“I KNEW PM SCOTT MORRISON AT UNI AND HE WAS A DICKHEAD”! Former Liberal Party insider spills beans on “zero talent weirdo”

EXCLUSIVE: With Rupert Murdoch’s corrupt News Corp media organisation commencing a ludicrous wall-to-wall propaganda campaign insisting Australia’s newest unelected Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a ‘good bloke’, True Crime News Weekly can now reveal a more realistic portrait of the nation’s leader.

He is Australia’s 30th and newest prime minister, largely thanks to the machinations of a couple of billionaire media barons who are the real power players in the sleazy slime pit that is Australian politics.

Fearing a conservative wipeout at next year’s federal election and with Malcolm Turnbull increasingly on the nose, it was decided by News Corp don Rupert Murdoch and Seven West media chairman, Kerry Stokes, in the middle of this year that it was time “Malcolm’s got to go”. A political knifing was then set in motion.

The powerful media propagandists were worried for their own personal economic interests, you see. Media monopolies, mining, preventing environmental reforms, ripping off workers and unions. Forget the national interest.

As the ABC and others have reported this month, the only decision the two differed on was who would replace Turnbull.


Murdoch, a far-right apologist and fanner of flames, wanted Liberal strong man and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton in the top job.

Stokes – another far-right apologist if his media company’s constant fascination with mythical ‘African Gangs’ is any guide – meanwhile, wanted the even more pliable Scott Morrison, the nation’s treasurer at the time, in the position.

With the help of former Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop – a close mate of Stokes – Dutton was blindsided at the last moment and the Seven West media boss got his wish.

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So, in the last week of August, Scott Morrison became Australia’s latest unelected national leader.

Now, with Turnbull gone and a new, even-more compliant puppet in the seat, so began the next step of the media barons’ process: the public rehabilitation of Morrison as a ‘good bloke’, a ‘daggy dad’ and a smooth political operator who just loves the footy and is a ‘good Christian’.

It happened almost immediately, as if a sermon had been delivered from the top of a mountain.

It was needed, because as can be evidenced by Morrison’s almost ever-present snarling smirk here is a man who has devoted his life to a single-minded quest for power and control.

Like almost every single politician that has ever existed, he is far removed from the dreams of the ordinary person on the street, and much closer to the sociopaths and psychopaths we’d all like to avoid as we go about our day-to-day business. It’s a key reason for why they feel the need to constantly tell us what decent people they are.

Murdoch’s editorial capos and compromised scribes got doing what they do best; following the ideological orders of their boss. A foreigner, a US citizen, meddling in another country’s political system. Forget Russia and Putin.

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So much for national sovereignty and a country’s independence when a degenerate geriatric from half-the-world away controls not only what we see and read (with 70 per cent of Australia’s media in News Corp’s hands) but, inexplicably, also who should lead the nation.

The rest of the commercial media, including Seven, has dutifully followed the soft talking points about Morrison emanated from News Corp – which according to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is now nothing more than the media and publicity propaganda unit for the Liberal Party.

In a bid to combat the grandiose propaganda the mainstream media is insistent on promoting, True Crime News Weekly can this week offer a more realistic portrayal of the nation’s prime minister.

“Zero charisma, zero social skills, zero anything”: Australia’s 30th prime minister Scott Morrison (Image: Wiki Commons)

It was 1990. Grunge was in. The internet was a collection of hard-to-navigate bulletin boards. Zany, neon-coloured MC Hammer parachute pants were the rage. And Scott Morrison had just begun his long climb up the greasy pole of the Liberal Party.

A student at the University of NSW majoring in Economics and Geography at the time, Morrison had been forced to travel across the the city from his family’s home in Bronte to start putting his dreams of political grandeur into motion.

For it was at another tertiary institution, the University of Sydney, where he would attend meetings of the Liberal Party’s student club. Seemingly on the basis that the party’s club at the University of NSW was “almost non-existent”.

In an effort to get a better picture of the type of person and political animal Morrison was, and is, True Crime News Weekly has this week managed to track down one of the people who knew him best during his formative years – the then-president of the University of Sydney’s Liberal club.



