COWARDLY & SICKENING! CAUGHT ON TAPE! Victoria Police officer almost kills man at train station after body-slamming man’s head from behind into ground with horrifying thud

EXCLUSIVE: A cowardly Victoria Police officer has body-slammed a man head-first into the ground from behind at a busy Melbourne train station this week while the man was completely unaware and posing no immediate threat, with the man’s head making a sickening and horrifying ‘thud’ sound when it connected with the hard concrete, as shocked witnesses recorded the atrocious incident of police brutality on a mobile phone. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Video has emerged of a truly sickening and horrifying incident this week which will shock the public and have them questioning whether Victoria Police are that far removed from the Neo-Nazis they have been battling and having running skirmishes with over the past few days at anti-Covid lockdown protests.

The violent incident of police brutality is believed to have taken place on Wednesday, September 22 at the busy and world-renowned Flinders Street Station in Melbourne.

In the video, a man who seems to be unarmed and of no obvious danger, can be seen talking with up to four police officers nearby.

Suddenly, a fifth police officer enters the scene and from behind – while the man was not aware and posing no immediate threat – he elects to body-slam the man head-first into the cold, hard concrete tiled floor with the man’s head then making a horrifying ‘thud’ sound as it connects with the ground.

The man is seen to go immediately unconscious after being attacked by the bullying and cowardly police officer.

Other officers are then seen swarming on top of the man.

According to witnesses, blood and urine could then be seen oozing from the man’s body.

It is unclear what injuries the man may have suffered but judging by the force and impact it is likely the man suffered serious concussion and could be at risk of brain damage.


The witness who recorded the truly horrifying example of police brutality said he was shocked to the core by the incident.

“I know you’re busy right now VicPol but please take the time to up standards here,” the man said.

“You WILL eventually kill someone doing stuff like this.”

Another witness who saw the incident unravel said: “They slammed him … He’s out cold”.

True Crime News Weekly contacted Victoria Police seeking comment for this story.

We informed Victoria Police we were “disgusted” by the video and questioned whether the officer involved was still on active duties.

We asked whether any member of the public deserves to be treated this way by police, particularly when the video clearly shows the man was not an immediate threat and there were at least four other officers already nearby controlling the situation.

We also asked Victoria Police if they could point us to anywhere in the police training manual where a violent, cowardly move such as what was depicted in the video has ever been deemed appropriate.

A spokesperson for Victoria Police said they were unaware of the incident when contacted by True Crime News Weekly but they were now urgently looking into it.

“We are doing our best to locate this information and make the relevant enquiries,” the spokesperson said. “We will come back to you when we can.”

Victoria Police Minister, Lisa Neville, has been made aware of the incident after her office was informed by True Crime News Weekly.


Almost five hours after this story was originally published, Victoria Police released the following statement:

“Victoria Police are aware of a video circulating on social media depicting an arrest at Flinders Street Station. The exact circumstances around the incident are yet to be determined and are under investigation by both Transit Safety Division and Professional Standards Command. Anyone who witnessed the incident, including the person who took the footage and the person depicted in the vision, are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

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  1. No doubt it will be “justified” and nothing will happen to said officer… If anyone else had done this you’d be in police custody charged with GBH and or manslaughter if the person died….

  2. O my G!!! The impact of this man’s head slamming on the concrete shocked me, evvoked horror in me, has me in tears and nauseates me.
    I’ve seen and experienced some things but this deliberately callous act csn NOT BE EXCUSED. CANNOT BE.
    Imagine your skull being smashed on cement. Pure evil.
    If this cop is not chargrd and is not sacked and LOCKED UP where he belongs then his actions, his intent to harm represents the intent of every bully boy in Dad’s army!
    This is sickening. Sickening.
    Please keep us posted on the man’s condition. I hope he doesn’t die.
    The skull might be protection but nothing can protect the brain from this abuse.

    Off with your head big strong powerful law enforcer.

    People get Life for less.
    Yep, Alex. Absolutely agree. Anyone else would not see the light of day.
    If this is excused then it will be hard-core evidence that the Commonwealth and State, and Police force condones it.

    Not one single solitary demonstrator has done anything remotely like this one callous crime. And that’s what it is a CRIME. An heinous crime.

  3. If you or I did this, we would be prosecuted under coward punch laws. Since the pandemic, [some] police believe they have been given unfettered powers to do this kind of crap. Assault is assault.

  4. Omg…..
    Police have gone mad…..
    there is no excuse for THAT…
    Police now associated not with “prorectors of your rights and freadoms ” but wirh brutall criminals who will put killers and drag dillers to shame

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