“I WAS A POLITICAL PRISONER”! Man wrongly jailed by Kristina Keneally’s cop son is happy Independent candidate won, now seeking HUGE SUM in compensation

EXCLUSIVE: Luke Brett Moore, a man who was falsely accused by Kristina Keneally’s cop son and spent three weeks in solitary confinement, is still fuming more than a year later. The victim of police corruption believes he had a hand in the former Labor Senator losing out on a lower house seat at the recent federal election, and wants greater compensation for his suffering after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Nour Ahmad reports.

Being well-connected and wealthy was not enough to guarantee Labor candidate Kristina Keneally a key seat when she conceded defeat to Independent candidate Dai Le on Sunday. Keneally lost when her opponent, Ms Le, overturned Labor’s 14 per cent margin in the Sydney seat of Fowler, making it the first time Labor had lost Fowler’s electorate seat since its creation in 1984.

To some, Kristina Keneally’s defeat as a ‘parachute’ candidate and outsider in the multicultural electorate could be seen coming from a mile away. Ms Le, who was a Vietnamese refugee, called the ALP arrogant, stating Ms Keneally was opposite to the values and makeup of the electorate. Tu Le, a local lawyer with Vietnamese heritage who was sidelined in favour of Kristina Keneally expressed a similar sentiment, stating Labor learned the hard way voters want genuine representation. Then, on Sunday, Kristina Keneally herself blamed her defeat on last year’s COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Now, there may be another reason why Kristina Keneally lost her seat.

Luke Moore, founder of legal advocacy organisation isuepolice.com, spent three weeks in solitary confinement when Kristina Keneally’s police officer son, Senior Constable Daniel Keneally, acted corruptly. Mr Keneally, then 23 years old, fabricated evidence and lied that Mr Moore in February 2021 had threatened to kill Commissioner Mick Fuller and Goulburn police officer Detective Ed Taylor during a phone call. True Crime News Weekly exclusively reported on the scandal last year, leaking the audio recording which proved that no death threats were made.

Following our exclusive story and despite all the evidence, Ms Keneally and her family hired one of Australia’s most expensive defamation lawyers to send threats to both the victim and True Crime News Weekly. It was a thoroughly desperate bid to hide the truth of the matters from the public.

After our humble tabloid publication broke the news last year, the incident of police corruption was then mentioned inside the hallowed halls of NSW Parliament where Senior Constable Keneally and NSW Police were widely condemned by parties across the political spectrum.

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Rod Roberts, a member of the One Nation party and a former police officer himself, claimed it was the “best example [he] had ever seen” of “loading and verballing” suspects.

“[Daniel Keneally] has fabricated evidence. As a result of that, an innocent man spent three weeks in custody,” the One Nation Upper House MP said.

Greens MP David Shoebridge meanwhile echoed Mr Robert’s remarks, stating: “It was a serious police verballing by Constable Keneally”.

Mr Shoebridge is now a senator in Federal Parliament following the recent election.

While speaking with True Crime News Weekly recently about his case, Luke Moore explained how he handed out almost 1,000 flyers in the letter box drop and at the electorate, urging Fowler residents not to vote for “mean girl” Kristina Keneally.

The flyers were very eye-catching, referring to Kristina as a bully and warning that “A VOTE for Kristina is a vote for continued corruption, nepotism, and hypocrisy.”

Victim of police and political corruption: Luke Moore handing out flyers at the Liverpool polling centre before the federal election on May 21. Kristina Keneally would lose the formerly safe Labor seat to a local Independent candidate, Dai Le (Image: Supplied)

One of the eye-catching flyers Luke Moore was distributing to locals in Western Sydney (Image: Supplied)

Mr Moore said he believes his actions may have had an impact on the results.

“I very well might have made a small difference, for me it was more the satisfaction of doing it anyway,” he said, “I’m sure it made some people think twice about voting for her for sure.”

Mr Moore also revealed he was happy for Dai Le, who is well-established in her community and a Fairfield Deputy Mayor.

“I met Dai Le’s husband Markus and he was a great fella and I’m sure Dai Le will do really well. She’s really respected in that area,” Mr Moore said.

Luke Moore initially asked for $800,000 in compensation for his time in solitary confinement. Instead he was offered $170,000, which he would only claim if he signed a deed requiring him to remove all his social media posts about Daniel Keneally and never speak about the issue again. He also received an “apology” from the State of New South Wales which does not contain the word sorry and instead states they “regret not having investigated.”

