FINALLY OUTED! Sordid, sleazy life of Liberal heavyweight Robert ‘Piggy’ Doyle an open secret amongst Melbourne elite & media for years

EXCLUSIVE: In the first part of a special investigation, True Crime News Weekly takes a look at why long accused sexual predators such as Liberal Party heavyweight Robert Doyle are allowed to get away with their alleged misconduct and possible crimes for so long, even in the face of a litany of complaints stretching back 40 years and involving claims of sexual abuse against schoolgirls and the alleged drugging of women. Our Melbourne correspondent Gary Johnston reports.

It’s ironic and telling in the extreme that the fame – make that notoriety – of Jimmy Savile, the British disc jockey, ‘national eccentric’ and, as it turned out, child sex abuser on a mammoth scale, is far greater now than when the old, self-promoting fraud was alive and fiddling, if not actually kicking.

Discovered in his death bed, stiff as a board with his fingers crossed, the incriminating evidence of Savile’s crimes – literally hundreds, possibly even thousands of victims – started to be circulated hours after he’d been buried, resulting in the coffin having to be hastily exhumed and then replanted in ‘a secret location’.

Incredibly, mystifyingly, Jimmy Savile’s sexual history was not revelatory to many people who knew him. Executives at the BBC, numerous staff at the hospitals where he worked ‘tirelessly’ as a volunteer, his many traumatised victims and even the Police were fully aware of the allegations and in some cases, proof of his actions, but for reasons known only to themselves – which we can now identify as power and influence – no one spoke up.

And the ones who did, were summarily ignored.

Couldn’t happen here, you say? Not in Australia?


Well, just this week News Corp’s local gutter rag the Herald Sun published an utterly shameless, promotional puff piece about how good it was to see Melbourne’s recently resigned Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle, out in public, looking “trim and relaxed”. This is the very self-same Robert Doyle who only a few weeks ago was too ill to attend a tribunal set up to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct while he was the chairman of Melbourne Health. The same Robert Doyle who resigned as the city’s lord mayor earlier this year in the face of a damning yet limited investigation ordered by the City of Melbourne council into ongoing claims of sexual misconduct and harassment. No word about that in News Corp’s gushing love letter to the sleazy former mayor.

Robert Doyle speaking in 2013 (Image: Wiki Commons)

The investigation’s report into Doyle’s conduct is thought to be so damaging to the council’s reputation that even alleged victims of Doyle’s sexual harassment have been denied access to it. It has become yet another ‘open secret’. In that event, with elements of the mainstream media and the big end of town continuing to protect Doyle, it is now then perhaps the right time for True Crime News Weekly to reveal the extent of Doyle’s alleged peccadilloes which are said to stretch back 40 years or so.

And unlike in Jimmy Savile’s case, True Crime News Weekly will not be waiting until Doyle is safely dead and buried, or cremated.

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A digital avalanche of information, personal experiences, victim statements and accusations has reached True Crime News Weekly detailing in no small measure how Doyle has behaved down the years. The data covers Doyle’s life from his days as Sports Master at prestigious Geelong College, to his life as a Masterful political manipulator in the higher echelons of the Liberal Party, then, during his term as Master – Lord Mayor – of The Good Ship, Melbourne and, as seems to have been the case throughout, as a serial Masturbator, in every available sense of the idiom.

If the catalogue of depravity, as reported to us by the literally countless of informants were revealed – bear with us, because as many of them as possible will be revealed – our report would rival Tolstoy’s War and Peace both in length and in terms of realistic narrative. From businesswomen alleging Bill Cosby-like proferred potions to women who were teenage schoolgirls in the 1970s saying their teacher, Mister Doyle, had sexual relations with them. Remember, this is a man who eventually married a woman – a girl – he first met when he was her trusted teacher. It is even alleged by some former students that Doyle once gave a favourable mark for an essay by a young schoolgirl in return for sexual favours.


The tract of information leaked to True Crime News Weekly also contains the grumblings of numerous colleagues at the City of Melbourne council, and gives an insight into the drunken dysfunction within the council as well as a view of the underlings and factotums whose employment and career advancement depended upon Doyle’s largesse. Shockingly, there are even credible accusations leveled against a married senior councillor and one of Doyle’s strongest supporters who is alleged to have made crude sexual remarks to guests and attempted to pick up women while being high on cocaine at an official council event. The councillor’s wife had only given birth to their child a few weeks before the incident in question. Unable to reveal their experiences at the time, the floodgates are finally opening, precipitating a flood the Hoover Dam couldn’t restrain.

However, these stories – outrageous, scandalous as they undoubtedly are – do not represent the real picture, the true disgrace. In this age of #MeToo, with abused and exploited women finally finding their voices world-wide, the biggest injustice of all is surely the sight of Melbourne’s ruling class, the exclusive coterie of private schoolboys who call the shots in this town, who rule the mainstream media, manipulate and exploit the truth, doing all in their considerable power to defend and protect one of their own.

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Robert Doyle clearly has a number of friends in high places. But it’s the friends in low places who continue to preserve his reputation despite mounting and overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Doyle – known to his friends and enemies as ‘Piggy’ – is not Jimmy Savile; a show business personality whose fame and influence somehow influenced the fourth estate to desperately circle the wagons, cover up his predatory behaviour and preserve the myth of a decent man doing good works, but there are parallels. And of course, they do say that politics is show business for ugly people.

Doyle has so far publicly denied all claims against him. As did Savile until his dying breath.

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Gary Johnston is an author, academic and former parole officer with decades of experience in the criminal justice system. He is True Crime News Weekly's Deputy Editor and Melbourne correspondent. His book 'No Previous Conviction' was published in May 2017 and is available on Amazon.


  1. During his opposition leader years, Robert Doyle frequented my flower shop buying gifts of flowers for his girl friends & pestering me as well –

  2. I’m assuming this is the teaser. You’ve made a lot of accusations but you haven’t backed it up with evidence.

  3. As the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse showed, making statements and giving evidence against the powerful is difficult. Especially if the abuse has caused significant life changing damage. Robert Doyle might be hoping to just slide quietly out of public view rather than respond to the various outstanding investigations and risk a call for charges to be laid. Maybe he will get away with that.

  4. Loislane
    It’s appears he ‘is‘ getting away with this
    No one so far will report on this matter further
    Extremely frustrating

  5. No,
    don’t think he’ll be getting away with anything.

    he thought he was home free but the past is coming back to bite him. 👀

  6. It would be incredibly difficult to find hard evidence now; it is a pity the women concerned don’t speak up at the time (particularly in public forums) instead of decades later. “Oily” and “Piggy” seem to sum him up, but “Fingers” might have been more explicit.

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