‘GODFATHER’ OF BORDER SLEAZE! ABF chief Roman Quaedvlieg fired for giving job to mistress

EXCLUSIVE: In an explosive political revelation where salacious and illicit misconduct meets with good old-fashioned corruption, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal that recently fired Australian Border Force chief, Roman Quaedvlieg, was conducting a clandestine sexual affair and giving out subsequent job favours to a young woman, while wild rumours swirled it was his god-daughter.

Ten months of dithering by PM Malcolm Turnbull and his federal government finally came to a close this week with the belated sacking of Australian Border Force (ABF) Commissioner, Roman Quaedvlieg, for misconduct. Mr Quaedvlieg earned about $500,000 from taxpayers while suspended on full pay following a complaint that he had corruptly given a job to his younger mistress-turned-partner.

It was found Mr Quaedvlieg abused his power and also made a “false statement” to now-Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton about his personal relationships, and failed to disclose a significant change in his personal life.

The Attorney-General, Christian Porter, who has had at least one of two investigations reports into the beleaguered Quaedvlieg in his possession for the last six weeks, finally referred him to the Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, with recommendation for dismissal earlier this week.

True Crime News Weekly can now however exclusively reveal another explosive addition to the sorry saga, which, like the Australian Defence Force’s Vice-Admiral Ray Griggs’ sordid activities and disgraced former Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce before him, has torn apart families, demoralised government departments, and left the true nature of events shrouded in secrecy. Demonstrating a government petrified of its own shadow when it comes to investigations into misconduct within its departments, in particular those in uniform.


It was on July 3, 2017, when the public first learned that the inaugural boss of the ABF had been stood down, pending an unspecified investigation, since at least May. On full paid leave, Quaedvlieg was confirmed as under investigation by then Acting Minister for Immigration, Michael Keenan. Keenan’s brief and vague statement merely saying that “the ABF Commissioner is on leave. A matter is under investigation by appropriate authorities”. Keenan added that “there will be no further comment until that process is complete”. The ABC confirmed at the time that the investigation was being conducted by a body external to the ABF.

Sacked former Border Force supremo Roman Quaedvlieg was jobbing around with his god-daughter according to high-level sources (Image: ABC)

Then, on July 6, News Corp outlets were reporting that the matter under investigation was pertaining to Quaedvlieg’s involvement in the placement of his girlfriend in an ABF job at Sydney Airport. The ABF boss was reported to have denied involvement in the recruiting process. But it is unclear when the married ABF Commissioner had commenced his relationship with the woman; when he had separated from his wife, Christine; and how this related to the job placement.

With no government comment either way, rumours became rife, media speculated and the relevant Ministers hid. Quaedvlieg’s woes continued in July 2017, when the Daily Mail revealed that his Twitter account, the official one used by the ABF Commissioner, had ‘liked’ a tweet by a porn account.

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Quaedvlieg was under investigation and on paid leave at the time when, on June 3, 2017, the ABF boss’ Twitter account liked an explicit video, with the caption “I think your cock likes me”, posted by a known porn account ‘Lady Mystique’.

Things spiralled downwards further still when, in January 2018, Quaedvlieg’s son, Che Roman-Dujon Quaedvlieg, was charged with possession of the illegal drug MDMA in the Brisbane Magistrates Court. He was eventually fined $500 after pleading guilty over the offence which took place at concert by the Canadian pop artist, The Weeknd.

Che Roman-Dujon Quaedvlieg (Image: Facebook)

By February 2018, questions were being asked again as to why Roman Quaedvlieg remained on leave, why the investigation, which had concluded in October, was being sat on, and why the ABF boss was stowing away a cool $500,000 and superannuation benefits for doing absolutely nothing.


On February 26, Senate Estimates was told, by Home Affairs Secretary, Michael Pezzullo, that the report of the investigation conducted by the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLI) had been delivered in “the third quarter last year'”.

