“CORRUPT” KENEALLY COVER-UP GOES ALL THE WAY TO TOP COP! NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb caught out LYING to Parliament about lack of suspension for Constable Daniel Keneally who got innocent man jailed and now finally set to face CRIMINAL CHARGES

EXCLUSIVE: NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb lied to a parliamentary inquiry last month when she claimed “corrupt” police officer Daniel Keneally had been suspended over his dishonest actions which led to an innocent man spending three weeks in solitary confinement. Police now admit that Keneally – the son of Labor Party heavyweight Kristina Keneally – has never been suspended but was instead promoted. The admission comes as the NSW DPP finally prepares to bring criminal charges against the wayward police officer. Serkan Ozturk reports.

It’s the growing police corruption scandal that continues to get bigger with the cover-up seemingly going all the way to the top.

NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb has now become ensnared in the case involving the recently promoted Senior Constable Daniel Keneally – the “corrupt” police officer son of former NSW Labor premier, Kristina Keneally.

Luke Brett Moore, founder of legal advocacy organisation isuepolice.com, had his home raided by the controversial and much maligned Fixated Persons Unit and then spent three weeks in solitary confinement following the grossly dishonest actions of Keneally early last year.

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Keneally, then 23 years old, fabricated evidence and lied that Mr Moore in February 2021 had threatened to kill then NSW Police Commissioner, Mick Fuller, and Goulburn police officer, Detective Ed Taylor, during a phone call. True Crime News Weekly exclusively leaked an audio recording of the phone call in question which proved that no death threats were made.

TCNW was the first media outlet to report on the scandal almost a year ago, in late October 2021.

Our reporting has since been followed up by mainstream media publications such as The Australian and the Daily Mail. While this week, Seven News also finally aired a story about the serious matters.

Following our exclusive investigation last year and despite all the evidence, Keneally’s wealthy and well-connected parents hired one of Australia’s most expensive defamation lawyers to send legal threats to both the victim and TCNW. It was a thoroughly desperate bid to hide the truth of the matters from the public.

Moreover, after a months-long investigation, the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) in mid-August recommended that criminal charges be brought against Keneally over his dishonest actions.

Constable Daniel Keneally was used by NSW Police in their promotions for this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras despite criminal charges being recommended against him (Image: Supplied)

Luke Brett Moore: Victim of police lies and corruption (Image: Supplied)

The LECC report had been finalised earlier in the year, but the report had been suppressed on the request of NSW Police until after May’s federal election which was unsuccessfully contested by Kristina Keneally, where she lost out to Independent Dai Le in the previously safe Labor seat of Fowler in Sydney’s west.

Appearing at a NSW Upper House parliamentary inquiry late last month, Commissioner Webb was non-committal on whether she had personally been provided a copy of the LECC’s report.

“I can’t confirm or deny whether I’ve received a report in relation to a specific individual. What I do know is that some matters at LECC are held as private hearings … and it may or may not be one of those matters,” Commissioner Webb said on August 31 when asked if she was aware of the LECC’s findings to press criminal charges against Keneally.

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A few weeks before Commissioner Webb’s appearance at the parliamentary inquiry, NSW Police had informed TCNW it is “provided copies of LECC reports” in accordance with legislation.

“NSWPF will continue to consider the content of the reports provided and any recommendations made by the LECC,” a police spokesperson stated on August 12.

“The NSWPF are unable to provide further comment on any particular matters at this time.”

At the time, NSW Police refused to answer questions from TCNW about whether Keneally’s wealthy parents and their high-level political connections had aided him in not being appropriately punished for his actions. NSW Police also refused to answer questions on whether the public can continue to have faith in police officers to tell the truth on important matters.


That refusal to answer such questions may be because lying and not telling the truth seems to be a shared hobby amongst wide sections of NSW Police, seemingly going all the way to the top to include Commissioner Karen Webb.

While under questioning at the parliamentary Budget Estimates hearing from One Nation Upper House MP Rod Roberts, Commissioner Webb then claimed that as punishment for his actions Keneally had been suspended for a period of time before being reinstated. Mr Roberts – who is a former police officer himself – labelled Keneally as being a “corrupt” cop during the hearing.

“He’s in the workplace but I can’t tell you what the duties are,” Commissioner Webb told NSW Parliament on August 31 in response to Senator Roberts’s questions.

“The matter as it relates to how it’s viewed inside my organisation he was originally suspended and is now back in the workplace. That’s something we will have to review subject to what else happens.

“The issue of him being suspended pre-dates me.”

But those claims from Commissioner Webb to the hearing were actually quite far off the mark. Because, in fact, Mr Keneally has never been suspended in any shape or form.

Responding to tabled questions from Senator Roberts, NSW Police as well as the NSW Police Minister, Paul Toole, have finally admitted this week that Mr Keneally has never been suspended from his position in the police force.


“Constable Keneally was never suspended from the NSW Police Force and is a current serving police officer with the NSW Police Force,” Minister Toole wrote in response to the questions.

NSW Police meanwhile have also been busy covering their tracks.

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“In compiling information to provide a response it’s become apparent the Commissioner inadvertently indicated during the hearing that Constable Keneally had been suspended,” a police spokesperson wrote to the parliament’s Budget Estimates committee on Tuesday, September 27.

“The Commissioner wishes to formally correct the record and acknowledge Constable Keneally was never suspended from the NSW Police Force.”

The written responses from NSW Police as well as NSW Police Minister Paul Toole admitting Daniel Keneally has never been suspended (Images: Supplied)

Indeed, not only has Mr Keneally escaped suspension for his dishonest actions he has instead been promoted to Senior Constable. He was also used in police promotions for this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras.

TCNW this week contacted NSW Police to enquire as to why Commissioner Webb lied or got it so wrong on such an important matter involving one of her own officers. We are awaiting a response.

In any event, it now seems as if Keneally will finally be facing actual punishment for his dishonest actions, with the NSW DPP confirming this week that criminal charges are likely to be brought against the still-serving police officer.

“We have been advised that there is sufficient evidence to lay charges,” a spokesperson from the DPP said.

Meanwhile, Keneally’s victim – Luke Brett Moore – is currently locked in a court room battle for compensation over his ordeal after refusing a previous offer of $175,000 from NSW Police.

“I meant it when I said that I won’t stop until Keneally is in prison trading cans of tuna just so he can call his mum,” Mr Moore told TCNW. “He picked on the wrong person.”

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