DR JARRYD & MR HAYNE! Accused of raping unconscious virgin, NRL ‘dreamer’ says it’s “just one of those things” but Jarryd Hayne has form with biting attacks on teen girls

EXCLUSIVE: Accused of raping a young American virgin while she was passed out and leaving her in a “pool of blood”, code-hopping football ‘dreamer’ Jarryd Hayne nonchalantly suggested that dealing with sexual abuse allegations was “just one of those things” when he was confronted by the claims earlier this year. But the Parramatta Eels star and former San Francisco 49er has past form when it comes to harassing teenage girls, including biting and touching them without consent. True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, reports.

While many people were still nursing leftover hangovers as the year clicked from 2017 into 2018, Jarryd Hayne was on January 3 making his first appearance at training at the place where the first of his many ensuing football dreams presumably started. Back to his boyhood club. Where the widespread fame and glory first began. The Eels. Of Parramatta. The boy from Minto made good. The pride of Western Sydney. It had been home, of course, until late 2014 when the ‘Hayne Plane’ set flight for a tumultuous descent into San Francisco with the 49ers and the NFL in an attempt to live out the celebrity-sports-star American Dream as espoused by Sports Illustrated and every Nike commercial ever made.

After a brash start seemingly covered by every jingoistic Aussie journalist that ever existed and every commercial tv channel ad nauseum, Hayne’s flight quickly lost fuel and petered out over the space of a few months, so that by May 2016 he was seeking to take off to somewhere else. Anywhere else. To another supposed boyhood dream. This time, it turned out, that dream was to play rugby union in the Olympics for Fiji. Luckily, the team’s coach, Ben Ryan, had other ideas and perhaps could see what a distraction and glory-hunter Hayne would be. He was cut before his Olympic dream could take hold. And Fiji would end up winning gold. In the business, that’s called ‘great coaching’.

That dream too for Hayne, then – those dreams – had ended, suddenly. In a cloud. And thus the prodigal son had eventually returned to the west of Sydney to play rugby league again in his home town. After a brief detour with the Titans on the Gold Coast, of course, as he looked for the big dollars on his way back to the NRL.

But for most of those gathered at the training ground that day in early January, football wasn’t the hot topic of conversation. Rather than sport, it was questions about rape and sexual assault that were on the lips of the reporters surrounding Hayne in a media scrum.


Just before Christmas in 2017, a young American woman in her mid-20s, known only as Ms V, had brought a civil case against the former 49er. She alleges she was raped by Hayne while both were intoxicated. The woman, a Christian, says she was saving her virginity for marriage. Hayne himself is a Bible-bashing Hillsonger, who went on a well-timed ‘pilgrimage’ to Israel, just around the the same time as the alleged victim’s story of her brutal rape became public. Hayne says the trip to the Holy Lands was “pre-planned” and “personal”.

Jarryd Hayne playing for the San Francisco 49ers in August 2015, just a few months before the alleged rape incident (Image: Wiki Commons)

According to the legal papers filed, the woman met Hayne in December 2015 at the San Jose bar, the Willow Den, which is known as a frequent hangout for 49ers squad members and their various hangers-on. It is also the location where two other 49ers footballers have been accused of meeting women who are alleged to have been later sexually assaulted. Moreover for a deeper context, an article in Vice Magazine in 2015 tallied up close to 50 NFL players who had in recent years been involved in cases of alleged sexual assault, or domestic violence, or both.

But back to Hayne. According to legal documents filed in the United States by the alleged victim’s legal team:

“[Ms V] says that she has no recollection of how she entered Hayne’s home, and only remembers “seeing a silhouette of a man with [Hayne’s] build coming towards her”.

“The man put his hands on her shoulders and flipped her around … instructed ‘no kissing’ and shortly thereafter she felt extremely sharp pain in her vagina,” the claim states.

The legal documents served on Hayne as well state: “[Ms V] also noticed a large pool of blood on the sheets next other as well as blood on her vagina”.

In a defence filed by his US-based legal team, Hayne has suggested the woman gave “implied consent” to his actions that night because she apparently used his phone to call an Uber back to his apartment. He says the pair had “sexual interactions” but no intercourse. Apparently they both had a fair bit to drink.

