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Serkan Ozturk is an investigative journalist and the publisher and editor of True Crime News Weekly. His journalism has previously been featured by the likes of RT News, Sydney Morning Herald and Crikey. He is a member of the MEAA.


  1. I would like to know if the rumors about Barnaby Joyce are true. And, if they are, how could the people in his electorate even think of voting for such a hypocrite.

      • it seems its all coming out now, and if, as some are now suggesting, as barny`s power diminishes,
        more alleged victims may also come out, this would be a ratings bonanza for some investigative journalist or a fearless T.V channel, perhaps ch 10 which is now not under the influence of the vested interest groups currently controlling or intimidating free speech in the media, (including even the ABC as it now appears after the pulling of Emma `s ElbericCi expos`e story) on the lies being peddled by this government about the governments slashing of taxes even more for the wealthy, and the devastating effect on the deficit and ordinary taxpayers pockets, its clear to all that there is only one way this tax cut for the greedy can be financed and that is by increasing the GST on everything and also including health and fresh food in the grab.and slashing even more services to the public.

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