FULLY SICK GULAG GLADYS! Fat Pizza legend Pauly Fenech slams “selfish” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian over Covid Curfew & Lockdown of Western Sydney

EXCLUSIVE: Fat Pizza comedy supremo, Pauly Fenech, has slammed Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Police over their treatment of the residents of Western Sydney who are bearing the brunt of the current Covid Crisis with harsh curfews and strict restrictions in place. Serkan Ozturk reports.

Aussie comedy icon, Pauly Fenech, has come out swinging against the NSW Government and NSW Police, with the Fat Pizza star accusing Premier Gladys Berejiklian of being “heartless” and “selfish” in regards to her treatment of the residents of Western Sydney who are facing much stricter restrictions than other parts of the city as the entire state now battles a worsening Covid Crisis.

“We’re being treated like criminals and we’ve done absolutely nothing,” Fenech told True Crime News Weekly.

“And all the language that they use every day blames us all … people doing the wrong thing. But they’re not listening to the science.”

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The tv and film star claimed there were so many things wrong with the government’s response that he didn’t know where to begin.

“I’m disgusted mate, there’s a million different things that are wrong with the whole thing,” Fenech said.

“Number one: they keep changing their story. Number two: they keep implementing more and more anti-freedom laws.

“Forget anything about vaccinations. The amount of laws they are passing that just help authorities control society and invade your privacy.

“I don’t think Australians really realise how bad they are being treated.”

Fenech made the explosive comments while speaking to Renegade Radio on True Crime News Weekly.

The creator of Fat Pizza, Housos and Swift & Shift Couriers has long been one of the few individuals in Australia’s media world to consistently portray and cast the working-class residents of Western Sydney in his many tv shows and films.

“I’m disgusted because we film all our shows out west. Fairfield, Smithfield, Yagoona, Blacktown,” he said.

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“The people out west are great people. They are honest and work hard. They don’t make a lot of money and are taxed up the arse. They’re family people doing their best.

“Why they are picking on one area – the poorest – is shameful.”


Promoting his newly released book, Ugly: A Bikie’s Life, about the life and times of his Gypsy Jokers bikie mate Phil ‘Ugly’ Mawson, Fenech told True Crime News Weekly he usually doesn’t enjoy talking about politics but had to make an exception this time after seeing what he says was the “heartless” reaction of Premier Berejiklian when recently questioned about the toll the Covid Crisis is having on the mental health of children.

“I don’t like when people bullshit me,” Fenech explained.

“Here’s the situation you are in, in NSW.

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“You’ve got the premier who’s been accused of corruption. Let’s be straight, Gladys. You were sleeping with a married guy and you knew that he was doing dodgy deals. And you went to ICAC and you somehow denied that was corruption.

“And now the deputy premier [John Barilaro] has been allegedly busted giving money to his alleged mates in Griffith.”

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Fenech then joked if he kept discussing politics, NSW Police’s controversial Fixated Persons Unit might be set upon him.

“I don’t want to get sued like FriendlyJordies,” Fenech said.

“I don’t know if you know that guy but all he did was a piece of satire.”

In a bit of good news however for all of those hungry people out there locked down in Western Sydney and elsewhere across Sydney and Australia who have missed their pizzas and comedy being “big and cheesy”, a new season of Fat Pizza will be airing on 7Mate from September 8.

“Bobo’s back, Sleek’s back,” Fenech told True Crime News Weekly.

“We’ve got Jeffrey Epsteins in it, the Illuminatis, premiers get sacked due to Covid lockdowns, amongst all the rest of it like gang fights.

“Somehow, I write this stuff about a year ago and then it all comes true.”

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