MARRIAGE FROM HELL! ‘Monster’ husband & wife sentenced to life for decade of child rapes

A depraved husband and wife paedophile couple have been sentenced to life in prison in the United States for their vile attacks on numerous children that spanned almost a decade.

Michael and Jeanne Mosher, from Wilton in New York state, were found guilty this month of raping and abusing at least five children since 2009.

The sick two-some had pleaded guilty to more than 50 charges, including rape, predatory sexual assault of children, promoting and possessing sexual performance of children, and use of sexual performance by a child.

Evidence tendered in Saratoga County Court showed the couple would share text messages discussing which child they would rape on which day and how they would do it. Ms Mosher would also provide the morning-after-pill to their victims following the acts of rape.

The couple drugged the children with over-the-counter medications such as Benadryl and Nyquil before recording their rapes and sexual abuse of the children, some as young as only three-years-old. All the children are known to the Moshers.

The couple were only charged last April after two teenagers  walked into the local police station in Wilton to share their tale of horror.

The two young victims managed to report the couple’s years of abuse despite threats towards them from the Moshers that they and the other abused children would be killed if they ever informed law enforcement or anybody else about their evil ways.

Law enforcement and child protection authorities in the state of New York have labelled the years of abuse committed by the Moshers as one of the most heinous acts of long-term, prolonged child abuse that they have come across.

In court during sentencing, Judge Jim Murphy suggested the couple were way beyond rehabiliation and life imprisonment was his only option as they had not even showed an inkling of remorse, only regret for being caught.

“They know exactly what they did. And it’s pathetic. It’s criminal. It’s reprehensible. And there are really words that have not been defined yet to describe the horrific behavior that they themselves engaged in, that they participated in and they forced upon you,” Judge Murphy said.

“If that’s not co-conspiratorial, premeditated and evil, I don’t know what is.”

Michael and Jeanne Mosher consistently raped children for almost a decade (Supplied)

Two of the Moshers victims also took the stand during the sentencing to look the heinous couple in the eye and denounce their actions.

“I was three years old. Do you think a three year old’s responsible for saying, ‘No’,” one victim told the court as her abusers looked towards the ground.

“And don’t try to pull the ‘I’m sorry’ card, because you’re not sorry you did it. You’re sorry you got caught and they have enough evidence to put you behind bars.”

Another victim told the courtroom she was strongly considering becoming a public speaker to let the whole world know what the Moshers had done so other children would not have to suffer like she did.

“People need to know what about you’ve done,” she said. “I can’t imagine the amount of kids in the situation you left me in at this moment, waiting for somebody to save them. Those kids need to know that you need to stand up for yourself. Those kids need to speak up until someone listens because the only one that can save them is themselves.”

Facing her abusers directly, she then said: “You were an idiot to think you could get away with this.”

Both the Moshers refused a chance to apologise in court despite Ms Mosher, who was shaking incessantly throughout proceedings, bringing in a hand-written letter of apology into the courtroom.

Michael and Jeanne Mosher, both of whom are 38-years-old, will be eligible for parole in 2057.



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