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Pierce Field is a former sports administrator and federal Labor staffer that now works as a freelance journalist. Not a fan of the corruption and cronyism that plagues and subsequently holds back Australia's potential.


  1. Well these liberals should be jailed really for using big amounts of the peoples money to
    Pay their way out of Offences they have done.At least make them pay back the money
    USED ..

  2. Why are the Public not made more aware of the Government wasting our Taxpayers money on their own perverted sexual attacks on women? – especially in the Workplace…???

  3. Is the ABC and the rest of Aussie MSM running a protection racket for Frydenberg? What’s the go?

    Are they keeping this story hush until the election blows over? The fact that True Crimes Weekly hasn’t been sued for this story, or all the thousands upon thousands of people sharing this story over the internet is PROOF that this story is true, and also that Aussie media is corrupt to the teeth, and the ABC has become the marketing arm of the corrupt LNP.

    No wonder the LNP desperately wanted to dox and lock up so called “Twitter Trolls” in the “coward’s palace”, now we know why!!!

    Absolutely disgracefully what this country has become.

    “How are you going to pay for it?” this mantra doesn’t apply to Josh Frydenberg using tax payer money to pay out a victim of his sexual abuse. This $500k pay out is money OF THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE, we shouldn’t be paying for Josh Frydenberg’s sexual assault settlement, Josh Frydenberg should be paying the bill for his disgraceful behaviour.

    Sickened to the pit of my gut with this corrupt country.

  4. OMG I can’t believe me, Innocent until proven guilty, BUT citizens should be told what the 500,000K of taxpayer money was for, Unless Scomo and his govt have got something to hide. Goodbye and good riddance, may the new govt do better !

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