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  1. No doubt it will be “justified” and nothing will happen to said officer… If anyone else had done this you’d be in police custody charged with GBH and or manslaughter if the person died….

  2. O my G!!! The impact of this man’s head slamming on the concrete shocked me, evvoked horror in me, has me in tears and nauseates me.
    I’ve seen and experienced some things but this deliberately callous act csn NOT BE EXCUSED. CANNOT BE.
    Imagine your skull being smashed on cement. Pure evil.
    If this cop is not chargrd and is not sacked and LOCKED UP where he belongs then his actions, his intent to harm represents the intent of every bully boy in Dad’s army!
    This is sickening. Sickening.
    Please keep us posted on the man’s condition. I hope he doesn’t die.
    The skull might be protection but nothing can protect the brain from this abuse.

    Off with your head big strong powerful law enforcer.

    People get Life for less.
    Yep, Alex. Absolutely agree. Anyone else would not see the light of day.
    If this is excused then it will be hard-core evidence that the Commonwealth and State, and Police force condones it.

    Not one single solitary demonstrator has done anything remotely like this one callous crime. And that’s what it is a CRIME. An heinous crime.

  3. If you or I did this, we would be prosecuted under coward punch laws. Since the pandemic, [some] police believe they have been given unfettered powers to do this kind of crap. Assault is assault.

  4. Omg…..
    Police have gone mad…..
    there is no excuse for THAT…
    Police now associated not with “prorectors of your rights and freadoms ” but wirh brutall criminals who will put killers and drag dillers to shame

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