.

“I have serious concerns about the ability of the NSW Police to investigate allegations of police misconduct and the LECC’s ability to oversight those allegations.”

Last year, Keneally’s superiors at Inner West Police Command claimed the officer had been “internally disciplined” and that no further action was necessary. Instead, Keneally was then promoted to Senior Constable.

The state of NSW has already made a written apology and an offer of $175,000 compensation which Mr Moore has refused.

Keneally is set to appear at Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney on November 17.

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