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Miles Hunt is a practising lawyer, writer and novelist as well as the founder of leading drugs reform NGO, Unharm.


  1. What has our country descended to, when many just seem to accept that so many of our politicians are liars and degenerates. We also need an independent body to investigate ICAC and the Parliamentary Inspector.

  2. Australia within its midst has the liar from the shire here within, otherwise known as Scomo.
    But that ain’t all, one must inquire as to the why of Scomo with his selling out the nation of Australia to the evil gorgons over in the US of A.
    (The word choice of ‘gorgon’ can have its meaning expanded to incorporate the conglomeration of huge scale incorrigible tax cheats, tax dodgers, or even tagged as dodgy recalcitrant shysters failing to remit their obliged payment for their resource extractive plunders of their due taxation revenue into our national economy..
    The USA has two governments, one is the deep swamp government that consists of those “enemy of the people” corporations, which happens to include the Arms & Weapons manufacturing corporations headquartered in the good old US of A.
    There are some 45 plus of these corporate merchants of death, then there a number of these same have set up their Australian lesser-scaled gorgon manufacturing and or production plants that are selling their offensive weapons of war from within Australia..

    This evil conglomeration of corporations have set themselves with the objective to become the primary source of supply & sale of even more offensive war goods in the Asia/Pacific region, better known as Oceana.
    The Australian people’s have had this evil cabal of death dealing gorgons thrust upon us by non-other than the our nation’s Liberal National coalition party, notwithstanding that they themselves have since become the enemy of Australia’s people.

    (Copy forwarded to MichaelWestBiz independent media)

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