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Pierce Field is a former sports administrator and federal Labor staffer that now works as a freelance journalist. Not a fan of the corruption and cronyism that plagues and subsequently holds back Australia's potential.

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  1. ‘He lost the case after their key witness, a Hungarian constitutional law expert, disappeared without a trace, just before departing Budapest for Australia.’

    That is so very strange – creepy, in fact. It would be interesting to know more about it.

    There is an additional point about this case, and the costs order, which shows that Staindl’s ordeal is unnecessary. All this is spite.

    ‘High-profile law firm Arnold Bloch Leibler represented Mr Frydenberg pro bono – it is included on the MP’s register of interest.’


    This pro bono representation is now being charged – as a costs order against Staindl.

    On twitter, Ronni Salt has made some comments about how ‘Frydenberg has received numerous pro bono legal services from his powerful friends at Arnold Bloch Liebler …’ and how they are now in line to bankrupt a pensioner. It is very awful behaviour.

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