Episode 3: Labor MP Andrew Leigh

Episode 3: The Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Federal Member for Fenner in the ACT, Dr Andew Leigh, is seen as a powerful asset within the Labor Party. As the nation and indeed the world goes through an economic depression not seen for almost 100 years, Dr Leigh’s background as an economist is likely to come in very handy in the political battles just ahead.

This week Dr Leigh spoke with our deputy editor, Gary Johnston, about his views on crime and justice, and discusses the critical issues of unsustainable rising incarceration levels in Australia, with particular regard to both Indigenous and female imprisonment.

During the interview, Dr Leigh clearly recognises the fact that arbitrarily jailing people is illogical on an ideological, financial and pragmatic basis. He compares the policy of corrections in Australia with other countries, noting that whilst worldwide incarceration are falling, in this country it continues to increase, with potentially catastrophic consequences.

Dr Leigh meanwhile is an active supporter of True Crime News Weekly as he recognises the importance of independent media, especially given the reactionary and bigoted nature of the now hopefully dying News Corp media empire with its knee jerk, but essentially unsustainable approach to crime and punishment.

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    • The only thing that Andrew lacks is media charisma, he speaks intelligently and knows his facts but sadly we live in a time where star quality is more appreciated than ability so the possibility of political leadership will be denied by a dumbed down electorate and Australia will be much the poorer.

  1. Prisons are run for profit and are used by conservative governments to create fear and division in the population. “Tough on crime” attitudes create fear in the community. Governments use prisons to sell a “tough on crime” story to try and win and hold power because they are too lazy, corrupt and unimaginative to reduce the reasons that crimes are committed in the first place.

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