Our source is now a successful businessman residing in New York, USA and does not wish for his identity to be publicly revealed. Liberal Party heavyweights and others will however be able to easily identify our source just by the timeline of events. We have corroborated and confirmed his role within the Liberal Party.  He has decided to speak out now, because as he told True Crime News Weekly, he believes “the Liberal Party system is broken”.

“I was heavily involved with university politics whilst at Sydney University,” the high-flying consultant recalled this week.

“At our club meetings I remember very well this guy who would just hang around and I recall approaching him to find out who he was and who he supported. The University of New South Wales Liberal Club was almost non existent and so that’s how I met Scott Morrison.”

Our source said his first impression of Morrison was of a badly dressed dweeb with little political skill and even less charisma.

“I remember he dressed like an old man – I was 21 and so he would have been about 23 at the time,” he recalled.

“He would come to uni wearing baggy brown corduroy pants and drab office-like shirts.

“He was always very quiet and wouldn’t say a word unless you spoke to him. He was shy and awkward. I thought he was just some lonely kid from UNSW who needed company. He never spoke to any motions, he never got involved with anything – all he did was slink around our meetings.

“Did you see him this month putting the parliament video to that rap song? Now, that was a little window into his silly mind.”

Morrison has since said he likes listening to Tina Arena, and that sleazy 2am urban club tracks celebrating anal sex aren’t on his personal music playlist.

During the couple of years that he knew Morrison through Liberal Party activities, our source claims no-one would have ever picked him out as a future leader.

“The fact he has gone on to become Prime Minister I find bizarre as he has zero charisma, zero social skills, zero anything – nobody would have picked him as a future anything,” the former Liberal club president said.

“Looking back, I saw a number of rising stars from our group – one went on to be a Chief of Staff in Canberra, another went on to be very senior at Qantas – and these two examples were very engaged and erudite at the time.

“But Scott Morrison never gave a speech, he just lurked in the background with this smug sheepish look on his face.”

Asked to explain Morrison’s ultimate success in federal politics, our source suggests it’s all down to a “strange and close” relationship with former Liberal MP Bruce Baird, who was the longtime sitting member for the seat of Cook in Sydney’s south which became the PM’s seat in 2007 after a controversial and tawdry preselection battle within the party to replace the retiring Baird.

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“ScoMo did not stand out in any way – to anyone – but I’ve since read that somehow Morrison showed Bruce Baird some huge talent. Or, so the story goes,” our source said.

Baird is the father of the hugely despised failure of a NSW premier, Mike Baird, and ABC media commentator Julia Baird.

On a side note, our source also attended high school with Baird’s son, Mike, at the elite King’s School in Parramatta – the nation’s oldest private school. According to our source, Mike, who is now a senior banking executive with NAB, was a shockingly poor student who only managed to score about 290 / 500 in his final exams. The corporate meritocracy in action again in this plutocracy, hey?

The manicured lawns of the University of Sydney where future PM Scott Morrison began his climb up the greasy pole of the Liberal Party (Image: Wiki Commons)

“After I left uni, I joined a top global consulting firm and started my career,” our source continued.

“Apparently, Liberal MP Bruce Baird arranged Scott Morrison a highly paid job in tourism with an eye to groom him.

“At uni he was a dull, shy no-hoper. But somehow he got himself a parliamentary job straight out of uni, and from there all these tourism jobs – all via the Liberal Party and paying around $350,000 a year.”

In a profile in The Monthly published in 2012, while Morrison was busy demonising vulnerable asylum seekers and dementedly shouting ‘Stop the Boats’ during his free time in Opposition, it’s confirmed the future PM somehow managed to score a number of well paying positions with Liberal Party aligned groups straight out of university.

“[Graduation] led to jobs in a number of industry groups, including the Property Council of Australia and what was then known as the Tourism Task Force (now the Tourism and Transport Forum). He served as the number two at the TTF before jumping ship to its main rival, Tourism Council Australia,” the magazine profile reads.

