DRAWN INTO NAZI SCANDAL EASY AS ABC! Tv presenter Jane Gazzo threatens defamation then deletes Twitter account over links to anti-Covid lockdown friends like Ally Spazzy who was using kid’s music show to spread Neo-Nazi hate

EXCLUSIVE: ABC TV presenter and writer, Jane Gazzo, has gone into full-on damage control – first threatening defamation, then deleting her Twitter account – after being linked to an anti-Covid, Neo-Nazi social media chat group that has come to public attention following the outing of Melbourne musician, Alice McNamara aka Ally Spazzy, as a proud racist fascist who it can now be revealed was also shockingly using her children’s music show to spread extremist far-right propaganda. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Warning: This story includes extremist racism and bigotry.

Host of ABC TV’s The Sound, Jane Gazzo, may just end up sick and tired of hearing about Neo-Nazis after being drawn into a far-right scandal that has already ensnared well-known Melbourne punk musician and kids entertainer, Alice McNamara aka Ally Spazzy.

McNamara, the one-time drummer for mid-2000s punk band The Spazzys, was unmasked this week by anti-fascist researchers, The White Rose Society, as a heavily online far-right figure fond of posting about how much she hated Jews as well as “Chinks and Indians and niggers”.

“Chinks and Indians and niggers need to know their place,” McNamara posted in one message under the name ‘Mary Manson’.

“And btw they only respect racist white people anyway. They know we are superior to them to too. As long as we act like it.”

McNamara’s beliefs have been enunciated over a prolonged period in chats on the social media messaging platform Telegram, which is favoured by groups that identify with the far-right and rejects like Nationals MP George Christensen.

Shockingly, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal McNamara was not only spreading violent and vile hate speech under anonymous online chat accounts, but she was also using her children’s music show and entertainment business to slyly spread Neo-Nazi propaganda too.

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A poster released by McNamara for her KiddyRock children’s music show about 18 months ago, in March 2020, has the evil Nazi insignia of the ‘SS’ carefully placed in a pair of sunglasses on a beach ball McNamara is holding.

“Keep on rockin in the free world,” the poster states.

Melbourne alternative musician, Alice McNamara aka Ally Spazzy, was shockingly using her children’s music show and entertainment business to spread Neo-Nazi hate and far right propaganda (Image: Supplied)

It is believed McNamara ventured into the world of Neo-Nazism before then becoming a prolific proponent of its horrid and warped ideology sometime over the past five years.

Despite her stated racist ideals, as True Crime News Weekly showed with its investigation, McNamara was still also fond of shamelessly using buzzwords such as “diversity” to drum up business for her children’s music school. This particular story is just the latest episode to demonstrate the relative meaninglessness of corporate waffle such as “diversity” and “inclusion”.

McNamara this week shut down the website for KiddyRock as well as many of her social media channels. Her mobile phone number was disconnected when True Crime News Weekly attempted to contact her.

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As part of their research into McNamara’s activities, anti-fascist researchers were stunned to discover Gazzo – a 44-year-old tv presenter, writer and journalist – was a member of at least one of the anti-Covid, anti-lockdown chat groups McNamara was posting regularly to.

In recent times, Gazzo has been the host of the ABC TV music show, The Sound. The show produced by Mushroom Music has featured musical luminaries and emerging stars such as Nick Cave, Midnight Oil, Kate Ceberano, Tash Sultana, G Flip, and Lastlings.

Using the nom-de-plume of ‘Jane Anderson’, Gazzo wrote that on at least one occasion she knowingly contravened public health orders in Victoria as the state battles the Covid pandemic.

“Spent 3 hours walking around the city centre yesterday in Melb (Flinders, Collins et al). No mask on the entire time (no mask on tram either),” Gazzo wrote.

“Nobody stopped me, nobody said a word and cops drove past me many times.”

The former Triple J presenter ended the message with two ‘okay sign’ emojis.

The symbol has become controversial and viewed by many as a hate symbol after being co-opted by Neo-Nazis and the far right over the past decade.

Jane Gazzo as ‘Jane Anderson’ boasting about her anti-Covid, anti-mask activities (Image: Supplied)

A cursory online search shows Gazzo has liked or follows a number of social media accounts linked to anti-Covid lockdown and anti-mask groups.

Despite all of that, Gazzo nervously went into full-on damage control on Wednesday, August 18, initially denying she had ever met McNamara as well as threatening legal action for defamation, while also claiming that her social media chat messages had for some reason been manipulated.


“Photoshop is a marvellous invention,” Gazzo wrote on Twitter.

“Legal action is in process as this is not only untrue but defamatory.”

Gazzo then soon after deleted her entire Twitter account.

True Crime News Weekly sent a series of questions to Gazzo, asking if her bizarre behavior this week was caused by the possible fear of other messages she may have posted under anonymous accounts becoming public.

Gazzo did not respond to our questions.

She has however been frantically posting to a Facebook music page she administrates, telling her followers she is not racist nor an anti-Covid activist.

“I have been wrongly implicated in this vile Ally Spazzy story and I am in the process of a legal response,” Gazzo posted to Facebook.

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“For the record I am not anti-vax, anti-Semite, anti-lockdown, anti-government and I have only ever met Ally twice in my life and am absolutely appalled and shocked as everyone about what has transpired.”

The ABC meanwhile has tried to wash its hands of the growing scandal.

“Jane hosted two series of The Sound, which was broadcast on the ABC in 2020. Jane was engaged directly by the producers of The Sound and was not employed or contracted by the ABC,” a company spokesperson told The Music Network website.

Interestingly enough, not too long ago, Gazzo took part in an arts project, My Name Is Jane, where she talks about what she likes the most about her given name.

“The best thing about being a Jane is the fact that in Hebrew, it means the ‘Grace of God’ – so there by the grace of God go I,” Gazzo said at the time.

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