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  1. Unfortunately the behaviour demonstrated here by that concha Kennealy would be the go to response for many parents here in Australia.

    Australia is morally bankrupt and to expect a reversal of this any time soon is utter naivete, again unfortunately.

    Keep doing what you are doing but accept that you are preaching to the choir here; this information will never be accepted by a populace stuck in the throes of willful naivete.

  2. I’ve now mentioned this Daniel Keneally story to a few friends, including journalists now out of the business, and to a man and woman, they are surprised this story hasn’t been picked up by the mainstream media. Have the MSM really sunk that low? Become that incurious? Lazy? That frightened of law suits? Apparently because what else could explain it? As for Albanese, I’ll be emailing him as well given his lack of response to you. Plain rude. Hope every TCNW reader, if agitated by these Keneally stories, should do the same. (What’s the point of voting for Labor if the Labor leader condones this kind of behaviour? And is arrogant about it as well.)

    • I would say that many people would have to have no other reason to vote for Labor than they are not Liberals, and no amount of exposed corruption would change that, ever, under any circumstances.

      Australia is a sub 90 IQ culture and there is no denying that.

      The only thing lower than the intellectual standards of Australia would be it’s moral standards.

      It sounds to me that you are very naive, and willfully so.

    • Can Const Kenneally’s SWORN statement be published in full? We’ve seen an excerpt from something, but AFAIK police statements are usually witnessed rather than sworn.

  3. Maybe the ACTU should be asked why they support Kennealy and her sons curruption over Morrison lies and curruption as for the Deputy Premier resigned you don’t really have to ask why he did that, do you? ALP should have been open about this police curruption so close to home !!!

  4. Kennealy and his ilk should be booted out of the police force, charged and jailed. Rotten cops who have lied against and convicted innocent people should be exposed.
    Kennealy is guilty of lying oath. That carries a heavy weight. To excuse him is to mock the entire justice system and proves tge law us a sham.

    • They should be, but manufactured drama on these horseshit FTA reality TV shows will hold the attention spans of the average Australian “citizen” more than actual corruption.

      Naivete seems to be commonality amongst the Left Wing crowd; they naturally trend toward prioritizing so called thought crime over real crime, anyway.

      • Christopher,
        I agree with you 100%+.
        We have to keep resisting. Keep pushing beyond the bullshit at every point.
        It can be disheartening (to say the least) to see so many people sucked in.

      • I could not agree more. ‘Reality’ shows are an insult designed to detract from reason. All eyes on the prize while Rome burns.

        “Didn’t you hear the car being stolen?”
        “Where were the keys?”
        “On the kitchen table.”
        “And you didn’t hear a thing? Didn’t hear anyone – somone – enter your house?”
        “What were you doing?”
        “Watching our favourite reality show.”
        “Mate, THIS is reality.”

  5. Private prosecution…. (it’s a criminal prosecution)… I’ll tell you now, he will go guilty at the first mention… NSWPF will be forced to terminate him!

    • Thanx for this Serken. So many people from high profile families or highly regarded senior professional positions have never been challenged or have walked. I would be surprised if this turns out to be different

  6. There was a time when, if a person had a relative who had a criminal record (or was corrupt) the person was not allowed to even run for a seat. They were not allowed to enter politics. They were ineligible.
    Is this not still the case? If not, why not?
    Laws donot simply fade away.

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