“FILTHY C*NT, WHORES, UP THE BUM!” Totally unhinged video emerges of deranged Sydney anti-Covid lockdown protest showing women being harassed, wild dancing & arrest of Aboriginal man

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Raw inside vision has been leaked to True Crime News Weekly of the weekend’s deranged anti-Covid protest in Sydney which brought together far-right ‘patriots’, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, anti-lockdowners as well as others fed up with the economic and social cost of another lockdown due to the state and federal governments incompetence in dealing with a worsening outbreak of the Delta strain of the virus. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Tens of thousands descended upon Sydney’s CBD over the weekend for an anti-Covid protest that ended in street skirmishes with NSW Police officers and now has alarmed public health officials bracing themselves for a possible increase in the rates of infection of the dangerous Delta strain of the Covid virus that has shut down the city for the foreseeable future.

A motley crew of far-right ‘patriots’, QAnon conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, and anti-lockdowners were brought together after weeks of online agitation on social media calling for groups to get together to fight for “freedom” against a health pandemic that has no real end in sight.

It’s believed the lockdown will likely stretch for months after the NSW Government refused to go into lockdown in mid-June when the first community transmission of the Delta variant of the virus.

With minimal or no economic support being provided to casual workers or those on welfare who have been forced to lockdown, it was perhaps little surprise the wild scenes that took place at Sydney Town Hall and nearby parks and streets on the afternoon of Saturday, July 24.


Premier Gladys Berejiklian has vowed that thousands of those who attended will be fined at least $1,000 for breaking public health orders, while NSW Police has ominously set up a taskforce to forensically investigate social media images and video as well as CCTV of the protest using face capturing technology such as Clearview.

Scores of protestors have already been arrested or fined – including comedian Jon Bernard Kairouz aka ‘TikTok Guy’ – largely on the basis of their own social media output.

But video now leaked exclusively to True Crime News Weekly gives a truly raw and unique perspective of the calibre and quality of some of protestors who were in attendance on the day.


The video shows female police officers being followed, harassed and called “fucking whores” and “walking mattresses” while simply walking and minding their own business, while other women who were themselves taking part in the protest are as well seen to be harassed and abused.

“Where do you want it?” one man yells as he films the behinds of female protestors marching.

“In the bum,” the answer quickly comes.

The footage commences with angry yells and loud calls of Premier Berejiklian being a “filthy cunt”, which is met with laughs.

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The video also shows an Indigenous man wearing an Aboriginal flag being jumped on and taken away by at least five police officers.

Scenes of wild dancing in the park as the protestors ‘celebrate’ their so-called freedom are also depicted.

It is believed the well coordinated protests were the work of shady overseas groups such as the Veritas Project, which has links to right-wing billionaires and has its talking points regularly disseminated by the likes of Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News.

The weekend protest came as Sydney recorded its highest rate of new infections since the Delta outbreak started in mid-June as well as further Covid deaths as the city continues to bunker down while its population awaits much-needed vaccines which Prime Minister Scott Morrison had promised would be available months ago.

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  1. So many offences committed, right there on camera … and, of course, it is the Indigenous guy who got arrested. Amazing eh?

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