“CORRUPT” KENEALLY CHARGED ONE YEAR AFTER TRUE CRIME EXPOSÈ! Constable Daniel Keneally to face court over FABRICATING EVIDENCE as cover-up blows up

“Corrupt” cop Daniel Keneally – the son of Labor Party heavyweight Kristina Keneally – will finally face court for the alleged fabrication of evidence which saw an innocent man spend three weeks in solitary confinement. The developments comes almost one year after True Crime News Weekly broke the police corruption scandal. Joanna Psaros reports.


“ETHICAL” CHILD ABUSE: Sydney Uni prescribes TRIGGERING Queer Theory textbook to undergrad students as author gets PROMOTION to Deputy Vice-Chancellor

EXCLUSIVE: The University of Sydney has doubled down on the choice to include an outdated and triggering textbook containing graphic descriptions of and arguments in favour of child sexual abuse on a number of undergraduate courses’ reading lists, claiming “a commitment to academic freedom” just months after promoting the book’s author to the position of Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor. Joanna Psaros reports.


ALLEGED ARSENAL RAPIST SCORES AGAINST SPURS, HAS BAILED EXTENDED! Thomas Partey still being investigated over RAPE of two women

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal star Thomas Partey scored for his club in their huge win over bitter rivals Tottenham in the English Premier League last weekend. Yet his continuing presence in the squad casts a shadow on ethics in the football world with the midfielder remaining at the centre of a criminal investigation into the alleged rape of two women. Serkan Ozturk reports.


“CORRUPT” KENEALLY COVER-UP GOES ALL THE WAY TO TOP COP! NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb caught out LYING to Parliament about lack of suspension for Constable Daniel Keneally who got innocent man jailed and now finally set to face CRIMINAL CHARGES

EXCLUSIVE: NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb lied to a parliamentary inquiry last month when she claimed “corrupt” police officer Daniel Keneally had been suspended over his dishonest actions which led to an innocent man spending three weeks in solitary confinement. Police now admit Keneally – the son of Labor Party heavyweight Kristina Keneally – has never been suspended but was instead promoted. The admission comes as the NSW DPP finally prepares to bring criminal charges against the wayward police officer. Serkan Ozturk reports.


Is ‘Middle Eastern crime’ really a myth? BAD Sydney to hear from voices that matter

CRIME CULTURE: Residents of Western Sydney have long got used to the epithet of ‘Middle Eastern crime’ being bleated equally aloud and all over the place by tabloid shock jocks and senior police alike. Ahead of this year’s BAD Sydney Festival, Therese Taylor speaks with one of its special guests – novelist Michael Mohammed Ahmad – about the realities of crime and ‘ethnicity’.


Grill FM: Andrew Hamilton

On the second episode of Grill FM we interview Andrew Hamilton, the man who was arrested for dealing psychedelics and other drugs to half of Sydney. Andrew was arrested and spent 4 months in prison and after being released he has turned to stand-up comedy for therapy. We talk to Andrew about psychedelics, his Kings Cross pizza shop, life in prison, Home and Away and Stand up comedy as we put him on the grill.

Co-hosted by Aidan Satz and Ewan Wall.


“YOU NEVER FORGET THE SMELL OF A DEAD BODY”! Veteran forensic cleaner exposes how fiction GLORIFIES her job, reveals she was once ATTACKED by MURDERER who came back to the scene

EXCLUSIVE: Forensic cleaner Lee Iordanidis loves what she does but believes that the media’s portrayal of her job is very different to the grisly reality. It’s a profession which has seen her attacked by a murderer, stabbed with a syringe, and having to clean up after a child’s suicide. Nour Ahmad reports.


HIGH DEFINITION EPL SCAM! Optus under fire over “exceptional detail” for Premier League coverage with nearly NOBODY able to watch in 1080 HD while charging almost DOUBLE

EXCLUSIVE: Sports fans are fuming at Optus over its lack of full HD viewing options for the English Premier League while almost doubling subscription prices. The ACCC is now considering whether any action may be necessary against the telco if it doesn’t soon get its act together. Serkan Ozturk reports.


RANGERS GREATS FAILED TO TELL POLICE ABOUT NEELY ABUSE! Walter Smith and Graeme Souness implicated in cover-up over paedophile “super scout” Gordon Neely

EXCLUSIVE: Scottish football icons, Walter Smith and Graeme Souness, are alleged to have purposely failed to alert police to paedophile “super scout”, Gordon Neely, after the legendary Rangers management team became aware of sexual abuse claims against their friend while they were all at the club. Neely would then go on to abuse more boys for at least another decade. Gary Johnston reports.