Morrison would eventually move to New Zealand to head up that country’s tourism body thanks to his Liberal Party links to conservative politicians there. Sometime around the period of his graduation from university but before moving to NZ, Morrison is believed to have converted to Pentecostalism.

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As far as True Crime News Weekly is aware, Morrison has never spoken publicly about when he converted or the reasons for doing so. As such, we can not be clear on the exact date he converted to Pentecostalism but we have been able to pinpoint a possible time.

In his youth, Morrison had already been brought up in a religious Christian home with his parents being a fixture within the Uniting Church. After his graduation from university in the early 1990s, Morrison had considered studying theology in Canada at Vancouver’s Regent College but changed his mind because of his father’s apparent disapproval. Regent College is described as an “evangelical” religious institution. Of great interest, it was the same college Mike Baird, son of Bruce, attended.

The former Pentecostal preacher, Anthony Venn-Brown – now a world-leading advocate for gay Christians and expert on ‘gay conversion’ therapy – has told True Crime News Weekly that he would lead the procession a couple of times a year at the Shirelive mega-church which Morrison now attends. Venn-Brown resigned from his evangelical ministry posts in 1991, after coming out as gay. While he never personally saw Morrison at the church during his time there, Venn-Brown said he is fascinated by the politician’s religious conversion and his reasons for becoming ‘born-again’.

“I used to preach regularly in his church until about 1991 when it was then known as the Christian Growth Centre,” Venn-Brown said.

“It would be interesting to have more information about the Prime Minister’s spiritual journey because most average Australians would not be committed to a local Pentecostal Church.

“I think it’s an important point considering that within Pentecostal churches themselves you get a variety of approaches to sexuality and gender – with some saying you’ll be going straight to Hell while others have a more liberal belief that people are people and should be loved.”

Morrison’s spiritual mentor was Brian Houston, the pastor of the Shirelive-linked Hillsong Church and a confirmed paedophile enabler and protector. Hillsong is widely regarded as being homophobic and anti-women. In his maiden speech to Federal Parliament in 2008, Morrison paid tribute to Houston.

After taking over the prime ministership last month, Morrison sounded oddly uncomfortable when asked to comment by the media about his views on so-called ‘gay conversion’ therapies practiced by some church and religious groups.

“I’ve never been involved in anything like that, I’ve never supported anything like that, it’s just not an issue for me and I’m not planning to get engaged in the issue,” Morrison said about ‘gay conversion’ on September 3.

A couple days later, Morrison then derided school counsellors as being “gender whisperers” over claims published in News Corp media outlets that teachers were being trained and assisted in being able to identify children who may be transgender.

Morrison’s seeming discomfort about gay and transgender people is in stark contrast however to his self-proclaimed love for the singer, Tina Arena, a notable gay icon for years.

True Crime News Weekly is aware that Pentecostal Christians and other religious groups in Australia have been using the discredited, unethical and highly dangerous programs to supposedly ‘turn’ gay people into heterosexuals for decades.

During last year’s marriage equality debate and the subsequent parliamentary vote, Morrison abstained from voting despite being a vocal opponent against same-sex marriage laws. Before the vote, Morrison had said it was “important that we have given the Australians an opportunity to have their say”. His electorate of Cook, in the Sutherland Shire – God’s Country – overwhelmingly voted in favour of the reforms. By abstaining from the vote, Morrison turned his back on his own godly constituents while at the same time failing to abide by his own bigoted convictions to vote ‘no’ when it came down to the crunch.

“It is OK to say no,” Morrison told the ABC’s 7.30 Report just a few months before the December 2017 parliamentary vote where he was too afraid to publicly record his own bigotry in Hansard and the nation’s history books.

Interestingly, Baird, Morrison’s political mentor, was a public supporter of marriage equality.

In 2000, after returning to Australia, Morrison would become the state director of the NSW Liberal Party. According to media reports, he scored the job thanks to his friendship with Baird. The nation’s prime minister at the time, the “little dessicated coconut”, John Howard, was also said to be a firm supporter of Morrison in the role and believed he did a good job.

