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  1. Very sad. A girl at high school who was kind and intelligent really wanted to go to university but because she and her family were Brethren her parents would not let her. She had to stay working on their property. She had been raised not to disagree with them and would have been ostracized if she had made her own decisions. I can’t help wondering what ever became of her.

    I believe this cult also significantly affected the Tasmanian state election one year to stop the Greens getting votes and all with the blessing of at least some of the Liberals at the time.

  2. Gladys Berejiklian is killing one of the last population of koalas in NSW so not surprising NSW Liberals doing deals with Christian cults as well.

  3. These brainwashing bastards have their hands in everything. They won’t be happy until we have a full handmaidens tale situation.

  4. My understanding is that this cult has not joined the National Redress Scheme for victims of institutional sexual abuse and therefore are not eligible for government grants. Has changing its name given it some mechanism of avoiding this?
    I remember my late journalist Dad investigating this mob in in the 1970s in Brisbane when he worked for the old Sunday Truth. They certainly have influence well in excess of their numbers.

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