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Serkan Ozturk is the publisher of True Crime News Weekly. He is an investigative journalist and editor with a colourful career spanning across print, online, radio and television. He has had his journalism previously featured by Sydney Morning Herald, Crikey, Australian Doctor, Ruptly, Dopamine Magazine, City Hub and the Star Observer. He is a member of the MEAA.


  1. Chant offered resignation!?
    Typical:desert the sinking ship. Leave the people in the lurch in the midst of a worsening crisis.
    How much does she get upon resigning?
    Should be charged with dissention, mis-management and the works.

    • She res8gned because of Nazareth and Gladys not taking her advice. It is not her mismanagement that is the issue

      • Claire H
        I’ve observed her long and hard.
        As with Gladrag and Naza, she proved incapable.
        What wankers.
        End of story.

    • The moment she realised she was wasting her time with trying to get the NSW government to do what they should would have, was when she realised that there was no point in carrying on with what had become a chararde, that was only going to lead to her being scapegoated by gladbags, and the coterie of bludgers, conmen, thieves and sick fucks who never had any intention of listening to sense… Save your childish hatred for the ones who are going to get the whole of Australia shut down again before they finally get the bums rush… The NSW liberal govt..

  2. Brad Hazzard is a racist f*ckwit. His behaviour is atrocious. Between him and Gladys doing their own thing against medical advice, I don’t blame Chant for resigning. Shame NSW

    • They’re tarred with the same brush. You just have to look at them; listen to them speak. Not a brain between them. And they’re ‘leaders’? Hardly!

  3. Gladys will be pushed out or resign before Scomo calls his election, the feds want her as a scapegoat to try and stop Scomo`s electoral slide from his vaccine stuffup debacle, she stuffed up the early hard lockdown but under pressure from Scomo to try and embarrass the Victorian Premier for his correct action in early lockdowns, both playing politics both hoist by their own petard.

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