EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced male nurse bombarded suicidal married patient for sex with hundreds of text messages, now re-training in childcare

EXCLUSIVE: A male nurse has had his registration cancelled amid fears he “poses a substantial risk to the health of members of the public” after he pestered a suicidal married female patient for sex with hundreds of text messages while she was admitted to hospital for a litany of serious mental health concerns.

  • Disgraced nurse Anthony Elliott sent 222 text messages to married suicidal patient in space of three days before embarking on short relationship
  • Mr Elliott has refused all attempts by South Coast Private Hospital and the Health Care Complaints Commission to give his side of events since 2014
  • Banned from being a nurse until at least 2020, Mr Elliott is believed to now be re-training in the field of childcare

The patient’s condition was regarded by psychologists as “severe and chronic”. Her diagnoses upon first being admitted to Illawarra’s South Coast Private Hospital in mid-2013 included borderline personality disorder, dependent personality disorder, bipolar affective II disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder. Yet that didn’t stop one male nurse from trying to gratify his own needs in a twisted tale of lust and control that lasted over a year.

Anthony Elliott, from NSW’s Illawarra region, failed to appear for the hearing in front of the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) but in his absence a judgement this month has found he sent 222 text messages to a female patient in the space of only three days.

Anthony Elliott

His lurid texts were sent in September 2014 during the patient’s second stay at the hospital, after she was admitted again for the second time in the space of 12 months for fear she may commit suicide. Mr Elliott’s numerous messages to the patient talked about how he had fallen in love with her the first time he had seen her at the hospital a year before, in July 2013. Other messages soon enough included requests to fondle the victim’s breasts and to engage in sexual intercourse, despite Mr Elliott knowing that she was married. The male nurse was aware that side-effects of the drugs the patient had been prescribed while at the hospital included a possible increased libido and lack of inhibitions. Yet that didn’t prevent him from engaging in his courtship and sending messages, such as the one below:

– SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 –

Mr Elliott: Can I say I when we in car I want to touch your breast…kept think of heading my hand down there and my mouth follow later.

Mr Elliott: I want taste your body…your scent drives me crazy.

Patient A: More air.

Mr Elliott: But if we kept going I may end up inside you.

It is believed Mr Elliott sent a total of almost 500 text messages to the woman. At one point, the male nurse even took the patient for a drive around his Lake Illawarra home.

Having been registered as a nurse since 2002, Mr Elliott was found to have also behaved inappropriately with the patient after he “stood over her while she slept to watch her”, kissed her, and also “sat so close … that their bodies were touching”. Having had direct charge over the patient also meant Mr Elliott knew exactly how troubled and vulnerable she was, yet that did not stop him from his pursual of the patient.

Perhaps in a bid to win her trust, Mr Elliott also discussed his own personal issues with the patient; including details of his own previous marriages and his own mental health struggles. On other occasions, Mr Elliott advised the patient to hide her mobile phone from other staff, saying he could get in trouble over the relationship.

The relationship only came to light after the patient complained to other staff at the hospital in mid-September 2014 and confided in her psychologist. The tribual found that Mr Elliott was likely to have little insight into his behaviour after discovering text messages sent to the patient following the breakdown of the relationship.

“Thank you…you hav [sic] renewed my belief that noone really cares about me,” one text message read from Mr Elliott reads.

Other messages sent in October 2014 suggested the female patient had “destroyed everything” and ruined his life.

Anthony Elliott

“You obviously don’t care about me or my life…you hav ruined me and my family…my children suffer now as I hav no job to provide for them…only about yourself,” another text from Mr Elliott reads.

The tribunal found that Mr Elliott remains a significant risk to the public.

“Mr Elliott’s focus appears to have been a desire to meet his own personal needs,” tribunal members agreed.

“In our view Mr Elliott poses a substantial risk to the health of members of the public.”

Mr Elliott, who is prevented from registering as a nurse until 2020, has rebuffed all attempts by the tribunal to locate him to give his own version of events. He also failed to discuss the events with his former employers at South Coast Private Hospital in 2014, simply upping and leaving after his behaviour came to light.

According to his social media profiles, Mr Elliott has recently re-trained himself in the field of childcare in the Illawarra region and has remarried.

True Crime News Weekly did successfully contact Mr Elliott this week but he chose not to respond.

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