RENEGADE RADIO: June 4, 2021

On Renegade Radio this week, we discuss alleged rapist Christian Porter and the “worst ever defamation action in Australian legal history” as well as other hot topics such as Harvey Norman’s billionaire cheapskate boss Gerry Harvey and his JobKeeper swindle. New contributor, stand-up comedian and satirist Kieran Butler, meanwhile calls in with his thoughts for the week while under Melbourne’s latest Covid lockdown. With your co-hosts Serkan Ozturk and Gary Johnston.


HARDLY NORMAL! Billionaire cheapskate & self-proclaimed “family man” Gerry Harvey carried out 20 year affair even after marrying second wife Katie Page who is Harvey Norman’s CEO

EXCLUSIVE: He is the billionaire cheapskate retail king who controls the weak, pliable Australian mainstream news media with the bundles of cash he throws at them through his incessant and annoying advertising, but Harvey Norman big boss Gerry Harvey has been hiding behind his self-proclaimed image as a “family man” for decades, writes Serkan Ozturk.


TRUE OPINION: I’m going to become a racist wanker politician like the rest of them. Hear me out…

In a controversial and perhaps wholly cynical take on the Australian voting populace and humanity-at-large, satirist Kieran Butler says he intends to run as an Independent at the next federal election against Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and defeat the Liberal National Party by using the kind of racist tactics and bigoted dumbed-down slogans that seemingly always allow them to win government.


RENEGADE RADIO: April 20, 2021

This week on Renegade Radio we talk with Brian Robson – the author of ‘The Crate Escape’ – who joins us to discuss his bizarre and daring escape from Australia to London in 1965 via a small crate box and air mail. We also celebrate the international Stoner holiday of 4/20 while True Crime News Weekly’s deputy editor, Gary Johnston, also joins us to discuss the creeping religious Christian fundamentalism to be found within Australian politics as well as the latest dodgy shenanigans of Barnaby Joyce. With your hosts Serkan Ozturk and Chard Currie.