HABIB DEMANDS ANSWERS! Watch NSW Police Minister David Elliott admit Gulag Gladys “f*cked up” by not locking down Bondi in mid-June after confronted over “racist” & “tyrannical” Covid curfew for Western Sydney

EXCLUSIVE: Video has emerged of NSW Police Minister David Elliott admitting the NSW Government “f*cked up” by not locking down Bondi in mid-June before turning away in fear after realising he was being filmed by a man on the street who simply wanted answers about Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s “racist” and “tyrannical” curfew of Western Sydney as the state battles a worsening Covid Crisis. Serkan Ozturk reports.

NSW Police Minister David Elliott has been caught on video admitting the NSW Government “f*cked up” the state’s Covid Crisis before claiming to be intimidated by a man on the street who simply wanted answers over the NSW Government’s “racist” and “tyrannical” handling of a worsening pandemic affecting Sydney and the state.

With 825 new infections recorded for NSW in one day on Saturday, August 21 – Australia’s greatest ever single day total since the pandemic began in earnest 18 months ago – greater restrictions have been placed in many western and south-western Sydney suburbs, including a curfew prohibiting anybody from leaving their homes between 9pm and 5am.

Many people have questioned the efficacy of curfews, particularly as it will largely affect the shift workers, casualised workers and poorer community members Sydney is largely left relying on as most of the city bunkers down.

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Others have meanwhile pointed out the hypocrisy of placing curfews for poorer parts of Sydney even though Covid is spreading in the wealthier eastern suburbs, such as at a gathering at Maroubra where at least 16 people have been infected.

So it’s no surprise that one man took it upon himself to vent those feelings and frustrations when he spotted NSW Police Minister David Elliott on the street in Baulkham Hills in Sydney’s north-west.


As the footage commences, the man claims to have served in Australia’s military just like Elliott has.

“Our tyrannical and treasonous government right now are taking away our freedoms unlawfully,” the man states.

“If you’re a State MP and you don’t know what the federal f*cking legislation states, maybe it might be a good idea that you read it before you enforce it.

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“I’m not f*cking yelling at you and abusing you, I’m expressing myself as I have the right to do so.

“Under the NSW Police Act 1990 Section 7, the NSW Police are required to serve the people and protect the people.

“What they are doing in Western Sydney right now in my opinion is racist. It’s racially motivated and racially targeted.”

The Police Minister then bizarrely claims the restrictions and heavy-handed police and Army presence numbering in the thousands in Western Sydney is somehow similar to what happened last Christmas when a Covid outbreak occurred in some northern Sydney suburbs.

“It’s exactly what they did in the Northern Beaches,” Elliott tells the man.


The man then questions why Bondi wasn’t placed under harsh restrictions when NSW Health was first notified of the community transmission of the highly contagious Delta strain of Covid two months ago, in mid-June.

“If that’s what they did in the Northern Beaches, why didn’t they do that in Bondi when it first broke out?” the man asks.

“You agree that they f*cked up?”

Elliot then finally admits NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was wrong for not locking down the city in mid-June but gets angry when he realises his comments have been captured on video.

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“It should have been done … Are you recording? Well, I’m not going to talk to you,” Elliott says before turning to walk away in apparent fear.

“I’m a little intimidated by you.”

The man then questions the Police Minister on how can we supposedly be all “in this together” if people like NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller and Prime Minister Scott Morrison are receiving huge pay rises in the middle of a pandemic, while many other people in Sydney can’t pay their rent or afford groceries.

“You are walking away because you know I’m f*cking right,” the man tells the Police Minster.

The video ends with Elliott walking into Grove Square shopping centre but not before almost forgetting to scan the QR code at the entrance.

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