EXPOSED! Who is Kevin Michael Geraghty: From gym teacher to Australia’s biggest drug dealer & cocaine kingpin

EXCLUSIVE: They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what can you say about an old d
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  1. It’s a bit of a sad story really. Although our whole class once got cained in 1985 for being 5 mins late, I thought he was a good PE teacher. I remember Bombardment too…wasn’t too bad – as long as you were fit!
    Drug crime doesn’t pay…only white collar crime. Stick to that and you’ll be right!

  2. Last time I saw Kevin was around 1987, maybe 1988. Could have been the Sheaf or maybe even the Dark Coma (Kardomah Cafe). You could find him in numerous night clubs around the Eastern Suburbs. He wasn’t hard to miss. He always had his back to the wall and a constant paranoid look on his face, combined with extreme and I mean extreme hyper vigilance. We locked eyes quite a few times, because I’m quite hyper vigilant too, or was. I’ve been working on it. I personally never met the man and never wanted to, yet I knew everything about him. It was incredible that so many people would never stop pointing him out to me and say, “Do you know who that is over there?” I can’t remember how many times I was told where he worked, which kickboxers were his friends, what gym he went to, which girls he used to go out with and that he was the biggest coke dealer in Sydney with friends at customs turning a blind eye. Now I’m not completely stupid. No one gets away with what Kevin was doing without some friends looking after you. If the whole community is talking about you, then the cops know too. So forgive me for wondering why it took another 10 years before he was caught. I used to look at Kevin and quite often think, who do you owe money to that is forcing you to keep doing this? Maybe I’m wrong. Sometimes we get caught up in things that we can’t just walk away from.

  3. I last read he was pleading not guilty. Does anyone know what’s happened with this case? any updates?

  4. I remember him being a great p.e teacher but I do remember one day walking in on him in his office and he was snorting white powder he told me it was baking powder and he needed to get the powder just perfect as he was baking a cake for his sick grandmother it’s only now that I realise that it was not baking powder.

    • Thanks for the update Peter .. can you reply with any updates on how the case is progressing 🙂

  5. Trial should end shortly. Counsels’ addresses are done and as at late last week the judge was summing up to the jury. There should be verdicts soon.

  6. Bravo. Perhaps fortunately I never met the guy. I was involved in teaching phys ed as an art teacher in tech schools before Jeff deleted them – but not my memories – when reachers still smoked cigarettes and knew nothing of cannabis or cocaine – only fag puffing.

  7. When you think about companies like BAYER, GLAXO, Pfizer, J&J, etc. producing chemicals like Glysophate developed in the Vietnam war and still giving people cancer today, I’m not sure coke is the worst thing in the world. How many people does it kill at parties?

    Yeah, obviously he shouldn’t have done it, but as a teacher in 1985 he was OK to me and quite encouraging. Never offered me any drugs!!!

  8. I understand he was sentenced with the other guys on the 18th October. I don’t understand the media sometimes .. When they were all arrested back in Feb 2017 this was all over the media .. Come sentencing not a whisper. I can’t find one story since! Does anyone know the outcome? I hope the writer of this great piece, Serkan Ozturk does a follow up article. Cheers

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