FOOTBALL CLUB HOME TO SOCCEROOS STARS UNMASKED AS HAVEN FOR CHILD SEX OFFENDERS! Celtic left reeling as decades long cover-up finally revealed

SCOTLAND: With a long storied history that is the envy of most, Glasgow Celtic remains one of world
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    • According to police in Scotland they received no report from Rangers about the paedophile activities of Gordon Neely.
      Mark Daly of the BBC then asked Rangers management and officials who were there at the time of Neely and they all refused to speak.
      Rangers are now being sued by Thompsons solicitors on behalf of dozens of Neelys child rape victims.

      Rangers also had a convicted paedophile scout called Baxter Cavan and a convicted paedophile player called Kenny Watson who was jailed for 5 years for molesting little girls.

      • So would you say its fine what happened at Celtic because it allegedly happened elsewhere ?

      • Lies to smear a rival football club. Celtic are being pursued by Thomson’s solicitors and will rightly pay millions in compensation for years of covering up a paedophile ring operating openly within Celtic fc for decades.

      • Ronnie problem is he has no evidence whatsoever for his hysterical accusations!

      • This article is about the behaviour of Celtic football club.
        If you wish to make comparison between the 2 clubs.
        To date it is Celtic 7 convictions. Rangers 0
        Regardless of other events, the story here is that Celtic directors and club officials were complicit in covering up and facilitating decades of abuse, when a simple phone call would have prevented the damage to dozens if not hundreds of young boys.

      • The police said they could not find a report about Neely, not that is was not reported.
        The child involved in the Neely incident(which was verbal as opposed to physical) was a serving police officer at the time of the offence.
        If you wish to use diversionary tactics, do your homework properly first.

  1. The article is very misleading.

    Rangers phoned the police immediately when anything was wrong.

    Celtic didn’t. They covered it up. The result? Just recently a 6th paedophile linked to the club and the Boys Club was convicted, with many more rumoured.
    Hundreds of children’s lives ruined, because their chairman at the time, also pictured with serial offender Jimmy Saville and links to paedophile priests, didn’t phone the police. Why didn’t he phone?

    To this day, Celtic still cover it up. Justice may be coming, but not without the partisan Scottish Nationalist Party trying to cover Celtic’s tracks for them first.

    • One of the boys that was abuse at Rangers-his dad WAS the police.Coach was sacked AND arrested.Friend of the family told me at the time.That’s how it should be handled.If you let paedo scum away with it they will offend again.US Police now getting involved with a Cairney incident.Different laws over there

  2. Rangers have never had anyone convicted.

    Rangers have never knowingly re employed a paedophile.

    Rangers have never hidden an incident from the police like they did with Cairney & Torbett at least once each.

    Rangers have never hounded out a good man who tried to highlight paedophilia to protect children.

    Rangers have never had make believe investigations to deceive the stock market.


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