EXCLUSIVE: Accused ‘Greens rapist’ was being groomed as MP & had dreams of becoming Prime Minister

EXCLUSIVE: The high-profile campaigner in the NSW Greens party accused of being a serial rapist was being groomed by the party as a possible future MP while the alleged sex offender harboured his own dreams of becoming Prime Minister of Australia one day.


Following True Crime News Weekly’s exclusive investigation late last month, accused multiple rapist, Jarah Crook, has been allowed for some reason to leave and exit the country to enjoy a long holiday overseas with no planned return date. That is despite NSW Police confirming they would re-launch an investigation into accusations of multiple sexual assaults allegedly committed by Mr Crook.

The alleged rapist and sexual abuser who until recently resided in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Potts Point is now busy posting happy snaps on social media of his visit to Scandinavia, with plans to visit more than 10 other countries in Europe and Central Asia over the coming months. Mr Crook, 21, has previously publicly said he doesn’t “have a return ticket” for the trip. The self-described “provocateur” has also republished his personal website after having it pulled down in June when the allegations against him were first made public.

Alleged serial rapist Jarah Crook is busy entertaining himself taking holiday snapshots of his travels in Europe after being allowed to escape Australia (Image: JarahCrook.com)

Mr Crook’s escape from the country comes after the failure of both the NSW Greens and NSW Police to seriously investigate credible complaints of rape and sexual abuse allegedly committed by the one-time political staffer against at least six women and young girls from 2011 onwards.


True Crime News Weekly can now reveal that during his alleged reign of abuse Mr Crook was planning big things for his own future. According to Twitter accounts he had set up, the one-time Holy Cross Ryde College student had earmarked himself as a future MP for the Greens, while more bizarrely also pegging himself as a future prime minister of the nation despite the party’s lack of widespread support in the community and his own young age.

Accused serial rapist Jarah Crook thought he could one day become prime minister of Australia. At least on Twitter.

In a sign of his grand ambitions, Mr Crook had set up the accounts under the names ‘jarahcrookmp’ and ‘jarahcrookpm’. It’s now however likely at the very least that the former University of NSW student won’t ever be reaching those heady political heights he had predicted for himself and was being groomed for by senior members of the party.

Over the past fortnight, it has also come to light that Mr Crook or close friends of his may be behind several ‘troll’ accounts set up to harass some of his female victims, including journalists Lauren Ingram and Erin Riley, after they publicly outed him as a serial rapist.


Sources within the NSW Greens have revealed to True Crime News Weekly that Mr Crook’s behaviour was a topic of concern within the party for at least two years but nothing was done about it. It has been claimed that young female members of the party in NSW were warning each other about his alleged behaviour in a bid to protect themselves from assault since at least 2015. But their concerns fell on deaf ears within the party’s senior hierarchy. Instead, Mr Crook was quickly promoted up party ranks to the extent he was working on various sitting MPs campaigns and travelling interstate to assist other high-profile Greens election campaigns, while also gaining a position as Youth Coordinator.

Sources within the Greens have told True Crime News Weekly they believe Mr Crook was protected by senior elements of the party, including some sitting MPs, because of his family’s long-term support for the party.

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“Jarah is known for being a longtime member because of his family,” one Greens member and past election candidate informed True Crime News Weekly.

“It’s been said many times over the years that if he hadn’t been raised as a Greens member he would be a Liberal … extremely privileged, a huge sense of entitlement.

“But obviously because of his family he’s been able to progress very far in the organisation and … has been given cover through his long term association.”

True Crime News Weekly has previously reported that Mr Crook has been a devoted follower of the party since the age of seven-years-old.

Former high-flying Greens campaigner Jarah Crook has been accused of raping or sexually abusing at least six female victims since 2011 when he was aged only 15-years-old (Image: Facebook)

One source within the Greens told True Crime News Weekly however that it was disgusting to see members of a supposedly progressive party engage in victim-blaming instead of deep soul searching over how it could better protect its young members, volunteers and women in the party.

“It’s been extremely disparaging to see other older Greens members, almost all men, claiming that these women have come forward only to damage the Greens and suggesting these are false claims,” the source said.

“Bloody disgusting really.”

The only sitting Greens MP to make any sort of public comment on the situation remains NSW Greens MLC David Shoebridge. The party’s police and justice spokesperson, Mr Shoebridge has admitted the Greens still have a “lot more work” to do in appropriately dealing with claims of sexual assault and harassment by its own members as well as protecting its volunteers and staffers from possible abuse.

