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Irfan Yusuf grew up in Sydney and has worked as a lawyer in NSW, QLD, Victoria, Tasmania and WA. He is an award-winning author and has written for the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times, NZ Herald, Crikey and ABC The Drum.

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  1. A great and insightful representation of the author’s and her motheris experience in the midst of adversity, as well as the lawyer’s intimate understanding of an otherwise hellishly long-ignored, complex issue
    As with all violence, domestic violence comes in many forms, wearing many hats: a cruel word, an equally sickening look, an action/deed, no matter how small, all of which reveal the true nature of the person. A charmer is nothing more than a worm living off its wit at great cost to others whom he devalues. The reality is that while perpetrators of domestic violence are easily recognised and are highly transparent many operate behind closed doors.
    Their turn will come.
    This will be a hard book to read, but necessary if not vital.

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