WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO MELISSA CADDICK? Mystery continues to surround missing fraudster who could STILL be alive

EXCLUSIVE: New details that have emerged from the continuing coronial inquiry into the fate of missing fraudster Melissa Caddick have only intensified the mystery of what really happened to her after she disappeared. Therese Taylor reports.


Is ‘Middle Eastern crime’ really a myth? BAD Sydney to hear from voices that matter

CRIME CULTURE: Residents of Western Sydney have long got used to the epithet of ‘Middle Eastern crime’ being bleated equally aloud and all over the place by tabloid shock jocks and senior police alike. Ahead of this year’s BAD Sydney Festival, Therese Taylor speaks with one of its special guests – novelist Michael Mohammed Ahmad – about the realities of crime and ‘ethnicity’.


Grill FM: Andrew Hamilton

On the second episode of Grill FM we interview Andrew Hamilton, the man who was arrested for dealing psychedelics and other drugs to half of Sydney. Andrew was arrested and spent 4 months in prison and after being released he has turned to stand-up comedy for therapy. We talk to Andrew about psychedelics, his Kings Cross pizza shop, life in prison, Home and Away and Stand up comedy as we put him on the grill.

Co-hosted by Aidan Satz and Ewan Wall.


“YOU NEVER FORGET THE SMELL OF A DEAD BODY”! Veteran forensic cleaner exposes how fiction GLORIFIES her job, reveals she was once ATTACKED by MURDERER who came back to the scene

EXCLUSIVE: Forensic cleaner Lee Iordanidis loves what she does but believes that the media’s portrayal of her job is very different to the grisly reality. It’s a profession which has seen her attacked by a murderer, stabbed with a syringe, and having to clean up after a child’s suicide. Nour Ahmad reports.


HIGH DEFINITION EPL SCAM! Optus under fire over “exceptional detail” for Premier League coverage with nearly NOBODY able to watch in 1080 HD while charging almost DOUBLE

EXCLUSIVE: Sports fans are fuming at Optus over its lack of full HD viewing options for the English Premier League while almost doubling subscription prices. The ACCC is now considering whether any action may be necessary against the telco if it doesn’t soon get its act together. Serkan Ozturk reports.


RANGERS GREATS FAILED TO TELL POLICE ABOUT NEELY ABUSE! Walter Smith and Graeme Souness implicated in cover-up over paedophile “super scout” Gordon Neely

EXCLUSIVE: Scottish football icons, Walter Smith and Graeme Souness, are alleged to have purposely failed to alert police to paedophile “super scout”, Gordon Neely, after the legendary Rangers management team became aware of sexual abuse claims against their friend while they were all at the club. Neely would then go on to abuse more boys for at least another decade. Gary Johnston reports.


UK’S SAS KILLED INNOCENT CIVILIANS ALLEGEDLY LIKE BRS! UK Special Forces engaged in war crimes in Afghanistan, killing innocents and planting weapons similar to claims around ‘Aussie hero’ Ben Roberts-Smith

EXCLUSIVE: A UK SAS unit is believed to have executed over 50 unarmed Afghan men and children and then placed weapons on their dead bodies to justify the killings, according to a recent BBC investigation. These mirror the horrific war crimes of Australia’s own SAS unit and the decorated veteran Ben Roberts-Smith, who was allegedly involved in the murder of six unarmed Afghans. Nour Ahmad reports.


Grill FM: Hal Cumpston & Will Gibb

Grill FM is a new podcast series where we speak to the realest people around about real things. On the first episode of Grill FM we interview the saviour of Australian film, Hal Cumpston of The Walking Dead: World Beyond and Nine Perfect Strangers, as well as TikTok king and stand-up comedy prodigy Will Gibb. We discuss the acting world, the entertainment industry, the cartel, the confederacy, TikTok and stand-up comedy as we put them on the grill. Co-hosted by Aidan Satz and Ewan Wall.


“I’M NOT A RIGHT-WING SHOCK JOCK”! StarterFM radio host Marcus Paul opens up about his move from commercial to independent radio after being FIRED by 2SM for “INSENSITIVE” Charlise Mutten quiz

EXCLUSIVE: Former 2SM radio host, Marcus Paul, has revealed he was left angry and disappointed by his sacking and believes he was held to a different standard by commercial radio bosses due to his modern takes. Paul now hosts his own StarterFM radio show and this week opened up about the challenges and freedoms that come with working for independent media. Nour Ahmad reports.


PARTEY ENDS FOR ARSENAL COVER-UP! Thomas Partey ARRESTED over RAPE but allowed to fly to USA as ‘Filthy Gylfi’ let go by Everton

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal star Thomas Partey has been arrested over the rape of two different women but has not been suspended by his world-famous football club and instead been allowed to fly with his teammates to the United States for a preseason tour. The revelations come as fellow Premier League footballer and accused child sex offender, Gylfi Sigurdsson, has been let go by his club Everton who are soon to tour Australia. Serkan Ozturk reports.


“HATEFUL MESSAGES DELETED”! Cover-up alleged over MYSTERIOUS DEATH of Gina Rinehart’s bodyguard and Paladin director, Jeremiah John Rouwhorst

EXCLUSIVE: A source close to Australia’s richest person, Gina Rinehart, has claimed that the mining boss deleted text messages believed to have caused the family bodyguard’s mysterious death. The bodyguard, who was a director of the shady Dutton-funded Paladin group even after his death, is believed to have taken his own life after receiving the messages from Rinehart’s own daughter Ginia. Nour Ahmad reports.