The football star says injuries she suffered were “due to unrelated events” and that Ms V “voluntary undertook risks” that led to the injuries.

The wealthy sportsman has also asked the court to “throw out the case and award him legal costs”.


Of great interest and importance, the alleged victim had initially sought criminal charges be brought against Hayne, just six months after the alleged incident took place. She visited police in May 2016 and made an official report. The Santa Clara District Attorney’s office however declined to prosecute Hayne, citing “insufficient evidence”. There’s a dark wider truth to these matters though. And that is: many women and young girls are victims of sexual assault.

Further, most women and other victims of rape and sexual assault never report or disclose their experience to authorities, while many do not tell anyone. And those that do speak to the police, find out that a case cannot proceed due to some technicality or other, outright prejudice and close-mindedness, or, indeed other nefarious reasons. And then come the courts, where venerable institutions like the NSW Bar Association are still doing their utmost to make sure rapists and child abusers, overwhelming men, still have an easy ride. Only a tiny fraction of reports ever result in a conviction.

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The fact that this young woman did report the matter to police only a few months after processing the trauma from her encounter with Hayne – what ever may have happened that night – is an outlier. It also suggests her civil claim should be treated with a great deal of respect.

It must be noted that May 2016 was also of course about the same time the Hayne Plane quickly took off from the United States. After news of the alleged victim’s legal case broke in late 2017, Hayne’s representatives have been at great pains to claim that the timing of his departure from San Francisco however was purely coincidental. It was a case of the NRL footballer turned NFL player wanting a taste of rugby union glory, a new dream, that’s all.

Jarryd Hayne playing for the Parramatta Eels in the NRL (Image: Naparazzi / Flickr)
Legal Documents Civil Case Jarryd Hayne Alleged Rape.JPG
Details of the rape accusation made against Jarryd Hayne (Image: Supplied)

But in April 2016, just a month before his eventual departure from the NFL, Hayne was busy telling the media that he was well on the way to learning the plays of new 49ers coach, Chip Kelly.

“It felt great because I’ve learned the majority,” Hayne told reporters at the time.

In July 2016, Hayne was then telling the The Locker Room podcast that he left the NFL a couple months ago not because he was going to be cut by Coach Kelly, but because he simply wanted to be playing a sport where he would get more game-time.

“I need to be getting game time and you just can’t get that over there (in the NFL) because of the way it works,” Hayne said.

“The offence is only on for a certain amount of time and then there’s five other running backs.

“From my NFL experience it wasn’t about fame or money, it was about an opportunity,” he said.

“People get opportunities in life and the door only opens for so long.”

Until his appearance at his first training session on that January day early this year, Hayne hadn’t said much about the rape allegations. The few comments that had been attributed to him had come from lawyers, usually in the form of written statements. ‘Keep a low head and look like you’re staying above it’, was probably the advice given by his agents, lawyers and reps.


So, when he was finally given an opportunity by the reporters surrounding him to talk about the matters and clear his name, Hayne remained largely tight-lipped. He then brushed off the rape allegations as “just one of those things” that sports stars have to go through.

“It’s just one of those things you have to go through,” he told the reporters.

“You’ve got to go through a bit of adversity, as players we go through all sorts of things.

“We’ll get through it.

“We just need to let the justice system do what the justice system [is] meant to do.”

Jarryd Hayne and Lawyers Letter
The media statement released by Jarryd Hayne’s lawyers a few hours after his January 3 media conference where he said dealing with sexual assault claims was “just one of those things” (Image: Supplied)

A later statement with comments attributed to Hayne was soon after released by his lawyers, saying that he had made contact with the plaintiff and hired US legal representatives.

The statement said he will be “vigorously defending” the allegations which he “unequivocally and vehemently” denies.

But this isn’t the first time Hayne has been accused of harassing or assaulting a young woman. And back then, Hayne was also accused of being afforded special treatment, simply for being a football player.

Back in 2006, Hayne was an 18-year-old up-and-coming winger with the Eels.

It was June 3, a Saturday night. Hayne was at Parramatta’s Roxy Hotel with the rest of the boys from the Eels.

The Parra’ players and members of the club’s cheerleading squad were invited guests at the pub, along with some buxom waitresses from the ill-fated Hooters fast food conglomerate who were there to advertise the opening of a nearby restaurant.