Excerpt from Deed (Image: Supplied)

Apology (Image: Supplied)

Mr Moore has revealed that since he rejected the $170,000 he hasn’t received a new offer and has commenced formal proceedings in the Supreme Court, which will begin in court later this month, on June 24.

“The matter’s not going to settle, I want [seven figures] and they don’t want to pay it” he began. “They had a chance to settle this out of court and they declined so I’m going to put it in the hands of a judge.”

Luke Moore made it clear it was disgusting what he went through.

“I was a political prisoner, it was a politically motivated character assassination,” he said.

Following her embarrassing political defeat, Kristina Keneally was spotted with her son at their exclusive home suburb on a jetty, seemingly moving on with their lives like an innocent man had not suffered extensively due to their dishonesty. On the other hand, Mr Moore is still reliving the pain of what he endured daily. He revealed the seven figure claim is now for his personal injury as he is diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“Because of Daniel, I suffer from post-traumatic stress. The fact that I have to fight for the money I deserve and they defend him only aggravates the situation.”

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Mr Moore has sent True Crime News Weekly a copy of the Statement of Claim. According to the claim, Daniel Keneally told lies about Mr Moore to Constable Grant Wortmyer, alleging the former threatened to follow the constable home and wanted him “off this planet, good as gone, dead.”

“I didn’t even say those words,” Mr Moore said. “If Daniel Keneally tries to get up on stand and say ‘Oh, I had a long day, I was confused and I thought he said those things,’ …. Mate, you can’t hear someone say they’re going to follow someone home and kill them when they clearly didn’t.”

Mr Moore went as far as to say that the Senior Constable’s actions were “evil”, because he knew that fabricating this story could land someone in jail for years.

“If I didn’t have the recording, he would have gone up in the witness box and still said those things and I very well might have gone to jail for 10-15 years.”

The isuepolice.com founder expressed that this type of corruption going unpunished will lead to worse cover-ups down the line.

“If he will do this to me only two years into his career, he will end up covering up for murders, doing dodgy shit with drug dealers, and developers and all sorts of brothel owners. Dodgiest motherf*cker in the police force that Daniel Keneally,” Mr Moore said.

Mr Moore disclosed that others were involved in the cover-up, and could be argued to be worse than Daniel Keneally. Mr Moore nominated one officer in particular – Detective Malcom Felgate, a man with more than 20 years experience in law enforcement.

“I confirmed with him on the phone that he listened to [leaked audio recording] by the 1st of March last year, and he still let me rot in solitary confinement for another two and a half weeks,” he said.

The Keneally family have suffered no real consequences, and it has now been 15 months with Mr Moore waiting for action but nothing has happened.

“Two police commissioners have personal knowledge of what’s occurred and by allowing him to continue they’re saying they still have faith in him to be a fine, upstanding police officer.”

This is not the first time the NSW Police Force have stumbled. The police’s Fixated Persons Investigation Unit, who arrested Mr Moore after raiding his Nowra home, were found to be following the incorrect procedure when they wrongly arrested a producer of the Friendlyjordies Youtube comedy channel for “stalking.”

Mr Moore said a gaslighting aspect is common with the police, and that their refusal to acknowledge his pain and offer him proper compensation makes him feel gaslighted.

“Even for them to suggest that Daniel made a mistake, it makes you start wondering about yourself,” he said, “Not to mention, I spent three weeks in solitary confinement … so you start doubting yourself”

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As the phone call went on, Mr Moore became increasingly heated, and said people like the Keneally family were turning people into extremists by stitching them up.

“If I wasn’t a better person and I wasn’t educated, I might be f*cking mindful to commit acts of violence against these pr*cks,” he seethed.

Kristina Keneally identifies as a devout Catholic, and in the past, reached out to religious communities, with a faith and climate summit. True Crime News Weekly has previously asked her if God would support the Keneally family’s actions, but did not receive a response.

Mr Moore questioned how the Keneally family preach they are good people when their actions say otherwise.

“His mum’s out there saying what a great family they are, Catholic Education and all this with fine upstanding morals,” he said.

“He’s a serious criminal, and if it wasn’t for her, I dare say he would already be in jail by now.”

When asked if he had any final words for Daniel Keneally or the Keneally family, Mr Moore paused for a moment. When he spoke, his voice seemed to carry a further spark of determination.

“I’m not going to stop until Daniel Keneally is in jail trading packets of noodles and cans of tuna just to use the phone to call his mum,” he said.

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