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  1. Funny that is exactly how Kevin Rudd and John Howard were described by old school friends and colleagues who described them when they were 18-24 years old. Both shy,friendless,odd yet both insisting they would be PM one day. Peers to both would apparently all politely smile while edging away… so both befriended or hopefully/sadly hung around much older people

    • You already cut funding to fire Service highly skilled people. Then you pay / send for over seas help. Why cant you stop cutting services to the critical area’s that you need. Like medical and emergency services. I suppose you, Morrison, will up the fucking levy on emergency services. You Dick Head Morrison. Fuck off

  2. Not sure if this is true, but I remember hearing that Mike Baird was opposed to stem cell research “on religious grounds”. Another nutter!

  3. I wonder if Bruce Baird is busy grooming more morons to be our future Liberal Party leaders ? Or is he busy just grooming teenage boys ?

    • Quite a few people know the truth about creepy Bruce Baird – he was virtually out of the closet circa 1997/1998 – in his tan suits with matching golden tan – he really was a big swinging dick around the boys change rooms at swimming carnivals on the north shore

  4. Clearly Bruce Baird groomed the young Scott Morrison for huge challenges – and clearly the young ScoMo lapped it all up, like an eager and hungry puppy – stretching him to the limit

  5. No more grooming – sick liberal party shite – isn’t that Jimmy Saville did ? He groomed all of England, Prince Charles and the whole lot. Bruce Baird is a serial paedophile – he was in on that IOC paedophile ring that was running and still operates – it is well known senior IOC members are and were offered children and Bruce Baird was in the middle of this

  6. Funny how true crime weekly is all about gossip, smear and innuendo. I heard so and so was a pedo is getting a bit tiresome

  7. Sco mo is a dick. Look at him forcing people to shake his hand. That wanker is completely out of touch. Let’s boot him out and shove him up corporate Australia’s clacker lol.

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