An 18-year-old woman also happened to be at the pub on the same night to celebrate her birthday. The night she legally became an adult in Australia and could have a few quiet ones at a bar without being thrown out for being underage. It’s a special time for any young person. She was there with her boyfriend and other friends to have a good time.

As the night wore on into the early hours of Sunday morning, the teenage girl was later harassed by Hayne, who first began playing with her hair, but then bit her on the arm. The victim says she was left “really concerned” by Hayne’s actions on the night.

“I thought he was putting his head down on the back of the chair, but he actually bit me instead … on the side of my arm, my upper arm,” the victim told media a few days after the incident.

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After she had reported the incident, management of the Roxy Hotel had allegedly told her that if Hayne was made to leave the hotel, then the rest of the Eels would leave and they did not want that.

“I’m more angry with the fact footballers think they can just get away with it,” the young woman told media at the time.

After the woman publicly recounted the incident live on-air to conservative shock jock, Ray Hadley, the football star was made to apologise and fined a paltry $1000 by the Eels.

“I did not mean to offend the young lady involved, and I told her that when I spoke to her today. My actions were childish and unacceptable, and I understand and accept the penalty that I have received,” Hayne said in a written statement provided by the Eels.

2006 Media Advisory about Jarryd Hayne biting woman
The media statement released by the Parramatta Eels after Jarryd Hayne harassed and then bit an 18-year-old girl at a nightclub in 2006 (Image: Supplied)
Jarryd Hayne bites 18 yr old girl in 2006 SMH Story
A 2006 article in the Sydney Morning Herald about Jarry Hayne biting an 18-year-old girl after first harassing her in a nightclub (Image: Supplied)

Sadly and predictably enough, Hayne’s behaviour with the 18-year-old girl that night was simply par for the course for the Eels at the time. His teammates, Tim Smith and Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell, had only recently been fined $5000 each for turning up to training drunk as skunks. While the club captain, Nathan Cayless, and future club legend, Nathan Hindmarsh, had also been involved in “an incident” at Star City Casino which involved a damaged security camera. It says a lot about the treatment of women in Australia and within certain cultural institutions such as professional football where turning up drunk to training is seen as a greater (at least, monetarily) sin than physically and sexually assaulting a teenage girl. ‘They were asking for it, so the common cultural refrain still lingers and goes.

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For some reason, the 2006 incident involving Hayne has been suppressed in all the media reporting on the footballer since the rape allegations against him became public eight months ago. With the legal case against him taking place in the United States court system, and within its civil, and not criminal division, there is little real reason for an incident from 12 years ago to be censored. Yet, as far as we are aware, it is only True Crime News Weekly that has reported on this episode, which although historic, shows a possible link to future troubles down the road.

Despite the best attempts of Hayne’s slick PR team in recent years to make him look like a good-guy Christian, it has to be said that he’s also been involved in a number of other troubling and unsavoury incidents throughout his career.

Just two years ago, video surfaced of Hayne partying with an alleged Hell’s Angels bikie on the Gold Coast. Wads of $5000 cash can be seen passed around in the video.

Jarryd Hayne spruced up for a night out on the town (Image: Wiki Commons)

In 2011, he was involved in a 3am altercation at a Kings Cross bar where he ended up head-butting another patron. Hayne later said he would ban himself from heading to Kings Cross for a night out. Thanks to the NSW Government’s stifling Lockout Laws killing most of Sydney’s nightlife, at least the wayward footballer no longer has to resort to such drastic self-measures.

In 2008 meanwhile, he was shot at in a targeted shooting after 4am while with two other NRL footballers near the notorious Las Vegas Hotel in Kings Cross. According to reports at the time, an “unidentified man is believed to have fired a single shot at the three after a brief argument in a nearby street”.

True Crime News Weekly contacted the Parramatta Eels by email to see whether the club or Hayne himself would like to comment for this article. We had asked as to whether there was a possible ‘pattern of behaviour’ concerning Hayne, particularly when he is drunk or around intoxicated or vulnerable young women. We did not receive a reply.

Hayne is due to face court over the rape claims in the United States in a civil trial in January 2020. His alleged victim has said she would like “some sort of acknowledgement of the damage” the footballer has done to her.




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