The ABC reported later the same day that the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet had confirmed its Secretary, Martin Parkinson, had presented the findings of its own investigation into Quaedvlieg to the Attorney-General on February 5.

Thus it became even more perplexing, that two separate investigations had been conducted and concluded, with the public and the Parliament still kept in the dark.

Just as had been the case with the secretive double investigation into the Vice Chief of Defence Force’s conduct; it too involving a sordid marriage breakdown and the suggestion that a position of power had been used to advantage someone with whom the power-holder was conducting a sexual relationship.

Vice-Admiral Ray Griggs with his new wife and promoted Defence Force PR maven, Chloe Wooten, with whom he first carried out a clandestine affair with (Image: Supplied)

The Attorney-General, Christian Porter, confirmed receipt of the report, explaining that he’d been tasked by the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, to make a decision on the matter. Porter said this was “to prevent any apprehension of bias given Mr Quaedvlieg’s
reporting obligations to Minister Dutton”.

At the same time, during Senate Estimates, the Committee was told that the ABF Commissioner’s Twitter account liking a porn tweet, while Mr Quaedvlieg was on paid leave and under investigation, “remained unsolved”, despite a separate investigation by the ACLI.

Understandably the clamour for explanation has grown to a roar, with the media asking questions, social media alight with demands, and the ALP Opposition making noises within Parliament.

True Crime News Weekly believes that the explanation by the Attorney-General for having been handed responsibility for the matter only gave part of the explanation.

Roman Quaedvlieg and Peter Dutton go way back. They both served in the Queensland Police as detectives. Mr Quaedvlieg was there between 1985-2000 while Mr Dutton was stationed in the years between 1990-99. While Dutton entered politics, Quaedvlieg remain a career police officer, ascending to the Chief of ACT Police, a division of the Australian Federal Police, before being appointed, by Dutton, as the inaugural Commissioner of the ABF.

It appears those known connections in combination with some even more explosive information might be the answer to the elongated investigations, both in secret, and the subsequent sitting on the findings of the ACLI report for almost six months, and the PM&C report for at least six weeks.

True Crime News Weekly has been informed, by high-level insiders within Peter Dutton’s Home Affairs Department, which houses the ABF and Immigration, that rumours were swirling that not only was the woman at the centre of this episode Roman Quaedvlieg’s mistress during his marriage, she was, also seemingly, his also his god-daughter.

True Crime News Weekly has sought comment from the ABF about the matters and rumours. The ABF, however, did not respond.

It took Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton 10 months to come out of the shadows and help get rid of Border Force chief, Roman Quaedvlieg, who was a police colleague of Mr Dutton’s for almost a decade during the 1990s in Queensland (Image: SMH)

In an earlier statement this week, Mr Dutton suggested his former police colleague and longtime confidante had committed more than a lone “isolated” mistake.

“Needless to say it is extremely unfortunate that it was necessary to terminate Mr Quaedvlieg’s appointment,” Mr Dutton said in a statement.

“He has provided long and conspicuous public service in the critically important areas of law enforcement and national security.

“However the relevant conduct went beyond an isolated error of judgment and ultimately undermined his capacity to continue in the office of ABF Commissioner.”

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For his part, Mr Quaedvlieg has continued to claim he hasn’t done anything wrong.

“I had been given a short opportunity to resign prior to termination, however I chose not to do that as it is tantamount to a concession of culpability, which I strenuously deny,” he said in a statement to media outlets.

In a message to True Crime News Weekly on November 16, 2018 – six months after our story was published – Mr Quaedvlieg finally put the rumours to bed.

“For the record, the story is untrue,” he said.

“I’ve never had a god-daughter. I don’t know where that came from.”



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  1. Great investigative journalism. At least we get truth rather than obfuscation. His second wife Christine was also as rumour suggests a result of an affair at work….she used to work for a Home Affairs Minister too whilst married to the candle, is my recollection

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