MUNTED & BUSTED! Coroner resigns for second life as MDMA & weed provider

A deputy coroner in the United States has been forced to resign from his position after being caught out doubling as a local ‘Eccy’ dealer and purveyor of hash oil and cannabis.

Lancashire County deputy  coroner Adis Glen Crawford III faces a string of charges stemming from a police stop on February 16 near a convenience store in South Carolina’s capital, Columbia, after reports were received of a complaint involving the coroner.

SPACED OUT & BLAZED: Former deputy coroner Adis Glen Crawford III

According to court documents, when police approached Mr Crawford’s vehicle they could smell marijuana and upon attempting a search the drug-dealing coroner attempted to run away.

Plastic bags are said to have fallen from Mr Crawford’s pocket while he was being detained by officers from the Columbia police department.

It has been alleged that the moonlighting coroner had close to 50 pills in the form of a cartoon character, as well as 10 grams of hash oil in canisters and some cannabis.

A handgun was also allegedly located inside the car Mr Crawford had been in. A search of the police database indicated the gun was not stolen.

The 42-year-old Crawford has been charged with possession with intent to distribute MDMA, also known as “ecstasy,” or “Molly.” He was also charged with resisting arrest as well as possession with intent to distribute hash oil, and simple possession of marijuana.

A few days following his arrest, it was reported by local media that Mr Crawford had stepped down from his position as deputy coroner.

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