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Pierce Field is a former sports administrator and federal Labor staffer that now works as a freelance journalist. Not a fan of the corruption and cronyism that plagues and subsequently holds back Australia's potential.


  1. mate this bloke is an A grade arsehole and taking his case is akin to give dracula a reference for a job at the blood bank, as an avid reader of true crime week I`m bitterly disappointed that it would be sucked into this blokes bullshit, he changes sides more often than Rumania in the last war.

  2. Sorry for your early traumatic experiences Pierce. I have read it quickly once, and will have to read it again to try to make more sense of your story but wow it’s a mish mash of words and thoughts. Not very coherent or informative. You might have to work a bit harder on your writing style Pierce if you really want to be a successful freelance journalist, I don’t think this article will do it.

  3. Brian Crooks, changing sides isn’t a bad thing if you are pursuing something that is right and just.
    Loyalty to the point of turning a blind-eye is far more dangerous.

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