“Dude, where’s my home?” Man takes LSD after grandma dies, ends up on bad trip in young girl’s bedroom

A man who took a tab of acid because his grandmother had died has ended up on burglary charges after having a bad trip and then accosting a young girl inside her own bedroom.

Florida man Chad Morris, 28, is alleged to have been wearing no shirt and only black basketball shorts when he entered the bedroom of the female juvenile as she slept during the early hours of Wednesday, March 15.

According to police documents and local US media reports, Mr Morris ended up inside the girl’s bedroom after becoming disorientated during an LSD trip which began the night before.

Mr Morris is said to have ingested the acid to help him grieve over his grandmother’s death.

Dazed and confused after granny’s passing: Chad Morris (Image: Sebastian Daily)

Leaving his own Vero Beach home which he shared with his aunt and recently deceased grandmother, Mr Morris walked over a wooden bridge to another street before becoming agitated and anxious.

He tried to find somebody that could help him find his way back only a few streets away before he began walking up to houses hoping for an open door.

He then came across across a vehicle parked in the victim’s driveway that was of the same make and model that his aunt owns.

He also found a door to be unlocked at the back of the house.

Entering the home, Mr Morris spotted a laptop on a coffee table in the living room. The grieving tripper tried to use the computer to figure out where he was. Still lost, Mr Morris walked around the victim’s home and found a bedroom with a sign on the door, reading, “Knock”.

Holding a flashlight, Mr Morris opened the bedroom door and saw the female victim in bed. He walked over to where the victim’s mobile phone was in an attempt to use it to call for help but the young girl kicked him and ran out of the room.

According to police documents, the victim stated Mr Morris “never touched her inappropriately and was only trying to get to her phone”.

She took cover in her parents room which she locked behind her so Mr Morris could not follow before calling police.

Mr Morris is alleged to have walked back to the living room and waited for law enforcement to arrive after not being able to gain entry in to the second room.

The dazed and confused young man has been charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling.

He told police he blames “bad acid” for his behaviour on the night.


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