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  1. Sounds like she made a mistake. If she loses the case she will pay a price. I don’t see the need to pile on her. She is relentlessly trolled and threatened by men who can’t handle any kind of criticism.

    • She’s a shocker Stuart, who from what I’ve seen on her twitter page, gives out much more than she receives. I have nothing against feminists, more power to them for waging the war for equality, but C. Ford just shows the ugly side of feminism, and undoes the good work done by the majority of feminists.

      • You may not agree with her opinions but she has the right to say them without graphic threats of violence against her which she receives pretty much constantly. You only need to see some of the sick people on-line telling her to put a gun in her mouth and making sure she gets trolled and called a paedophile which actually harms people who are trying to uncover real paedophilia. The only reason so-called more reasonable feminists are able to exist is because most of the more extreme abuse is directed at people like Clementine. If people don’t agree with her views, fight her on that, not her personally.

  2. A complicated situation.

    First, if Ms. Ford had apologised reasonably promptly, it would have stopped the defamation case.

    Just as we should perhaps not “pile on” her, it seems to me she was “piling on” Mr. Butler. Mr. Butler may have made mistakes worth recognising. At the same time, I can see his comments about Eurydice Dixon as being a genuine attempt to recognise the worth of a friend who has passed away, who has been murdered. It does seem problematic, to me, of Ms. Ford reading Mr. Butler’s mind and putting out the most negative interpretation possible.

    Second, Ms. Ford has been unfairly attacked and trolled. That is sad it happened. It is sad when it happens to anyone. I’m not sure, however, how far that should go towards forgiving her own behaviour.

    Third, I can imagine past targets of Ms. Ford’s analysis claiming “this is not news”, and I’m sure she would have maintained her position. I think it is problematic for her to claim something is not news – it would never have been for the people she appraised to decide this. It is something for others to decide – not her – whether that it is fair or unfair. I know I’ve been subject to unfair media scrutiny in the past, and if you’ve been the recipient of it, you can but wonder at any journalist resenting it.

  3. It seems a bit rich for a comedian who pushes people’s buttons to launch a defamation case against someone else for taking things too far.

    Almost seems like he actually is trying to cash in…

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