“INSENSITIVE AND MALICIOUS”! Gina Rinehart responds but doesn’t deny truth of suicide of former bodyguard & Paladin director Jeremiah John Rouwhorst

EXCLUSIVE: Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart, and her favourite daughter, Ginia, have responded to serious revelations unveiled by True Crime News Weekly about the suicide death of their former family bodyguard and Paladin director, Jeremiah John Rouwhorst, by slamming our investigation as “insensitive and malicious”. But tellingly, they have not claimed it was false or untrue in any way.

Earlier this week, this publication released shocking details about the possible cause of suicide of mysterious Paladin director and former SAS soldier, Jeremiah John Rouwhorst, while in the employ of billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart and her family.

Mr Rouwhorst had been found dead in a room in the exclusive Dorchester Hotel in March 2014, just a couple of days after receiving a major bravery award for his heroic actions while in East Timor. He had been employed by the Rinehart family for at least about a year. A coroner’s verdict returned a finding of an open verdict, with the inquest unable to determine whether Rouwhorst had intended to take his own life.

Our investigation had revealed Rouwhorst had been a director of the Paladin Group along with his former friend, Craig Thrupp, from mid-2009 until August 2015. That’s right. He remained a director of the scandal-prone shell company for more than a year after his mysterious death.

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However, a friend of Rouwhorst’s who contacted True Crime News Weekly has alleged the former soldier killed himself after receiving a torrent of “horrendous text messages” sent to him by Ms Rinehart’s favourite daughter, Ginia, in the hours leading up to his death.

It has further been alleged Ginia had been involved in a sexual relationship with her bodyguard, who had been ordered to return back to Australia just before his tragic and untimely death.

It is unclear if the text messages were deleted from Rouwhorst’s phone soon after his body was discovered by Ginia, who was the first person upon the scene. The coronial inquest only made mention of a text message Rouwhorst had sent to Ginia a few hours before his death stating that he would be resigning from his position.

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In 2016, Ginia would end up marrying another member of her bodyguard team – former SAS soldier Simon Robinson.

In response to the starling allegations, True Crime News Weekly had contacted both Gina and Ginia Rinehart for a response. And we received one a few hours after our story was published earlier this week.

Writing by email, Hancock Prospecting company secretary Jabez Huang, began with an apologetic tone, before smearing our reporting but not providing an actual response to our questions. We had asked whether Ginia had been in a sexual relationship with Rouwhorst and whether it was true that a number of “horrendous text messages” had been sent.

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“We are sorry to hear of your article. Jerry was an exceptional Australian and highly regarded by the Rinehart family and many others,” Mr Huang wrote on behalf of the Rineharts.

“While no one at Hancock or in the Rinehart family had any connection or knowledge of Paladin, Jerry is genuinely missed and articles as insensitive and malicious as this do nothing for the suffering of those who cared for him.”

More tellingly perhaps is the fact that nowhere in their comment do the Rineharts allege that our reporting is untrue or false.

True Crime News Weekly had also challenged the Rinehart family to sue this publication for defamation, or issues threats thereof, if they believed our reporting was widely off the mark.

Perhaps it may be time now that a coronial inquest is reopened into the strange death of Rouwhorst. But we won’t hold our breath. Billionaires have a habit of playing by different rules to the rest of us. And society lets them get away with it. Time and time. Again.




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