GULAG GLADYS MUST GO OVER COVID CRISIS! And take that d*ckhead Scott Morrison with her…

EDITORIAL: As the Covid crisis ravages a city and Sydney likely to be locked down until at least October, if not much longer, it’s time for NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to admit responsibility for her failures and resign.

True Crime News Weekly was perhaps the first Australian media outlet – mainstream, independent or otherwise – to tell the truth about Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Almost exactly three years ago, in September 2018, upon his elevation to the top job we immediately told the public the objective journalistic truth about the man, and that is: he is a d*ckhead.

Always has been and as this Covid pandemic has proven, always will be.

And now with young people literally dropping dead and over 4,000 people in Sydney infected by the dangerous Delta strain of Covid since an outbreak in the community emerged in mid-June, True Crime News Weekly will again be the first to state the objective truth: NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has completely failed in keeping Sydney safe.

It is time she resigns.

And hopefully take that psychopathic village idiot in Scott Morrison along with her.

Berejiklian’s failure to listen to the expert advice from NSW Health about the dangers of the highly transmissible Delta strain in favour of heeding to a laissez-faire approach dictated by big business moguls like the greedy Gerry Harvey saw a lockdown of Sydney brought in about two weeks too late. The proof is there now for all to see.

Victoria this week recorded zero cases of community transmission after a short, sharp lockdown following the transmission of the virus to that state from NSW in recent weeks. The actions of Victoria’s Premier Dan Andrews and his team provide a stark contrast to the approach taken by Berejiklian and company where Sydney is recording 200+ new infections per day, and a lockdown that will linger long into the warmer months.

If Dan Andrews was ‘Dictator Dan’ last year during the 110 days of Melbourne’s winter lockout, Berejiklian will surely become to be known as ‘Gulag Gladys’ over the next few months as Sydney’s lockdown stretches into Spring.

It’s not like Berejiklian hasn’t been given the benefit of doubt once already for a Covid crisis.

The Ruby Princess “plague ship” debacle that well and truly kicked off Australia’s tragic Covid adventures had the fingerprints of the Liberal Party all over it. At the very least, one would think Berejiklian and her advisers should have learnt the lessons of letting friends in business, media and politics take roughshod over proper public health advice from the experts.

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Then there’s the way Berejiklian and her government have handled the outbreak since it made its way into working class households in the city’s outer suburbs. The typical Liberal way. Class divides and blaming the poors and the ethnics.

Helicopters, thousands of police, and even the Army for the hordes out in Sydney’s west.

‘Suggestions’ and ‘recommendations’ for the wealthy out in the city’s east and near the CBD when the state had an actual chance of stopping the spread of the virus weeks ago.

That’s before we even get to Berejiklian basically blaming people for not getting vaccinated when thanks to Prime Minister Scott Morrison – our old d*ckhead mate – there have never been enough vaccinations for all the people who even want one.

The mishandling of the Covid outbreak in Sydney is the latest of travails for Berejiklian in what has been a tough 12 months.

Her ‘good girl’ reputation was tarnished by a series of revelations regarding the men in her private life.

It was revealed she had a secret boyfriend for many years in the shape of her fellow Liberal MP, Daryl ‘My Tractor’ Maguire. A married man and said to be a corrupt wheeler dealer, always looking out for a quick buck.

Berejiklian’s friends in the media tried to portray her as a lovesick teenage schoolgirl, who was tricked and confused. Yes, tricked and confused during an affair that lasted years and when she was the state’s most powerful woman.

Tapes already played in ICAC over the past year though suggest an all too different tale.

In many of the taped conversations with Maguire, Berejiklian consistently warns her lover to not tell her over the phone of the details from any of his outrageous deals involving questionable people. She sounds more like Tony Soprano warning capos than an innocent girl from a Twilight novel.

Berejiklian has at least moved on from Maguire.

Yes. From a corrupt boyfriend to a boyfriend protecting her from corruption, and onto her lawyer, Arthur Moses, who is now desperately trying to save her reputation at ICAC.

Apart from her seeming desire to mix business with pleasure, Berejiklian has also come unstuck due to her close personal relationships with a number of other men who have in the past few months been outed as alleged sexual predators or even charged by police over child sexual abuse crimes.

We’ve had Kiama MP, Gareth Ward, a close political ally of Berejiklian, under investigation for sexually assaulting teenage boys.

Then there’s the even murkier case of her former long-time media adviser arrested for raping two children under the age of 10, who as the cops were circling, got helped to one last big pay day with a a cushy $200,000 fake job engineered by his friends in the Liberal Party.

All of it is proving to be a very heavy burden on Berejiklian.

But it shouldn’t be one the public of NSW and the residents of Sydney must bear too.

Gulag Gladys must go. The sooner the better. And we urge her to take down that d*ckhead Scott Morrison in a ball of flames with her. It’s the right thing to do. For all our sake.

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  1. Can you look at Gladys trashing the billion dollar child sex royal commission with hiding her good buddies on Bill Heffernan’s list of high profile paedophiles which has 40 police officers on it as 2sm were the only ones to announce Troy Grant shot through. He is a filthy thing. I intend to subscribe but only stumbled across this site and will be in contact as I’m in the process of putting something on Gladys’s page before my battery goes flat.

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