Inmates kill serial paedophile in prison yard

In what could be a scene from a jail movie, a serial convicted paedophile has been killed in the yard of an American prison, apparently by other inmates.

No one has yet been implicated or arrested over the death of Eugene Robert Anderson, who was allegedly set upon by at least one inmate, if not more, in the early evening of Sunday, January 22 at West Virginia’s Mount Olive Correctional Complex.

According to a news release from the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, the 66-year-old convicted paedophile was killed around 6pm in an outdoor recreation area.

Authorities also recovered a makeshift weapon left at the scene. The prison was placed in lockdown after his body was discovered.

Mr Anderson – a former professor at the liberal arts private college, Marietta College – was not scheduled to be considered for release until the year 2148.

Photo: Eugene Robert Anderson in court (Gazette-Mail)

He was serving time at the maximum security Mount Olive complex over sentences imposed in Kanawha and Wood counties for various sexual offenses involving children.

Mr Anderson was originally serving a more-than-80-year sentence imposed in 2003 over 17 counts of possession of child pornography and six counts of persuading minors to film sexually explicit conduct.

A judge in Washington County, Ohio had also sentenced Mr Anderson to more than 70 years imprisonment for other child pornography charges.

In 2015, Mr Anderson once again came in front of the courts, after admitting to a state trooper at Mount Olive that he was also responsible for sexual abusing a 13-year-old boy and a 14-year-old boy in the 1990s.

At the time, Mr Anderson said even though he expected to live out the remainder of his life in prison already, he wished to be punished for his earlier crimes as penance.

“Out of all the things I’ve been convicted of, none of it concerned those two,” he told a Kanawha court in 2015. “There has been no justice for them.”

According to testimony by his lawyers at the trial, Mr Anderson had waited until his ex-wife had passed away before admitting to his earlier crimes so as not to heap further pain on her.


Inmates kill serial paedophile in prison yard

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  1. I knew E.R. Anderson, as I had him as a professor for many classes while in college where he taught. I always found him annoying, arrogant, but a REALLY good teacher of information. It doesn’t surprise me that he was a pedophile. I did hear from someone who claimed to have spent some time in prison with him that he only survived for 15 years because he had a pension from the college and paid protection money. When the pension was finally cancelled, he was out of money and out of luck. The lifer who was convicted claimed the reason was a beef over a trivia contest, but it wasn’t really that.

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