DICTATOR DOUCHE! Scott Morrison now PROUDLY lists all the “SECRET” jobs he gave himself on Parliament’s official bio

EXCLUSIVE: Former prime minister Scott Morrison is now proudly listing all the “secret” Cabinet positions he gave himself on his official bio on the Federal Parliament website. The move comes as an inquiry into his questionable and possibly corrupt conduct is due to report back later this month. Serkan Ozturk reports.

From not wanting to talk about it, to proudly listing it on his official bio for everyone to see, former prime minister Scott Morrison seemingly now wants the whole world to know about his attack on Australian democracy as the multiple minister for everything after he secretly installed himself into five Cabinet positions during the dying days of his government.

In August, it was revealed that in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Morrison had secretly appointed himself to five portfolios between March 2020 and May 2021.

Behind the back of even his most senior colleagues, Morrison got himself appointed into the ministries of Health, Finance, Treasury and Home Affairs as well as the Industry, Science, Energy and Resources portfolio.


An inquiry is currently looking into Morrison’s questionable and possibly corrupt conduct. Led by respected retired High Court judge, Virginia Bell AC, the inquiry has previously called for submissions from the public.

Ms Bell is due to report back with her findings on November 25.

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But before the inquiry has been completed, it can now be revealed that Morrison has elected to haughtily detail all the secret jobs he gave himself perhaps in some bizarre attempt to stack up his resume while the erstwhile Member for Cook continues his search for a position away from politics.

On the official website for Federal Parliament, in the biography section, Morrison is now listing every single secret Cabinet position like it was a role that was transparently conferred upon him by others with full knowledge of the public.

CV King: Former prime minister Scott Morrison now proudly lists all the secret Cabinet positions he gave himself (Image: APH / Supplied)

The other (and quite distinct) possibility is that parliamentary staff have decided to ‘troll’ Morrison with all the self-appointed secret Cabinet positions now being listed on his official bio.

All of ScoMo’s dubious machinations were signed off at the time by Governor-General David Hurley, who it has since been revealed was lobbying Morrison for a questionable $18 million grant to a supposed foundation he was involved in called the Australian Future Leaders Program. The grant has since been been scrapped by the new Labor federal government.

Previous advice received from the Commonwealth solicitor-general about Morrison’s decision to secretly swear himself into the resources ministry has labelled his actions as “inconsistent with the conventions and practices that form an essential part of the system of responsible government”.

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Knowledge of Morrison’s secret appointments had been known by the News Corp journalists – Simon Benson and Geoff Chambers – for two years before they published their so-called scoop in August 2022, conveniently after ScoMo had lost his grip on power as PM after being convincingly defeated at May’s federal election by Anthony Albanese and the Labor Party.

Benson is the partner of senior Nationals figure, Senator Bridget McKenzie, as well as a close friend of Morrison’s and it has been claimed that the News Corp journalists held onto the information to curry favour with their conservative allies.

It has been previously reported that Morrison first got the idea to become a ‘secret minister’ from former Attorney-General and “alleged rapist“, Christian Porter.

Meanwhile, Morrison has already found himself in some bother this week, with the Royal Commission into the Robedebt fiasco hearing that ScoMo pressured lawyers who had originally flagged the proposal as illegal. True Crime News Weekly has previously reported that Morrison was the architect of the plan that saw welfare recipients harassed over debts that didn’t exist, leading hundreds to take their own lives while under immense stress.

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