EXCLUSIVE: Former Victoria Police employee wanted “a lot more” Muslims to be murdered in Quebec mosque terror attack

A former employee of Victoria Police has made shocking comments to a major news network’s social media page about how a “lot more” Muslims weren’t murdered during this week’s terrorist attack at a Quebec mosque.

Janet  Young-Philippe – who on her Facebook page describes her employment as Victoria Police – was responding to news that at least five Muslims were murdered in a terrorist attack while they were praying at a mosque in the Canadian province. A cursory browse through her Facebook profile also revealed a seeming fear of women in burqas and the possibility of Sharia Law being introduced into Australia.

It has since been revealed the shooter was a white Canadian-Quebecian university student named Alexandre Bissonnette. He has been charged with six counts of murder over the deaths of six people at the Quebec City Mosque on Sunday, January 29.

Ms Young-Philippe was responding to a thread begun on the Facebook page of major Australian media organisation, Nine, where other readers had claimed that the Muslim victims were somehow to blame for their own horrific deaths and injuries.


“What goes around comes around i was taught … sad but true,” one Facebook user, Adam Norman, posted.

In response, Ms Young-Philippe said she wished more Muslims had been murdered in the incident which Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, deplored as a terrorist attack and and act of “senseless violence”.

“Great pity it wasn’t a lot more,” Ms Young-Philippe wrote to four likes.

When contacted by True Crime News Weekly, Victoria Police would only provide a short comment suggesting was a former employee of the organisation, but they refused to answer any of the detailed questions sent.

“Police are aware of a number of comments posted on social media overnight,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

“We have determined the person commenting is not a current Victoria Police employee.”

When challenged to confirm Ms Young-Philippe’s employment history with Victoria Police, and her exact role in the past, the spokesperson went silent.

Victoria Police officer high-fives a Neo-Nazi during Reclaim Australia rally in Melbourne, July 2015

It’s not the first time Victoria Police has got itself into some hot water over links between its employees and far-right views in recent years.

In July 2015, controversy ensued after a photo showing a serving Victoria Police officer high-fiving a Neo-Nazi while in uniform and on duties at a Reclaim Australia rally was leaked to the media. The hierarchy of Victoria Police defended the officer at the time, saying the gesture was a “split second action”.

In its message to Victoria Police, True Crime News Weekly did state that we hoped that its “current employees are well-versed in why racism is toxic”.

In response to True Crime News Weekly’s queries, Ms Young-Philippe explained that she was an “elderly person” who wrote the comment out of “anger” and that she was sorry for ever doing so.

“I said it in anger. I had been very upset for a few days. Please delete it. I really didn’t mean it. It was a very sad thing that happened,” she said.

“Sorry, I am not a nasty person. I am very angry over all the killings and especially a place of worship.”


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