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  1. This incident was an ulitmatum moment; if people cannot see Australia’s descent into totalitarianism from this incident then they will never see it, under any circumstances.

    A nation of peoples with childish mentalities cannot be expected to respect democratic values anyway.

    Those of us who can see the truth: brace for impact.

  2. disgusting, this has no context that can justify it, a man surrounded by at least 5 police men and 1 police with a clear lack of criteria, wow this is sickening.

  3. This is not only the INTENTIONAL -a prioiri – action of a cruel, callous, power happy authoritarian who REPRESENTS the State and police force each of which are yet again exposed for what they really are.
    The lowlife gets to be suspended. Anyone else would be immediately arrested and charged with attempted murder becsuse anyone knows that such a heinous crime can kill.
    Yes. It’s a fact that someone who is close to death calls out for their mother snd uf they cannot verbalise it they eill be thinking it, crying out the words in their heart and mind with all their being (as a believer in God will call out to him in their final hour). Some people (I can’t speak for all) who survive/are rescusitated remember screaming out for their mother).
    Others have been given a Life sentence far far far less than the brutality here.

    Q. Why only 1 cop stood down? Does this mean that in the future everyone’s coaccused will be exempted too?

    This cop will walk or get a slap on the wrist. His mates will be sighing relief.

    Interestingly, refusals to answer the publics’ questions also reveal the absence of transparency.

    Now what if the situation was reversed? And this man deliberately TARGETED the cop?
    We all know the answer

    I hope this man is OK. For a moment I thought,
    “I hope it’s not MY SON.”

    Now, I’m thinking,
    “Thank God it’s not my son, but this man, this human life, is someone’s son…”

    I still worry about my son. God help them if ever this happens to him.

    I will never again extend what respect I had for the Justice system.

    Shame on you. Shame shame shame.

    • To my way of thinking, this officer’s actions were no different to a coward punch which carries a 10-year gaol sentence in Victoria.

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