A few years later, Morrison was the recipient once again of some friendly backscratching following the 2004 federal election. “In a move that reeked of political cronyism” according to The Monthly, the then-Tourism Minister, and leader of the age of entitlement, Joe Hockey, rewarded Morrison with a plush $350,000-a-year gig as the head of Tourism Australia.

It was during his tenure there an assortment of bogans starting asking “Where the bloody hell are ya?!”.

After he was dumped as head of Tourism Australia apparently because his “ego went too far”, and with a $300,000 payout in his pocket, Morrison slowly but surely turned his eye to getting himself a cushy federal parliamentary seat so that he would no longer have to be a bureaucratic bovver boy at the whims of his political paymasters. The impending retirement of Baird, his mentor, provided the perfect opportunity in 2007. But it didn’t go to plan, well not initially anyway.

He was smashed in the preselection by Michael Towke, an engineer from a Lebanese Christian background who was favoured by the party’s right faction. Morrison only received eight votes. Morrison – just like in the past few weeks – would need some help from the propaganda unit at News Corp.

Just four days after the preselection battle, Towke became the victim of a defamatory smear campaign led by News Corp’s gutter tabloid, The Daily Telegraph. Towke would end up suing News Corp, with an out-of-court settlement believed to be in the six figures being paid out by the media organisation.

However, the damage had been done. The NSW state executive of the Liberal Party – Morrison’s former fiefdom from a few years prior – refused to endorse Towke’s candidacy.

At the time, it was claimed Bruce Baird remained “neutral” in the battle for his former seat. According to media reports however, there were said to be “two senior people within the Liberal Party” who got News Corp foot soldiers onto the campaign to oust Towke.

The former president of the Liberal club at the University of Sydney told True Crime News Weekly that Morrison’s ascension to federal parliament was nothing short of corrupt.

“When he failed to garner any real support for preselection for Bruce Baird’s seat, a horrible and corrupt organised effort was deployed to crash the legitimate candidate and steal that preselection away from him,” our source said.

“He obviously got a huge amount of support from Bruce Baird and others – who rigged his preselection as he couldn’t muster more than a handful of votes without an intervention.”

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Now enjoying his life in the United States, the businessman said that he felt great pain at what had become of the party he once supported.

He has been moved to speak out this week, he said, as he is saddened by the damage being wrought upon the Australian public by the cosy collusion between major political parties and unelected, elitist media proprietors.

“The Liberal Party system is broken,” our source admitted.

“It’s so disconnected from reality that you have this zero talent weirdo rise via stealth. Morrison was never leadership material but via Bruce Baird and interventions by billionaire media barons, there he is.”

True Crime News Weekly has previously reported on the corrupt influence Murdoch and his News Corp behemoth continue to wield across media and politics, after we dissected the media company’s role in the Barnaby Joyce scandal story that was covered up by mainstream journalists for months.

It was left up to True Crime News Weekly – a newly formed publication, then, of few resources and little clout, still – to reveal to the public the truth of the matters surrounding Joyce. All the while, News Corp journalists such as the ‘award-winning’ Sharri Markson were knowingly lying about the serious claims concerning the conduct of Joyce, saying it was all just “vicious innuendo” and “rumours”.

In that vein, we will leave it up to our readers and the public to decide on whether News Corp or True Crime News Weekly has offered a more realistic image of the man who is now the country’s PM.

With that, though, we will leave the final word to our source.

“I don’t question that since our uni days, ScoMo has ‘blossomed’ into the weirdo we see today,” he said.

About Serkan Ozturk 201 Articles
Serkan Ozturk is the publisher of True Crime News Weekly. He is an investigative journalist and editor with a colourful career spanning across print, online, radio and television. He has had his journalism previously featured by Sydney Morning Herald, Crikey, Australian Doctor, Ruptly, Dopamine Magazine, City Hub and the Star Observer. He is a member of the MEAA.


  1. Funny that is exactly how Kevin Rudd and John Howard were described by old school friends and colleagues who described them when they were 18-24 years old. Both shy,friendless,odd yet both insisting they would be PM one day. Peers to both would apparently all politely smile while edging away… so both befriended or hopefully/sadly hung around much older people

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