MAKE TEENS RESPONSIBLE FOR CRIME, BUT NOT KIDS! Lawyers & doctors want age of criminal responsibility lifted to 14 to stop children as young as 10 ending up in jail

Current laws around Australia allowing authorities to jail children as young as 10 are a “nat
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  1. What a terrible indictment on Australia that we jail such young children when we claim as a country to be a modern liberal democracy with fair treatment for all. There have been numerous inquiries into institutionalized abuse of children in care homes, but as a country we seem happy to keep imprisoning them. Thank you for this important article on a subject the media rarely reports on.

  2. So we have children as young as 10 going to jail, and now Benito Dutton wants laws allowing the questioning of 14 year olds on their own by ASIO officers. That is a breach of their human rights, the Rights of the Child.

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