“I DON’T NEED YOUR PERMISSION!”: How a tipple with Sharaz at Canberra bar gave Sam a maiden News Corp exclusive on Bruce Lehrmann’s alleged Parliament House rape against survivor Brittany Higgins’s wishes not to publish

EXCLUSIVE: News Corp has been running a rabid campaign against alleged rape survivor, Brittany Higgins, for apparently going to the media before the police while neglecting to inform the public about the fact that it was News Corp journalist, Sam Maiden, who first published an ‘exclusive’ story about the alleged Parliament House rape by Bruce Lehrmann, against Ms Higgins’s own wishes. Serkan Ozturk reports.


TRUE OPINION: Are Semiconductor Chips the New Oil?

TRUE OPINION: The worth of semiconductor chips in the world economic supply chain was perhaps truly felt by the average person for the first time in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic that spread across the world from late 2019. Jemma Nott takes a look at the commodity becoming scarcer and more valuable.



EXCLUSIVE: A journalist whose campaign against long-running police and political corruption in NSW’s Southern Highlands eventually led to a government inquiry into the actions of the local council has been shockingly arrested by the Terror Squad in yet another attack by authorities on democracy and free speech in Australia. The journalist is now even banned from using social media. Serkan Ozturk reports.


FAVOURS FOR FINCH AND THE BURDEN OF THE ELITE! NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman won’t review WEAK SENTENCE given to former footy star Brett Finch after OUTRAGE over court’s acceptance of LUDICROUS excuse for wanting to rape children

EXCLUSIVE: NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman refuses to say whether he will review the sentence as well as the court’s bizarre decision making in the recent child sex abuse case involving former NRL star Brett Finch. The weak sentence comes on the back of a similar sweetheart deal the courts struck for Brad Burden – a child rapist friend and media adviser to allegedly corrupt former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian – just a few months ago. Serkan Ozturk reports.


“WHAT ARE THEY HIDING”? Coroner still won’t hand over documents to family almost 50 YEARS AFTER murder of Elaine Beverley King

EXCLUSIVE: It was the crime that should have shocked a nation. Instead, the tragic and brutal 1974 murder of Elaine Beverley King in a Sydney city hotel room was largely ignored by the local media and police force alike – a fact Elaine’s surviving family attributes to society’s stigma against sex workers. Now almost 50 years on from the crime, her family are still fighting for the justice and closure they’ve been long denied. Joanna Psaros reports.



CRIME CULTURE: They haven’t played a gig in almost 20 years but that all changed last weekend when satirical alt-rockers TISM made a triumphant return to the stage. Longtime fan Kieran Butler was there for all the glorious chaos.


BREAKING BAD GYM TEACHER MAKES FINAL APPEAL! School teacher turned cocaine kingpin, Kevin Michael Geraghty, says prosecution FAILED to prove his “tendencies” to be a DRUGS BOSS

EXCLUSIVE: Dubbed Australia’s real-life answer to Walter White from Breaking Bad, gym teacher turned drugs kingpin – Kevin Michael Geraghty – made one final appeal for freedom last week at a hearing in the NSW Supreme Court. Former student and True Crime News Weekly publisher, Serkan Ozturk, was in the courtroom for all the action.


THE DEATH OF THE KILLER! Jerry Lee Lewis and other famous men who GET AWAY with rape and murder

Upon his recent death, rock and roll musician Jerry Lee Lewis was widely lauded by many as a pioneer and icon even when those same obituaries sneered at his paedophiliac marriage to a teen girl. Yet, marrying his 13-year-old cousin wasn’t even his greatest sin. He was also a murderer of women. Gary Johnston with this account of the man known as ‘The Killer’ who likely killed one, if not two, of his seven wives.


HONOUR KILLING COVER UP? Everything we (don’t) know about the Saudi sisters “suicide” mystery

EXCLUSIVE: It is the case that continues to baffle Australia. Two sisters, seemingly uninjured, found dead in separate bedrooms of their Western Sydney apartment weeks after their estimated time of death. Now, four months into an investigation characterised by secrecy and silence we’re left with more questions than answers. But are NSW Police really as clueless as they appear? And is there more to this supposed “suicide” than meets the eye? Joanna Psaros reports.


BOYS CLUB CODE OF SILENCE! Self-styled feminist icon Peter Dutton stays QUIET on Queensland Police sexual harassment as inquiry finds abuse was WIDESPREAD when he was a cop

EXCLUSIVE: He’s claimed to be more caring and in touch with his feelings but Peter Dutton has refused to comment on Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll’s evidence of widespread sexual harassment and abuse of female officers throughout the 1990s, at the very same time the Liberal Party leader was a serving police officer. Joanna Psaros reports.


LIFE IN THE FAST LANE! Qld woman Crystell Jade Lane found guilty of DANGEROUS drink driving during Wollonging wedding REVEALED as Federal Treasurer’s long time staffer

EXCLUSIVE: A woman who was double the drink-drive limit when she crashed her car on the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge in an incident which a judge claimed was a miracle nobody died is actually a staffer for Treasurer Jim Chalmers, it can be revealed. The failure by the press to link the pair is yet another example of the mainstream media protecting The Treasurer’s reputation at the expense of the truth. Pierce Field reports.


“THERE ARE MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC AWARE OF WHO THIS PERSON IS”: Audio released by NSW Police backs up True Crime investigation into possible suspects involved in cold case terrorist murder of Turkish Consul-General, Şarık Arıyak, in Sydney over 40 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Back in January 2020, True Crime News Weekly published an exclusive investigation into the NSW Police’s reopening of the long-dormant search for the killers of Turkish Consul General, Şarık Arıyak, in Sydney’s east more than 40 years ago. The report included then-unreported details of a female suspect thought to have been spotted at the scene one week before the attack, and who may have called local media outlets claiming responsibility. Two years on, our intel appears to have been confirmed with the release of a phone conversation recording.


MARDI GRAS TO LET COPS MARCH DESPITE “ORGANISED” ROLE IN GAY HATE! Former officer admits NSW Police went “GAY BASHING” and covered up violence INCLUDING MURDER for decades

EXCLUSIVE: Sydney Mardi Gras will continue to allow NSW Police to take part in next year’s parade despite the testimony of one former cop who has admitted the police force had an “organised” role in gay hate crimes – including murder – that plagued Sydney for decades. Joanna Psaros reports.


DOUBLE R SEVEN! Meet Robert Reid: Linda Reynolds’s Liberal Party spin doctor husband who SPIED on Bruce Lehrmann’s RAPE TRIAL while Brittany Higgins was TESTIFYING

EXCLUSIVE: He’s the husband of Senator Linda Reynolds and a former communications supremo for the Australian Medical Association and spin doctor for Liberal Party MPs who also longs for a political career himself. But now Robert Reid has found himself in the public spotlight for all the wrong reasons after being caught out spying on the Bruce Lehrmann rape trial at the very moment alleged victim and survivor Brittany Higgins was testifying. Serkan Ozturk reports.