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  1. If it’s Canavan’s kid I hope it’s born with eyebrows, and I hope it doesn’t have his smug hyper arrogant demeanour.

  2. This could also be part of the cover up ! ie So everyone thinks she was with MC in Australia when in fact she traveled with the lot that went on to the Vatican . Only a thought but anything is possible in this seedy episode . They are trying to cover their tracks . Just need proof of who went to the Vatican etc to clear that up ( and not just their word for it ) Love your work mate !

    • Joyce’s block is in Northern NSW, extremely close to Inland rail and Santos Narrabri Gas Project. He got the tip from previous National Party leader who was in bed with miners.

  3. All I can hear is the sound of beans’ spilling!

    A glorious roar!

    How deep does this go?

    Bringing in the Adani rail land “bag of beans” makes this a revolutionary affair.

    Please, keep it coming Australia!

    Next question is, “how do Labor fit into any aspect of this and related stories?”

    Are ANY of our fed or states’ politicians not in some way complicit or implicitly involved in the same or similar “affairs”?

    This one affair, surely is but the “tip of the tip of the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg”, methinks.

    Brilliant Journalism, on the assumption it’s true. But, I believe!

    I just donated the group (I’ve not heard of) $10 for this level of publication quality!

    Buddha KNOWS _Astrayliar_ needs this lift!

  4. This website has overlooked the link between Barnyard Joke, the GVK Hancock proposal to develop the Galilee Basin railway and coalfields (on behalf of major financial patron Auntie Gina) which is essentially the same proposal as the now discredited Adani proposal. However, now that there is “local” interest in about $1 BILLION of opaque NAIF government gift because Adani has been disqualified, why can’t a “local” corporation do the job? See Karen Middleton, The Saturday Paper, 161217.

    Ms Rinehart made a properly documented $50,000 political donation to Barnyard’s 2013 election campaign and later gifted him $40,000 as “unemployment benefits” before the 2017 Kiwi bye-election, that Barnyard later returned. Later still, the MSM reported that National$ politicians had been required to subscribe to a “Barnyard fund” to keep him in the manner he believed he was entitled to receive. Well, when you are cut off from the perks of the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme and you have to support wife, family and mistress 100km from “home” you need all the help you can get, especially when there are reports that in one six months period Barnyard claimed over $1 MILLION of Parliamentary expenses.

    PM Muddles Turdball does not believe that it is necessary to investigate these expenses now that Barnyard has been moved to the back bench rather than required to resign.

  5. the sooner these politically corrupt rednecks are kicked out the better and labor should be pressured to launch a full inquiry into joyce and his cotten farmer mates re the murray darling scandal, there`s plenty of room in eddie o`beids cell for a couple more crooked pollies

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