NSW Greens MPs said to to be factional allies of Mr Crook or for whom he has completed campaign work for such as Jeremy Buckingham, Tamara Smith and Justin Field have kept silent despite the serious accusations against the young political adviser. There are also claims that at one stage Mr Buckingham’s office was threatening to sue people for defamation if they publicly discussed links between the sitting MP and Mr Crook. Just two years ago, Mr Buckingham had claimed defamation action was antithetical to free speech on important issues when he himself was facing a possible libel suit from former NSW Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner.

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However, a source close to the Labor Party has told True Crime News Weekly they had been concerned about Mr Crook’s aggressive behaviour for over five years. The source told True Crime News Weekly that he was left feeling uneasy by Mr Crook following a number of interactions with him.

“I wish I’d paid more attention. I used to cut him a lot of slack because of his young age but he stalked me on Independent MP Alex Greenwich’s first campaign [during the by-election for the seat of Sydney in 2012],” the source said.

“He used to rip down Alex’s corflutes, the little prick. But it was his attitude. He has the entitlement of a Liberal.”

“Entitlement of a Liberal”: Greens campaigner and accused rapist Jarah Crook at Newtown train station (Image: Facebook)

The source confirmed that Mr Crook’s position within the Greens at such a young age was largely due to his family’s longstanding connection to the environmental and social justice party.

“His father was some old guard Greens guy,” the source continued.

“To be honest, these claims do not surprise me in the slightest. He was fucking weird and incredibly aggressive even as a 15-year-old.”

True Crime News Weekly has also been contacted by one of Mr Crook’s fellow attendees at the 2013 Youth Parliament – which the high-flying campaigner was instrumental in creating as an event after putting pressure on then-Premier Barry O’Farrell. The young political enthusiast told True Crime News Weekly that he was put off by Mr Crook’s hostile behaviour at the event.

“I was in Youth Parliament with him at the same time and to be honest, I’m not that surprised that this is what he’s said to have done. He’s always been very suspicious and confronting, to put it nicely,” the Youth Parliament attendee said.

“Obviously, we need to let the police and justice system do its thing, but I really hope justice [is] served, especially when he used Green politics as a way to justify his acts.”

The explosive revelations come at a time which has perhaps been the worst on record for the Greens Party across Australia with scandals seeing two senior federal senators, Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters, forced to resign immediately. The popular politicians apparently had not realised they were sitting as elected members of parliament despite holding dual citizenship, which remains against laws set out in the Australian Constitution.

Disgraced Greens campaigner and accused rapist Jarah Crook celebrating in Melbourne with Prahran MP Sam Hibbins along with now resigned high-profile Greens senator, Scott Ludlam (Image: Facebook)

Over the past few weeks, the party has also publicly ruptured over ideology when it attempted to punish popular left-wing federal NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon for doing her job and representing the interests of her home state’s grassroots membership in not backing the Federal Government’s watered down version of public school funding, known as Gonski 2.0.

More disconcertingly though, the Greens party has in the past fortnight been accused of covering up another sexual assault of a young female volunteer in the ACT by a male volunteer during the 2016 federal election campaign. It has been alleged the party attempted to water down a critical report of its handling of the case while members of the party have said the political organisation “had no complaints mechanism and no capacity to deal professionally with” complaints of sexual assault, abuse and harassment.

The NSW Greens would not comment or reply to a series of detailed questions sent by True Crime News Weekly concerning the party’s actions and claims of a possible cover-up over Mr Crook’s alleged behaviour. The Greens initially told True Crime News Weekly that they had “no record” of Mr Crook being paid for his work on various campaigns for sitting Greens MPs but the party did not deny claims that Mr Crook was paid cash-in-hand or in-kind for the work he had completed. The party also refuses to confirm how many underage girls Mr Crook is alleged to have sexually abused. The party also failed to comment on why Mr Buckingham or his office thought it prudent to send threats of defamation to people openly discussing the issues. Officials from the party have previously told True Crime News Weekly that Mr Crook is “indefinitely suspended” while an internal report about the allegations is produced. The Greens would not say why they are yet to expel Mr Crook from the party. The NSW Greens refuse to comment on whether the review will be released publicly or made available to members of the Greens.

True Crime News Weekly contacted Mr Crook by email this week and posed a number of questions to him but he chose not to respond.

— UPDATE — On August 4, six weeks after True Crime News Weekly contacted him for the first time with a series of questions, Mr Crook finally sent a response about the allegations made about him.

“I deny all the allegations,” he wrote in an email addressed to True Crime News Weekly.

“I will be perusing legal action because this has been hurtful for my friends and family.

“In Australia, justice is served through our established justice system. It can not be served through social media lynch mob.

“I expect you to include a version of the above in the stories published online.”

NOTE: True Crime News Weekly has elected to identify the alleged offender due to apparent systemic failures in organisations that are meant to protect and serve the community, as well as the alleged offender’s plans to leave Australia indefinitely.


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