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  1. Serkan, it was rumoured that because of blowback from the Navy about being told not to save fellow seafarers in danger & being used for political point scoring, that Morrison had Defence regs altered, to remove officer & sailor legal liability from complicity in deaths, to counter Navy objections, & installed an Army officer as overall commander of OSB for the same reason. There was also considerably increased penalties for Defence personnel leaking any info whatever on social media (guaranteed jail, rather than just admonition as previously).
    The government had often been embarrassed by info coming from sailors that showed the politicians and/or Murdoch media were often lying when describing asylum seekers interactions. There is now a huge silence on social media from sailors, even anonymously, since Abbott was elected.

    Heard anything on this?

  2. You should read John Menadue. He has facts on numbers arriving & proof that the number of boats drastically dropped after Kevin Rudd decided that no one arriving on boats would ever get to Australia. Since that decision, in the last 5or 6 years, only 33 boats have been intercepted. Rudd stopped the boats.
    Most of the people who drowned at sea died because the LNP & I think The Greens, refused to vote for the Gillard governments ‘Malaysia Solution’.

  3. There is a quote, I’m not sure who by, which goes: “governments treat refugees the way they wish they could treat their own people.” Isn’t that the truth now that Dutton and Morrison want the power to spy on Australian citizens.

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