NEVER F*CKEN HAPPENED! Paramedics union “deeply regrets” disgraceful lies that led to Andrew Bolt getting involved over Western Sydney man’s death while family apparently attacked ambos

The Australian Paramedics Association (APA) has now apologised and “deeply regrets” lies and barely concealed racist views it sent out in a media release a few days ago about a dying man’s family and friends being responsible for his death in Western Sydney, claims which were subsequently widely reprinted across media and even used by racist News Corp columnist Andrew Bolt as a stick to beat “ethnic” communities with.

It was a news story that quickly went viral over the weekend in Sydney and across Australia.

A mob of dozens of “angry males” from Western Sydney (guess what that’s code for) attacking paramedics, including a female officer, as they worked on trying to save the life of a 25-year-old man who was supposedly close to death thanks to a drug overdose.

Paramedics were said to have locked themselves in a Riverwood unit for fear of further attack, as angry, “irate” men pounded the door threatening them. Apparently wanting the paramedics’ medical equipment for their own use so they, and not the ambulance workers, could save the life of Hamze Ibrahim.  Up to 80 police were supposedly forced to have attended the scene.

Headlines abounded as the story went spread across social media and traditional media networks.

Man dead after mob of ‘angry males’ swarms paramedics,” the Sydney Morning Herald headline screamed.

“Sydney man dead after ‘angry mob’ attacks ambos,” an SBS headline read.

“Riverwood death: Man dead after ‘angry males’  mob paramedics,” News Corp dutifully reported.

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SMH Headline about supposed ambo attack

The head of the APA, union secretary Steve Pearce, then fronted the television cameras to admonish the dead man’s family for stopping ambulance workers from transporting Mr Ibrahim to hospital.

“Very, very concerned about events that happened yesterday … where paramedics have had to simultaneously try to manage treating patients as well as heir own safety,” Pearce said.

“Paramedics formed a view that they were under threat. A mob formed at the premises that grew in numbers. They called police. They ended up having to barricade themselves in a room to proceed to carry out their life saving procedures.

“It was just to dangerous to escape and they needed police assistance to escape.”

The media reports were all too obviously and predictably picked up frothing racist News Corp identity, Andrew Bolt.

The white culture warrior and Murdoch lackey gloatingly told the braindead followers of his blog:

Such mob attacks suggest an ethnic or cultural factor. But, again, we’re not given the evidence to know or to understand why such a startling thing happened.”

After the reports spread, a lawyer representing the family, Raed Rahal, contacted media outlets to say the comments made by the paramedics union about their relative’s death were “self-serving, reckless and unfounded”.

The family have claimed Mr Ibrahim was not a known drug user but that he suffered from sleep apnoea.

Mr Rahal also had denied that family members had charged at a female paramedic, injuring her shoulder, or starting a dangerous riot.

Andrew Bolt uses incident to make ethnic comment
News Corp racist Andrew Bolt trying his best to tie Muslims to riots that never happened

“[Mr Ibrahim] had booked to travel overseas with his family for the purposes of undertaking the gastric sleeve operation. Sadly, this travel was to occur today,” Mr Rahal said in a statement to Fairfax Media earlier this week.

“The pain family and friends are suffering at this time has been unjustifiably and unnecessarily amplified by the self-serving, reckless and unfounded comments made by [the APA].

“The inaccurate comments made on behalf of the association, which in essence, blames the family for the death of Mr Ibrahim, are totally devoid of compassion and empathy.”

Steve Pearce APA.jpg
APA NSW union secretary Steve Pearce (Image: APA / Facebook)

And today it turns out the APA also agrees, with the organisation forced into a grovelling apology and a humiliating admission that the incident never happened.

In a just-issued media release, the APA has said it has identified “factual inaccuracies in our media release” [on September 2] after having “conducted further investigations”.

“APA (NSW) acknowledges that any statement in the previous media release to the effect that Mr Ibrahim’s family members either contributed or were in any way responsible for his death is wholly incorrect and should not have been published,” the media release states.

“Likewise, APA (NSW) further acknowledges that at no time did Mr Ibrahim’s family members obstruct or threaten paramedics whilst they were administering medical assistance to Mr Ibrahim.”

APA Statement
“Wholly incorrect”: The grovelling apology issued by the Australian Paramedics Association after spreading disgusting lies about a dead man’s family (Image: Supplied)

Attacks on paramedics, ambulance workers and other emergency workers has become a topic of debate in the media, and perhaps the APA for some reason was slyly attempting to leverage those concerns into some political campaign on behalf of its members.

Well, True Crime News Weekly knows for a fact that this is what the APA were doing by  concocting events about the unfortunate death of Mr Ibrahim and the situation his grieving family found themselves.

The APA said so in their very own original media release and made sure the media knew about it.

“In February, this year, paramedics took part in a discussion on occupational violence with NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard at which measure to keep paramedics safe were discussed,” the Sydney Morning Herald added at bottom of its news report on September 2 about the apparent riot that never happened.

“However, the APA said the state government and NSW Ambulance ‘have failed to implement strategies to keep paramedics safe’.”

It’s unfortunate those aims – honourable that they are – have come at the cost of a dead man and his grieving family who did absolutely nothing wrong.

While also acting as a dog whistle to scumbag racists to further unload their hate on Muslims.

Steve Pearce – or whoever – came up with this malarkey should hang their heads in shame.



NEVER F*CKEN HAPPENED! Paramedics union "deeply regrets" disgraceful lies that led to Andrew Bolt getting involved over Western Sydney man's death while family apparently attacked ambos



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