“I’M SURPRISED THEY DON’T HAVE A CLASS CALLED PAEDOPHILIA”! Drunk man abuses Melbourne schoolgirls for not doing enough to prevent child abuse

EXCLUSIVE: A group of schoolgirls have been accosted by an alcohol-affected man in a bizarre incident in Melbourne this week during which he blamed the young female students for not doing enough to stop paedophile priests.

The footage was taken in the suburb of Northcote on the afternoon of Thursday, February 8 and was sent to True Crime News Weekly from one of our young readers.

The video portrays a middle-aged-man, beer bottle in hand, abusing a group of young female school students from an inner Melbourne school as they stand near a bus stop.


Purporting to be a ‘concerned citizen’ the man continually harasses a group of teenage girls from Santa Maria Girls College, for their apparent failure to confront ‘pedophile priests’.

“I’m surprised they don’t have a class called ‘Paedophilia  – how to molest children,” the man slurs.

“They’re pretty good at that.”

Seemingly unaware of the ironic nature of abusing children whilst claiming to have the inside track on child abuse, the man terrifies the young women with impunity, despite the efforts of a passerby – a woman with a baby buggy – who attempts to confront him, before eventually walking off.

“Why don’t you leave me alone,” the man snaps back at the woman when she questions his abuse of the young children.

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The man then asks the girls aggressively: “Ask the school why there are so many paedophiles in the Catholic Church,” before declaring them ‘cowards’ and somewhat drunkenly stumbling away from the scene.

To their eternal credit, the clearly petrified young students refuse to respond, providing an eloquent illustration of maturity and constraint.


"I'M SURPRISED THEY DON'T HAVE A CLASS CALLED PAEDOPHILIA"! Drunk man abuses Melbourne schoolgirls for not doing enough to prevent child abuse

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