GETTING MONEY AFTER ALMOST KILLING MAN AT TRAIN STATION! Victoria Police suspend “acting sergeant” with full pay as they investigate horrific incident of police brutality

EXCLUSIVE: A Victoria Police officer is still collecting his full weekly pay cheque after being suspended today over a horrific incident of police brutality that almost left a man dead last week at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. Serkan Ozturk reports.

An “acting sergeant” with Victoria Police has been suspended on full pay over the shocking and horrifying incident of police brutality at a major Melbourne train station last week which left an unarmed man unconscious and with blood and urine oozing out of his body, and extremely lucky to still be alive.

Shamefully but of no real surprise, it seems not one mainstream journalist thought it prudent this week to question Victoria Police about the incident or send any follow up questions, including whether the officer involved was still receiving his regular wages while suspended.

Luckily for the public True Crime News Weekly did.

The incident took place at the iconic and world-renowned Flinders Street Station just after 2.30pm last Wednesday, September 22.

Shocked witnesses managed to record part of the sickening incident of police brutality on mobile phone with the footage then going viral worldwide. True Crime News News Weekly was the first media outlet to report on the incident.

In the video, a man who seems to be unarmed and of no obvious danger, can be seen talking with up to four police officers nearby.

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Suddenly, a fifth police officer enters the scene and from behind – while the man was not aware and posing no immediate threat – he elects to body-slam the man head-first into the cold, hard concrete tiled floor with the man’s head then making a horrifying ‘thud’ sound as it connects with the ground.

The man is seen to go immediately unconscious after being attacked by the bullying and cowardly police officer.

Other officers are then seen swarming on top of the man.

Paramedics were then finally called to give aid to the man, who had been left unconscious and crying aloud for his mother while blood and urine oozed from his body. It is a common occurrence for people close to death to automatically call out for their mothers.


A week after the incident, in a short media statement, Victoria Police announced that an officer had been suspended while investigations into the matter continued.

“Victoria Police continues to investigate an incident filmed at Flinders Street Station on 22 September and shared on social media,” a police spokesperson told True Crime News Weekly on Wednesday, September 29.

“An acting sergeant from a specialist support unit has since been suspended as a result of early enquiries.

“Anyone who witnessed the incident, including the person who took the footage, is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

Despite the corporate media reporting on the officer’s suspension today, it seems not a single mainstream journalist could be bothered to ask any follow up questions.


If it weren’t for True Crime News Weekly, all the public would have to go by is regurgitated press releases from the highly resourced and powerful police media unit. Sadly, this is largely what passes off as crime reporting and crime journalism in this nation.

To rectify matters and provide a clearer picture to the community-at-large, we asked Victoria Police whether the officer in question was suspended with, or without pay, and whether he was a member of either the Public Order Response Team (colloquially known as the ‘Riot Squad’) or attached to transport police with the Transit Safety Division.

“We do not comment on specific work units of any member suspended,” a police spokesperson informed True Crime News Weekly when questioned.

“The member has been suspended with pay.”

The iconic and world-renowned Flinders Street Station in Melbourne where the incident of police brutality occurred (Image: Wiki Commons)

True Crime News Weekly then asked Victoria Police whether it had ascertained the current health condition of the alleged victim of police brutality. We informed the police that the force and impact of the man’s ordeal could have likely resulted in serious brain damage or serious concussion, both of which may not present immediately after such a violent incident.

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“The investigation remains ongoing,” the police spokesperson said. “No further update will be provided at this point.”

After the incident was first reported by True Crime News Weekly on the morning of Thursday, September 23 and then followed up by the mainstream media, Victoria’s Police Commissioner, Shane Patton, went on to the police-friendly Melbourne radio station 3AW to bizarrely claim there may have been extenuating circumstances behind the shocking incident of police violence.

“I don’t know what the full circumstances are. There’s always context to everything,” Commissioner Patton told the radio station last week while doing his best to victim-blame.

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  1. This incident was an ulitmatum moment; if people cannot see Australia’s descent into totalitarianism from this incident then they will never see it, under any circumstances.

    A nation of peoples with childish mentalities cannot be expected to respect democratic values anyway.

    Those of us who can see the truth: brace for impact.

  2. disgusting, this has no context that can justify it, a man surrounded by at least 5 police men and 1 police with a clear lack of criteria, wow this is sickening.

  3. This is not only the INTENTIONAL -a prioiri – action of a cruel, callous, power happy authoritarian who REPRESENTS the State and police force each of which are yet again exposed for what they really are.
    The lowlife gets to be suspended. Anyone else would be immediately arrested and charged with attempted murder becsuse anyone knows that such a heinous crime can kill.
    Yes. It’s a fact that someone who is close to death calls out for their mother snd uf they cannot verbalise it they eill be thinking it, crying out the words in their heart and mind with all their being (as a believer in God will call out to him in their final hour). Some people (I can’t speak for all) who survive/are rescusitated remember screaming out for their mother).
    Others have been given a Life sentence far far far less than the brutality here.

    Q. Why only 1 cop stood down? Does this mean that in the future everyone’s coaccused will be exempted too?

    This cop will walk or get a slap on the wrist. His mates will be sighing relief.

    Interestingly, refusals to answer the publics’ questions also reveal the absence of transparency.

    Now what if the situation was reversed? And this man deliberately TARGETED the cop?
    We all know the answer

    I hope this man is OK. For a moment I thought,
    “I hope it’s not MY SON.”

    Now, I’m thinking,
    “Thank God it’s not my son, but this man, this human life, is someone’s son…”

    I still worry about my son. God help them if ever this happens to him.

    I will never again extend what respect I had for the Justice system.

    Shame on you. Shame shame shame.

    • To my way of thinking, this officer’s actions were no different to a coward punch which carries a 10-year gaol sentence in Victoria.

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