Episode 2: Jordan Shanks aka Friendlyjordies

Episode 2: The True Crime News Weekly team is joined by comedian and satirist Jordan Shanks (aka Friendlyjordies) to discuss what makes him tick, his views on mainstream media and politics, the return of Malcolm Turnbull to the spotlight, and just why he thinks News Corp ‘personality’ Joe Hildebrand is the Scott Morrison of journalism. With your hosts Gary Johnston and Serkan Ozturk.

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  1. Enjoyed this podcast. In addition to True Crime News Weekly, FriendlyJordies is providing the best political commentary in Australia at the moment. He is also providing the best Australian drama such as “Single Mum Single Dads” and “Rich Mums Poor Mums.” In the video he made about Bali, there’s a scene with a taxi where he goes from acting to channeling the spirit of Australia.

    Serkan made astute points about power and propaganda and got straight to the heart of the problem about media and politics in this country..

  2. Jordan has the guts to stand up to Clive Palmer and be sued. And he’s the only person in the media to comment on Palmer’s blatant lie that Palmer only spent 80 million to influence the election result and didn’t care about winning any seats. B.S.

    It sounds like Doug Cameron is moderating this podcast. Why is it that anyone with that kind of Scottish accent instantly seems like your best mate? What is the psychology of this.

  3. I’m glad Jordan explained the rationale for his work in this podcast. Telling people he has noticed the popularity of Jon Stewart makes it easier to explain to some of my older friends what this guy Jordy is on about. Us older folk can appreciate his confidence and the way he is trying to engage with people who otherwise seemed to have given up on politics.

  4. One hopes this young man will stay as a comedian commenting on politics. Because of his popularity he might run for Labor and there’s no doubt at all some people in the Labor Party would try and destroy him. Best wishes to him though whatever he decides.

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